Great News -  My All American is now on Netflix with a 5 star rating

Information about the life of Freddie Steinmark follows:

My All American Trailer

Author Ken Capps

November 12, 2015

by Ken Capps




The joyous and painful true story of former Texas Longhorns star Freddie Steinmark hits the big screen 44 years after his death, November 13, 2015.




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Freddie's recruitment would pay off as the Longhorns brought the wishbone to college football and began a 30-game winning streak, winning two national titles in the process. Steinmark was one of the key cogs on defense.

Tom Campbell, Randy Peschell, Billy Dale, Angelo Pizzo, ?, Mike Campbell, Stan Mauldin


Bottom row- Mike Campbell, Billy Dale 

Top Row Bill Atessis, Corby Robertson, Don Burrisk, Bobby Wunesch



But the joy was short-lived, as Steinmark was diagnosed with bone cancer just after the “Game Of The Century” between Texas and Arkansas in 1969. Steinmark died 1971.

“My All American” was written by Angelo Pizzo, the same screenwriter who penned “Rudy” and “Hoosiers.” The film is adapted from the new book “Courage Beyond The Game” by Texas writer Jim Dent, who’s best known for his books “The Junction Boys” and “Twelve Mighty Orphans.”

Pizzo spoke with in Dallas, explaining his motivation for the film.