Unlike Texas Basketball, Football, Track And Baseball There Are Very Few Books dedicated to  Longhorn golf.  I Hope With Time This Site Can Add Some Historical Insight And Tell the compelling Story Of Longhorn Golf .  


HIstory of Longhorn women's golf from  1957-2014

Pat Weis head coach from 1957-1993


Coach Weis was the Longhorn Golf Coach from - 1957- 1993

Coach Weis was the Longhorn Golf Coach from - 1957- 1993

Much of the research for this section was derived from the incredibly informative book

                   "Life of Coach-The Story of Pat Weis" by Mickie Edwards

Coach Pat Weis

Pat Weis was hired in 1957 as a P.E. teacher. After Title IX in 1973 she was hired as the varsity golf coach. 

During her tenure  Weiss was involved in many major changes in women's golf. The changes included: 

  • a change in the ruling body of college sport from the AIAW to the NCAA;

  • changes in recruiting techniques, and scholarship offers;

  • changes in Golf rules: and

  • changes of a sports program dominated by men to a sports program dominated by great women and men athletes. Harvey Penick was one of the first golf instructors who understood that talent is not gender exclusive.

Much of the research for this section was derived from the incredibly informative book -"Life of Coach-The Story of Pat Weis" by Mickie Edwards.


  • The UT women's golf program started in 1969.

  • Weis was a member of of the rules committee for the Senior PGA tour;

  • a 2001 Hall of Honor inductee;

  • part of the NCAA Championship tournaments 24 times;

  • Coach for 3 Big 12 Champion and 7 SWC champions;

  • Her teams were included in the top 10 Nationally 11 times;

  • She coached 11 All-Americans, 4 SWC players of the year, 3 Honda-Broderick Award winners, one AIAW National Champion, one National Player of the Year, and one NCAA tournament medalist; and


  • She earned 5 Conference Coach of the Year Awards, 2 National Coach of the Year Awards, and one Gladys Palmer Award.




University of Texas Women's Golf 1969-2014 


1972- Coach Weis

Nancy Hager was the medalist in the state meet, and finished 3rd at the National meet.

Title IX becomes law

1973- Coach Weis 

First year for the Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Program.  The budget for all 7 women sports was  $27,000.  Women's golf received $220 of the budget. Coach Weis  managed the Golf team in her spare time and worked full time as a teacher.  With no budget to travel she decided to bring top level women's golf to Austin.  By  1976 the name of the invitational tournament is named after Betsy Rawls. 

Pat was on the 1973 and 1974 AIAW Golf Committee. 

1974- Coach Weis

4th in the AIAW individual rankings 



Coach Weis thought Cindy Figg was a great leader on the team.





1975-Coach Weis

Lopiano is hired as the Women's Athletic Director.

The golf team decides not join the SWC. 


The team is 14th in the AIAW  National Championship tournament

Since the budget is very small  there are no uniforms until a Austin doctor contributes funds to purchase the clothing.   Cathy Bertram remembered how hard it was to find burnt orange accessories  for the team and that Coach Weis had to wash all the Longhorn clothes. 

Nancy Hager  finishs 5th in the AIAW individual rankings in 1975, and she is the medalist at the Betsy Rawls' Invitational in 1974 and 1975. She is MVP on the team in 1974. 

Carla Spenkoch is MVP in 1975



1976-Coach Weis

Below is the first official Longhorn golf team at Texas.   Horns Up!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvey Penick helps Cindy Lincoln develop into an All American. 

Most valuable player is Carla Spenkoch. Team finishes 2nd in state.



1977-Coach Weis

Laura Huxhold is the medalist for the Championship team in 1977. 

Team is 8th in the AIAW  National championship tournament.

For the first time, On May 8th 1977 the tower is orange for a woman's SWC championship. 



Golf team is 3rd in the AIAW  National championship tournament.




1978-Coach Weis finished 4th in TAIAW

The team is 14th in the AIAW  National championship.

Coach is   still a part-time coach of the Longhorn women's golf team, but the budgets  start to increase so the Longhorns offer more golf scholarships. 

Debbie Petrizzi  finishs as #1 AIAW National Championship medalist in 1978. She is an All American, HOH inductee, and the Honda Broderik Award winner for National Collegiate Golfer of the year. She is one of only three Horns that have won the individual title at the National Championship tournament.

Bari Brandwynn's is  the daughter of a band leader at Ceaser's in Vegas who has two celebrity friends - Mac Davis and Don Cherry.  They tell  Coach Weis how great a golfer Bari is but since the recruiting rules in  1978 stated that a university could not recruit a women  athlete  or pay her way on a recruiting trip, Bari  drives herself and her two dogs to Austin for the interview with Coach Weis. She signs a Letter of Intent.

1979-Coach Weis


Coach Weis is selected chairperson for the All-American selection committee.

Lori Huxhold is a stand out player on the 1979 team.   

Jackie Daiss is  the only girl player on the boy's high school team. Her golf talents are featured in Sports Illustrated.  

The team is  8th in the AIAW  National championship

Bari Brandwynne  is medalist at the Betsy Rawls' Invitational  in 1979. (no picture)





1980-Coach Weis

Coach Weiss is hired as a full time coach for the Women's golf team, and the Athletic Department pays her full salary.  Slow start but an nice finish as the Horns won the TAIAW state championship with Lori Huxhold winning the medalist honors. 

The team is 7th in the AIAW  National championship.

1981- Coach Weis Team is 3rd in the AIAW  National championship

First time that Coach Weis split her golf team up sending one team to California and the other to Bryan Tx.   Experience was needed for all the golfers had great potential.  This was one of Coach Weis best teams with Pettrizzi, Figg, and Brandywynne leading the way.  


Team is 3rd in the AIAW  National championship.










1982- Coach Weis

1981 golf.jpg










Nancy Ledbetter finishsd 5th in the AIAW individual rankings. 

Coach Weis says  to those who would listen that it is difficult for Freshman to adjust from golf as an individual sport in high school to golf as a team sport in college. 







1983 pending -Coach Weis

1983 W. Golf ).jpg

Sherri Steinhauer

This is Texas  first year to play under NCAA rules. In order to give student athletes a chance to enjoy the college environment, the NCAA limits practice time to 20 hours a week. Golf scholarships are cut from 8 to 6 by the NCAA.

The team is   victorious in three tournaments and places 15th in the NCAA Championship. 

Kim Shipman says  of Coach Weis "Being able to coach and organize all kinds of personalities takes a big heart, a quick wit, and aged Scotch."

1984- pending-Coach Weis win the SWC



Lisa States that Coach Weis benched her before the team went to San Diego for a tournament.  It was Lisa's hometown and her parents still lived there.  She was furious, and resorted to begging to perhaps get Coach to change her mind.  Lisa learned that Coach never messed around ,and Like many other "incorrigible" players she learned that in order to play at tournaments you had to earn the spot. 




Team wins one tournament and the SWC Championship.

Nancy Ledbetter is the SWC individual championship and she is the MVP of the team.

Texas finished 11th at the NCAA championship

LPGA names Coach Weis College Golf Coach of the Year

1985-Coach Weis


Sue Ginter is 1984 Conference Player of the Year and MVP in 1985. 

Kate Golden finishs  tied for 9th in the NCAA individual rankings in 1989. Her father Joe Bob Golden was on the Longhorn men's golf team in 1951.


Sherri Steinhauer is a first team All American, and finishs 42nd in the NCAA Championship. Sherri is quoted as saying in the book Life of Coach by Mickie Edwards that "Coach Weis didn't try to instruct her players about how to play golf. She never worked with us on swing specifics.  She would give us tips and goals to strive for , but she left the golfing mechanics up to our own pros." 

The Betsy Rawls tournament is renamed the "McDonald's Betsy Rawls Longhorn Classic."



1986-Coach Weis

Jenny Germs from Johannesburg is the first foreign player to receive a Longhorn Golf Scholarship.

1986 Golf  sue Ginter (100).jpg

Sue Ginter is the medalist at the SWC meet

Kate Golden is SWC individual Championship three times while at Texas. 

Team wins two tournaments including the SWC championship.

Team places 17th in the NCAA Championship

















1987  SWC Champs  Weis is SWC Coach of the Year


Jaime Fischer (1986-1991)J

Jaime Fischer won the SWC individual title in 1991 and was named Academic All-American.  After leaving the tour she became a master instructor and Golf for Women Magazine named her as one of the top 50 instructors.  

Jaime was always amazed at Coach Weis ability to "assemble a group of young women who each needed so many different things. "Coach worked with a most diverse group of women, always fair, honest, and genuine"- but tough.

The Golf team wins six tournaments including the SWC championship.

Team places 7th in the NCAA Championship.

The Longhorns successfully recruit their first US Amateur Champion- Michiko Hattori. 

Coach Weis changs her practice schedule to allow more focus on individual play vs. team play.  The new approach is  successful and team morale boosted.  Finally, after 13 years the Longhorns win their host tournament. 

Coach Weis  says  this was  one of her best teams. She is named National Coach of the Year by the National Golf Coaches Association.


1988- Coach Weis - First in the SWC

Horns broke a SWC record for widest victory margin.   Hattori was the medalist. She won 5 of the teams tournaments. 




Team wins  four tournaments including the SWC championship

Places 11th in the NCAA Championship



Coach Weis record at Texas is impressive. As of 1988 her golf teams had qualified for the National Championship venue in all but two years. 


1989 pending-Coach Weis


Piper Wagner- 1987-1982  "Piper UP"

Piper says in the book Life of Coach by Mickie Edwards that at a certain moment and time " I wasn't a very good golfer."  Other teammates "were tough and seemed able to take the ups and downs of competing withe each other and other team as well."  "My biggest challenge was growing up mentally and fitting in. I had to learn how to handle life. For me, the pressure was so intense." Piper accomplish her college goals.

In March 2011 she was diagnosed with cancer.  Her teammates and friends started a "Piper UP" charity bike ride to honor Piper. 15,000 white wristbands were sold to help Piper and raise awareness of Lung cancer.   Piper passed away in August of 2014, but she left a great Legacy and in 2014 her Longhorn friends dedicated the 2014 Weis cup to Piper.   

Horns are  champions of the SWC and is the number one qualifier for the NCAA tournament. After the first day the team is 19 shots down, and they never recover. The team finishs 10th.

Coach Weis is asked why some of her players lacked discipline? She said "Advanced athletic skill does not automatically come with the responsibility of maturity!"

Jaime Fischer is the  SWC individual title winner and a Academic All-American.  After leaving the tour she coaches as a master instructor. Golf for Women Magazine named her as one of the top 50 instructors. 


1990-Coach Weis

Women’s golfing team wins their 4th consecutive SWC. Michiko Hattori tied for 2nd in the SWC.

Team is  victorious in  two tournaments including the SWC championship. Machiko is SWC player of the year. 

Team Places  7th in the NCAA Championship

Tom Kite's connections helped the Longhorns recruit Machiko.  Coach Weis said that Michiko was " one of her best athletes at managing her game.  

Michiko Hattori  finishs 2nd in the  NCAA National Championship medalist competition and she wins the Honda Broderik Award for National Collegiate Golfer of the year. In 1989 she receives the Eleanor Dudley Award.  She also finishs tied for 7th in 1988 and ties for 6th place in 1991 in the NCAA Individual rankings.




Machiko holds the Texas record as most times to make the All American team (4). She was also named SWC Athlete of the decade for golf ( 1982-1992).


1991 cOACH wEIS


Jenny Turner is the highest finisher from the state of Texas at the NCAA tournament. She finished 2nd at the SWC meet.

Team is  victorious in five tournaments including the SWC championship.

Coach says the 1992-1993 team was the most unselfish team she coached. Each player supported the effort of their teammates

1993-Coach Weis 4th in the Nation.

After 20 years as head coach of the Longhorn women’s golf team , Pat Weis retires. Nadine Cash Angela Wray, an d Jenny Turner made sure that Pat’s last year was a success with a 4th place finish at nationals. Ash was the SWC player of the year and Weis was Coach of the Years.

Team wins the SWC Championship.

After a player begs Coach Weis to play her in a tournament, Coach says "Let your clubs do the talking, not your mouth!". 

Charlotta Sorenstam  finishes as #1 NCAA National Championship medalist in 1993, and wins the Honda Broderik Award for National Collegiate Golfer of the year. She also finishes #1 in the NCAA individual rankings in 1993, and is a first team All American.

Nicole Cooper walks-on to make the UT women's golf team.  With special instruction from Harvey Penick she develops into a consummate golfer.  She and Nadine Cash represent the USA in the World University Golf Championship in Madrid, Spain.  Nicole took individual honors and the USA wins  as a team.  Her final two holes of the match were a pressure cooker but a comment from Harvey helped smooth her nerves.  He said to her before she left for the tournament  " take dead aim".   She did!!!! 

In Reflection

Coach Weis continued the history of great coaches at Texas.  While she never produced a NCAA champion she was within 2 strokes of winning it all on two separate occassions. 

Her teams won 7 of the 10 SWC championships during her tenure.   More importantly 93% of her eligible players graduated. 



To read  more about UT women's Golf program and Pat Weis there is a great book available. 






Coach Susan Watkins  1993- 2007

Before Susan played golf she was a Tennis professional for 13 years but injuries forced her to quit the game. Looking for a new sport she visited Havery Penick in 1978 and he instructed her to greatness in golf. In 1993 she was hired as Head Coach of the golf team to replace Coach Weis.  

Her teams were  big 12 Champion 6 times ( 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997,2004,) and her teams  finished in the top 10 nationally 10 times.  



Coach Susan Watkins

Coach Susan Watkins

1994-Coach Susan Watkins- team wins SWC

Susan Watkins inherits some great players from Pat Weis. Susan was and assistant under Weis in 1981 and 1982. This team finishes 2nd in three tournaments . Horns also finish 2nd in the Golf World Collegiate tournament. Nadine Cash, Lisa Balch , Nicole Cooper and Angela Wray all place high in tournament play during the year.

Placed  9th in the NCAA Championship

Nadine Ash finished in tie for 6th place in the NCAA individual rankings in 1993 and 1994.

Nicole Cooper was Conference player of the Year in 1993 and 1994.


1995-Coach Susan Watkins SWC champs and 8th in the nation

Women’s golf is on a role winning 9 out of the last 10 SWC championships. Ash, Cooper, Angela Wray and Kori Johns are all conference .

1996-Coach Susan Watkins Team claims victory in two tournaments including the SWC championship and placed 3rd in the NCAA Championship.

Heather Bowie finished as #1 NCAA National Championship medalist in 1997 and was the Honda Broderik Award for National Collegiate Golfer of the year. She also finished #1 in the NCAA individual rankings in 1997.

Kelli Kuehne finished tied for 10th in the NCAA individual rankings in 1996 and was an All American.



KELLI KUEHNE 1995-1996

Kelli Kuehne.jpg

– Texas Women's Golf alum Kelli Kuehne (1995-96) was selected to the Texas Golf Hall of Fame, the organization announced this week. 

At Texas, Kuehne won the 1995 Rolex Fall Preview, the 1996 Southwest Conference individual championship, and tied for 10th at the NCAA Championship to earn All-America status.

Kuehne, honored in the amateur player category, won the 1994 U.S. Girls' Junior, the U.S. Women's Amateur in 1995 and 1996, the British Ladies Amateur in 1996, and played on the 1996 Curtis Cup team before joining the LPGA Tour. On May 30, 1999, Kuehne won the LPGA Corning Classic.



1996 pending- Coach Susan Watkins

Team was the Big 12 Champions.


1997 pending-Coach Susan Watkins 

Longhorns placed 10th in the NCAA Championship

1998 pending- Coach Susan Watkins

The golf team is victorious in two tournaments

Placed 9th in the NCAA Championship

Laura Blessey finished 23rd at the 1998 NCAA Championship.

1999 pending -Coach Susan Watkins

Team placed 3rd in the NCAA Championship

Kristin Dufour  finished in 6th place in the NCAA individual rankings in 1999.


2000- pending Coach Susan Watkins


 The 2000 team placed 3rd in the NCAA Championship and won one tournament.


2001-pending -Coach Susan Watkins

The golf team was  victorious in one tournament, and placed 2nd in the NCAA Championship tournament. 


2002-pending Coach Susan Watkins

Team placed 3rd in the NCAA Championship.



Topping the charts 2002   - Bring on the Rain



2003-Coach Susan Watkins

Winners of two tournaments including the Big 12 Championship and placed 6th in the NCAA Championship.

Janice finished as 18th, 10th, 6th, and 22nd at the NCAA National Championships in 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004s.  She finished tied for 6th in the NCAA individual rankings in 2003 and tied for 10th in 2002.

Jessica Reese was medalist at the Betsy Rawls' Invitational and set the record for the lowest 18 hole round. (67)


2004- pending Coach Susan Watkins

2005- pending Coach Susan Watkins

Mariana Salazar is team MVP (no picture)




2005 Perry Swenson was Academic MVP.




The Weis Cup reunion golf tournament started


2006- pending Coach Susan Watkins



Kristin Walla was the Team Academic MVP








Kelley Louth was team MVP (no picture)


2007- pending Coach Susan Watkins

2007 golf team placed 17th in the NCAA Championship.


Coach Martha Richards 2008-2013

  • Martha was Assistant Coach at Texas 1998-2000;

  • At Vanderbilt she received 2004 Golfweek National Coach of the Year; and

  • was 2 time SEC Coach of the year (2003-2004)


2008- pending Coach Martha Richards

Placed 23rd in the NCAA Championship

The Short game practice area is dedicated to Coach Weis at the University of Texas Golf Club. 


2009- pending Coach Martha Richards

Top of the Charts


Placed 16th the NCAA Championship





2010- pending Coach Martha Richards





Team is Victorious in the Big 12. 




2011-Coach Martha Richards


2011 golfer won one tournament and Placed 13th in the NCAA Championship 





Team placed 13th in the NCAA Championship and Nicole Vandermade was the winner in the 2011 Betsy Rawls Longhorn Invitational.


































2012- Coach Martha Richards

Placed 21st in the NCAA Championship

Madison Pressel was the  Big 12 tournament Medalist and holds the record for lowest score (65) in the History of Texas Golf and lowest score for 54 holes (208). She was a 2011 Golf Week magazine All American


2013 Coach Martha Richards -


2013 Coach Martha Richards -


Coach Ryan Murphy 2014- Present

Golf at Texas is heavily influence by Kate Golden. In 1985- 1989 she is a leader of one of the best teams in Longhorn golf history, she is involved in the Weis Cup tournament. From 2005- 2007 she was on the LPGA Player Executive Committee. 

Kate Golden represents a midas touch in Longhorn golf history




Coach Ryan Murphy

  • He was assistant to Head Coach John Fields Men's Golf team;

  • Named the Jan Strickland Assistant Coach of the Year in 2013, and

  • Excels in recruiting.

Bertrine talks about Kate Golden




Coach Ryan Murphy

  • He was assistant to Head Coach John Fields Men's Golf team

  • Named the Jan Strickland Assistant Coach of the Year in 2013

  • Excels in recruiting