From: Frost, Pat <>

We are ready for the money to flow in!
On Apr 30, 2019, at 10:12 AM, James Nixon <>
Subject: UT National
Championship QB busts


Four accounts have been set up at Frost Bank for donations to the 3 unfunded National Championship quarterbacks (James Street’s bust is funded) The four Frost accounts include one titled “ nonspecific Statue”. Donations to this account will be used to supplement a quarterback bronze short of funds.

Donations should be made out payable to one of the following :

(1) Nonspecific statue (Funds will be used where needed)

(2) Duke Carlisle statue

(3) Eddie Phillips statue

(4) Vince Young statue

Donations should be sent to :  

Pat Frost
Frost National Bank
P. O. Drawer 1600
San Antonio, TX 78296

Jimmy Nixon

Bust of the four national championship quarterbacks (Duke, James, Eddie, and Vince) are looking for a home in the remodeled South section of DKR stadium. This project is scheduled for completion in two years. It takes 6 months from conception to completion of each bronze bust.


Clay Model of James Street ,one of 4 Longhorn National Championship Quarterbacks, is complete.

Updates of 4 National Champion Sculpts May 5th 2019

1) Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry is the law firm that is working on the tax write-off deductions for the donations to the sculpts of the 4 Longhorn National Championship quarterbacks.
Subject: RE: Tax Attorney


 Thank you for the email and introduction.  I just spoke with Jimmy and we’re going to help the cause!!

 Hook ‘Em!


 Sebastien N. Chain


Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry

1200 Smith Street, Suite 1400| Houston, Texas 77002

DIRECT   713-654-9633 | MAIN   713-658-1818 | FAX   713-658-2553 |

Here is what I was told dated April, 28th 2019

1) This project has been approved at the highest levels of UT Athletics. This has been confirmed.

2) Donors have already paid for the James Street bronze. The other 3 bronzes have not been funded as of today 4-26-2019.

3) Jimmy Nixon, who was instrumental in the Earl Campbell bronze, is leading the project. The artist who will complete the project site is at

4) Jimmy is reaching out to all the teammates of the other three national championship quarterbacks for jpeg images to help the artist sculpt the front, back, and side of each honoree’s head. Please check your private archive of photos of Duke, Eddie, and Vince and forward to Duke is next up for a clay model.

5) There may or may not be a pillar/column holding the bust. If a pillar column is used Jimmy wants to add the team members names associated with each quarterback to the column.

6) Stay tuned for more information on this project. As in all concepts changes, revisions, deletions , and additions will occur.

James Street clay model to be used for bronze bust

Artist link is below

In the next two years 3 more quarterbacks bronze sculpts will be added.

 Dear Horns,

 the tlsn mission

Two years ago, Jim Kay, Benny Pace, and Billy Dale formed an organization to offer temporary financial help to qualifying former student athletes, trainers, managers, trainers , coaches, and their immediate families.   TLSN is both NCAA and UT compliant and a a 501(c)(3) organization (“TLSN”). 

TLSN’s ultimate goal is to have funds available for grants (in the form of qualifying expense reimbursements) available to qualifying applicants without having to seek contributions from donors every time assistance is needed.  That is not the present situation.

The following process is followed by TLSN in connection with grants to qualifying applicants: 

  •  The applicant applies to TLSN for financial support.

  • The Board of Directors of TLSN determine if the applicant qualifies for a grant from TLSN based on the information submitted to TLSN.

  • If the application is consistent with TLSN’s charitable purpose, the approved applicant must then complete a form furnished by the U.T. Compliance Department.

  • If the applicant’s request is approved by the U.T. Compliance Department, then the applicant begins submitting receipts to TLSN for reimbursement.

  • The applicant will only be reimbursed based on receipts for items listed on the compliance form.

  • TLSN will reimburse the applicant for qualifying receipts to the extent it has funds to do so and at its sole discretion.


Tyres Dickson is the type of former student athlete that TLSN seeks to help consistent with TLSN’s charitable purposes. Tyres  is a former football  player from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Tyres condition has placed tremendous pressure on him financially.    Both the Board of Directors of TLSN and the U.T. Compliance Department have approved Tyres  request for financial assistance.

 TLSN will provide temporary financial support to Tyres  until September of 2019 in accordance with the mission and charitable purposes of TLSN.

 We greatly appreciate your consideration and support of TLSN and its mission.


Billy Dale

A teammate needs help

Mr. Dale , 

I know you're busy but, I'm not sure where else to  turn.  I have been able to stay out of the hospital, keeping my health going in the right direction but, I've come across tough times and was wondering if there is anyway you can help or know somebody that can? The troubled area is traditional bills but Medical co-pays for supplies have taken a toll on my very limited income. I've been trying to do it on my own but I'm embarrassed to say that I'm in need of help.  I've been holding my position by choosing between food and supplies for several months yet my situation has become overwhelming in to many areas that I understand I  will not be able to contain much longer. I currently have a sitting time of about  5 to 6 hours a day which adds pressure to what I can get done but I'm willing to do whatever I can.    Any assistance you can provide is greatly needed and appreciated. I just need a hand up so that I can get back to inspiring others. Thank you in advance and have a very blessed day.

Tyres Dickson

Raising Money is Approved thru U.T. Compliance

Hi Billy,

I attached the approved financial support request form for Mr. Dickson.  As you know, to comply with NCAA bylaws, we will need all receipts to document expenses incurred and the total amount received once TLSN has fulfilled its commitment to Mr. Dickson.

If you need any other information from our office in order to begin providing financial support please let me know. 



Tyres Dickson sTORY

On March 22, 1998, I was home on spring break from the University of Texas, where I was blessed enough to earn a full-ride athletic scholarship as a football player.

I fell asleep in the back of a car that my childhood friend was driving. A drunk driver ran a red light and t-boned the car I was in, sending us careening in oncoming traffic where we were hit again.

I woke up in the hospital three weeks later to find that my career was over and that I was paralyzed.

I felt that I had two options: I could quit and give up on life or I could do something positive and try to live. Well, though two-thirds of my body lacked life, I chose to live.

I spent a year-and-a-half in the hospital and a total term of eight months in rehab learning how to live in this new state, including cooking, music therapy, and using my computer skills.

I then spent the next 11 years refining and fine-tuning my skills in music as a producer, also songwriting and doing instrumentation that I would copyright and sell to artists all over the nation.

Then, three days before Christmas someone broke into my house and stole all of my equipment, leaving me with another choice on which way to go in life. After my accident and the break-in, I was somewhat leery of the character of man. Goodwill made me realize there were still people in the world that truly cared about helping others.

But the choice was already made years previous. I kept my faith and later, a friend named Dick Taylor who had known me from UT and who made numerous hospital visits contacted me through my music company website to touch base, after a 10-year period where we’d lost contact. It was truly a blessing. I told him what had happened and, the good friend he is, he wanted to help.

Unbeknownst to me he was also friends with Goodwill Industries of Houston President and CEO Steve Lufburrow and scheduled a meeting with the three of us to discuss any possibilities there may be. Mr. Lufburrow eagerly wanted to help me and looked to bring me to Goodwill.

I came to be in the transportation department, where I was able to use my computer and planning skills. Goodwill taught me how to translate my football skills into a job setting. It was a boost to my confidence and to my independence.

Three years later I was moved to an auto donor coordinator and dispatcher with the ultimate respect for Goodwill.

With the help of Goodwill, I am now able to fully accept God’s will for my life and future. I hope to help pay it forward by being an inspiration for others through telling my story to whoever will listen.

"As long as something positive comes out of this whole thing, then I'm fine," he said. "As long as more positive than the bad that happened to me, then I'm OK."

Tyres says a couple of weeks after he won the Goodwill's International Achiever of the Year in 2013, he was rendered bed ridden, due to a mishap causing a decubitus ulcer during a routine visit to the hospital. After four years in and out of grave health, 15 different hospital and 17 surgeries I was released from the hospital. Though, I am still relegated to spending much of my time in bed, I have recently become healthy enough to get out and move around a bit and trying to put things back together.

As long as something positive comes out of this whole thing, then I'm fine,"

Tyres says about the driver who forever changed his life journey “We all make mistakes, and his mistake was that he was drinking and driving,"

Alcalde’s Story on Tyres Dickson

Please consider donating to TLSN so we can continue to to fulfill our mission to help individuals like Tyres.   There is a “donate” link in the upper right portion of the page.  Simply click on the link and follow the instructions to complete the donation.   If you prefer to contribute by check, please make the check payable to TLSN and send it to TLSN, 7703 Mesa Drive, Austin, TX. 

 Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.



Tyres Dickson accomplishments  are a reminder to  all Longhorns that In sports and far beyond, his contributions  to Longhorn heritage  shape the present and empower  the future.


Unlike Texas Basketball, Football, Track And Baseball There Are Very Few Books That Discuss Longhorn Softball.  I Hope With Time This Site Can Add Some Historical Insight And Tell The Full And Compelling Story Of The Longhorn  Softball Tradition. 

A condensed bullet point history of Texas Longhorn softball l follows. Please go to the "credit" section of this website to view books you can purchase from many fine book stores about Texas Longhorn Sports or please visit the official University of Texas Longhorn site for more detailed information  


history of Longhorn Women's softball

  • 5 College World Series appearances 1998 2003 2005 2006 2013

  • Record as of 2017 807-349-3

  • 84 games played in the NCAA tournament-1999, 2002,2003,2005

  • 4 Big 12 Conference Championship

  • 4 Big 12 Conference tournament championships 1999, 2002, 2003, 2005

  • 3 National Players of the Year

  • 25 All Americans

  • 2 Olympiad members (Cat Osterman and Christa Williams).

  • Big 12 Coach of the year three times.

  • 2003 won the Division Coaching staff of the year award




Christa Williams- 1998-1999

  • All American

  • 1996 and 2000 attended Olympics

  • HOH 2007

  • 1998 Big 12 Newcommer of the Year


Cat Osterman- links are in red font below 

Cat Osterman holds the Texas Career record for ERA (.51), wins (136), innings pitched ( 1,105), appearances (180), games started (148) , complete games (121), shutouts (85), solo no-hitters (20), Perfect games (7), strike-outs ( 2,265). 

  • Cat was National Collegiate Player of the year in 2003, 2005, 2006

  • Honda player of the year in 2005 and 2006

  • ESPY best female college athlete in 2005 and 2006

  • Sports Woman of the Year in 2005 and 2006


Below Coach  Clark  Past and Present


The link below will access all the assistant coaches profiles on

Prior to 1997 softball was a "club" sports for the Longhorns

1997-   30-24  Coach Connie Clark

Reeves is All - Region and Cockrell and Laura Hundley make Al-Region Academic team

First victory in Longhorn Women's Softball history is against St. Edwards 

 1998-  49-16 ranked 7th Coach Connie Clark

The Longhorns were the youngest Program ever to qualify for CWS. It was one of the biggest Turnarounds in the history of women's college softball. In 1996 the Longhorn softball team was a non-athletic-department club sport and went 1-25. In 1997 they were 30-24,  and in 1998 they were 49-16 and in the CWS.

Keely Franks and Jane Teixeira are tied for the Texas season record for games played (65). 

Keely Franks is a CoSIDA Academic All-American 

Longhorns lose to Michigan and Nebraska in the CWS.

1999-ranked 18th Coach Connie Clark

Wins Big 12 Tournament

Team has 100th career win

Eastes   (photos pending) earns All - American status

2000- 30-27-1 Coach Connie Clark

Lindsay Gardner first team All-Region (photos pending)

  • Nikki Cockrell is recognized as an All American

  • inducted into the Hall of Honor in 2006.

  • NCAA Texas Woman of the Year

  • CoSIDA Academic All-American 1998 and 1999

Jodi Reeves is an All American who holds the Texas Career record for doubles (48)

Lindsay Gardner  is an All American who holds  The Texas Season Record For hits (85) and at bats (208). She is also selected to the All Decade team for the Big 12 Conference.

Audrey Hendricks holds the Texas seasonal  record for sacrifice hits (18)

Kathleen Richter and Keely Franks are CoSIDA Academic All-American (photos pending) 

NCAA Regionals











2001-24-29 Coach Connie Clark

Team beset with injuries

Autumn Eastes receives All American Honors 

2002-50-13 Ranked #16 Coach Connie Clark


Amy Bradford holds the Texas seasonal  record for saves (5) and fewest runs allowed (10).

Team sets record for wins in a season and its 200th career win

Coach Clark is Bit 12 Coach of the Year

Wins first Big 12 title

This team holds the Texas record for Most at bats ( 1659), most saves (8), fewest road losses (1)

NCAA Regionals 

2003- 49-9 Ranked #4 Coach Connie Clark- made college world series

CWS appearance 2-2. Team Loses to UCLA twice. 3rd place finish.

Team receives its first victory ever in WCWS play

Big 12 tournament and regular season champ. 

Team has a 20 game win streak

Pitching staff has the best ERA in the nation

2004- 24-25 Coach Connie Clark

300th victory in the history of the program

Finishes 3rd at WCWS

2005- 49-13 ranked 5th Coach Connie Clark- made college world series

This team holds the Texas record for pitching with an ERA of (.60), most strike-outs,(330), and most shut-outs (35)

Lizi Sowers record will never be broken. It can only be tied. She holds the Texas Career record for fielding percentage at   (1.000).

Megan Willis holds the Texas Career record for put-outs (2,028)record World Series appearance and the seasonal put-out record of (762)

Megan Willis is team MVP in 2006


 CWS appearance 2-2  Lost to Michigan and UCLA

Melanie Jarrett is Academic MVP


2006- 55-9 ranked 5th Coach Connie Clark- made college world series

February 25th , 2006 Cat Osterman became the All time NCAA strike-out leader.

Team sets the season record with 55 victories.  5th at the WCWS. Big 12 season champs

400th victory in the history of the program





Record for largest attendance for a game (1,570),most wins and fewest losses, Most strike-outs by Texas pitchers   ( 840), fewest triples by Texas Pitchers (0), longest winning streak (24), most shut - outs (35), fewest hits allowed (163), most home wins (32)

CWS appearance  1-2 Lose to Arizona and UCLA 









2007- 35-20 Ranked 24th Coach Connie Clark




Erin Tresselt Is The Only Longhorn To Win The NFCA All-America Scholar-Athlete Award. 




Megan Denny holds the Texas seasonal  record for games started as pitcher (41). 





2008- 29-23-2 Coach Connie Clark


Qualified for NCAA Houston Regionals

500th victory in the history of the program

2009- 40-20 Coach Connie Clark

This team holds the Texas record for Highest slugging percentage (.545)

Desiree Williams holds the Texas Career record for games played (247), games started (247) 

Qualified for NCAA Tusaloosa Regionals

2010- 43-15 ranked 18th Coach Connie Clark

This team Holds Texas season record for home runs (88) and  slugging percentage (.545)

4th consecutive regular season Big 12 Champ

2010 and 2011 players



2011- 46-10 Ranked 20th Coach Connie Clark

Longhorns reach the NCAA regionals for the 7th consecutive year. Taylor Hoagland is a 2013 All American who holds the record for the longest game hitting streak (26) , the second longest game hitting streak (21), and most consecutive games reaching base (57). She holds the Texas Career record for runs scored ( 221), home runs (58), slugging percentage (.708), and walks (178),  on-base percentage (.501), and runs scored (223). She’s also third all-time in RBIs with (149)

Amy Hooks is Big 12 Player of the year


 Taylor Thom is an All American who holds the record for most Grand Slams (6)  and most runs batted in.


2012- 47-13 RANKED 9TH Coach Connie Clark

NCAA Austin Super Regionals- loses to Oregon twice

600th victory in the history of the program

Team  sets season attendance record (28,536), Runs scored (372), most hits (525), most doubles (86), runs batted - in (339),total bases (844)

  • Lexy Bennett holds the Texas career record batting average (.385)

  • receives All American honors and is a CoSIDA Academic All-American 





2013-  51-10 record ranked 3rd Coach Connie Clark

This team holds the Texas record for stolen bases (126)

This is the highest rated team in Longhorn Sports history. Returned to the WCWS for the first time since 2006. 


CWS appearance - Horns lose to Oklahoma and Tennessee


Blair Luna is an All American who holds the Texas Career record for saves (7), 





Kim Bruins record will never be broken.  It can only be tied. She  holds the Texas seasonal  record for winning percentage at 1.000.






2014- 35-23 Coach Connie Clark

700th Victory in the history of the program

This team holds the Texas record for Highest batting average (.333) and most triples (21)

Brejae Washington owns the Texas Career record for at bats (697), hits (254), triples (20), stolen bases (130) 

Lindsay Stephens is an All American who holds the Texas Season record runs batted in (66), total bases (134),  and doubles (20). Career slugging percentage (.731),   

Texas is eliminated in  NCAA Lafayette Regionals 

2015- 38-17

This team holds the Texas record for most road wins (13)

Texas qualifies for the NCAA Los Angeles Regionals