Recently I was invited to a mini-reunion of the 1970 Longhorn football recruiting class. After the event, I wrote to all participants the following :

Thanks for your gracious hospitality and for including an "outsider"  into the fellowship reunion of the 1970 recruiting class.    You and your teammates  managed  to take my little  piece of  the  puzzle  from  the 1967 recruiting class and for a short time weave it into the  1970 puzzle.    As the "Odd piece out" I got great joy in listening to all the  stories and watching the interactions and dynamics of men who during  4 short years of their lives   formed special friendships  that have  lasted a lifetime. 

The Rest of the Story of the Adventure Follows


 Lometa Open Horseshoe National Championship double elimination tournament 

Lometa Open Horseshoe National Championship double elimination tournament 

Horseshoes  was chosen because most most of us  can still play it and compete without getting hurt.   Well- unless you are Dan Adams who popped a blood blister throwing a horseshoe.  You can't make this up!!! 


Spanky was needed for this "serious" injury. 


Dick Baird wrote an article in 2003 that adds  clarity to why a teammate  bonds survive a lifetime.   Dick’s full article can be found on Google, but for the purpose of this  article  I have focused on his comments related to  bonding. 



The bonds of sport can last a lifetime

Sun | Sports

Dick BairdOct 23rd, 2003

Nothing like a win to cure all your problems. Washington coach Keith Gilbertson and the Huskies finally put one together, and it was oh, so sweet. Lots of excitement, energy and emotion rolled into a big victory. That's what it's all about.

Or is it?

Years from now, that win will be forgotten. Years from now, all those people in the UW program will realize the experience was really what it was all about -- sort of like it's not the destination, but the journey. Along the way, a mutual investment in emotion will create bonds that last a lifetime.





Dick Baird says "Just last week, I got a chance to spend the day with a couple of old teammates. Lots of stories retold and lots of heart involved. Friends forever, held together in the bond of football brotherhood. College roommates as well as survivors of a "Junction Boys"-type football experience." 






Tongue in cheek Dick says "Obviously, we all are better players now then we were then. That's part of aging; you get to embellish as the years go by."

Lometa open.jpg

"Football has an incredible bonding aspect to it. It absolutely demands an emotional investment. This is what makes it such a powerful force in character development as well as sacrifice. You never question anything about each other. It's an understood respect. This is my teammate. We will always be on the same team."

"Sure it was only in our college days, but for us, and a lot of other men, those days will last forever. In our last season together, we only won two games. But those wins came against Idaho and Washington, and they were the last two games of the season. A season from hell ended with a taste of victory and lives on today."

"A bond is created by all team sports. And what's really cool is that nowadays women get to experience the same feelings. When I was in high school, there were hardly any women's sports."

"It's funny that our educational system considers athletics "extra-curricular," when in fact it's one of the greatest learning experiences there is."

"Every time I go to a reunion, it is my teammates that I'm most anxious to see. It's a bond that lasts forever, and it is why I'll always be honored to be called Coach."

End of  Dick Barids Article

It happens in all sports. Shared experiences of team members creates an emotional bond for life.

Running unopposed Dan Adams wins the All Sports Award for best athlete 

The Road to Mark’s hunting Ranch  

Team bonds add clarity and a cornerstone to a life journey that is filled with complicated roads that must be navigated to reach a career destination.   As in all Longhorn recruiting classes college ends and careers and families begin.  Everyone grows up and chooses a different road to fulfill our destiny.  It is not an easy journey for most of us.  Symbolically our career paths mirror the road to Mark's Hunting Ranch. The road to his house is full of  one lane bottlenecks that slowed our process.   Dirt roads full of  bumps, rocks, and crevices that must be crossed slowly to maintain forward  momentum, and creeks that flood at the worse  moment to stop all progress. 

For various reasons many  cannot  navigate these roads and the chosen destination is altered by either bad decisions or uncontrollable events.    Dennis Ladd  was also a member of the 1970 recruiting class. Like everyone else in his class he left  U.T. with great dreams but his dreams were crushed by poor health.  Dennis replaced his dream with  a personal war to survive.    His health situation is  so severe that his teammates pooled funds to  help him save his home. The money was a blessing  but only a temporary cure.  There is only so much a  teammate bond can do. 


Mark's Safe Haven 

For those who overcome the perilous roads to Marks Ranch,  there is a safe haven where all can momentarily forget the present and future and celebrate the past.  

Psychologist for decades have tried to quantify why  team bonds create safe havens.  The answer will never  be  determined by the most powerful computers in the world.  Cambridge University’s Psychometrics Center  tries to studying personalities by quantifying it using a formula that combines  five metrics—“Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism”.   This  formula does not work with the interaction of personalities that form a team.    Science cannot quantify the elements that create a team bond-  trust, honesty, sacrifice, collaboration, cohesion, communication, and synergy.  

LHR logo (002).jpg
                                                   Mark's Safe Haven

                                                  Mark's Safe Haven


The guest list  included doctors, lawyers, businessmen, home builders, Ranch owners, accountants, tour directors, restaurant owners,  oil men, and retirees. As professionals, all of these men have made this world a better place. For the last 47 years  members of the 1970 football recruiting class at Texas have built  bridges to the future  to make it easier for others to cross. 

Two Marks.jpg

Above is world class doctor Mark Akins whose professional speciality preempted medical  assistance to anyone invited to this event. 

Running unopposed Dan Adams wins the All Sports Award for best athlete 

The Road to Mark’s hunting Ranch  


But on this outing all professional titles were left at  home and teammates celebrated their construction of a bridge composed  of special memories from  the past. It was a  time for all invitees to savor the years 1970 thru 1974.

All invitees told great stories,  but one story captured the key narrative needed to understand the dynamics of how a team bond begins.  

Eric Sorensen a Jesuit scholar tells a story about directing a difficult canoeing trip.  He said  “It would rain for days , everything would be wet, your gear wet, your clothes and” nothing would dry and everyone was miserable. It was not a fun trip.    Sorenson said that what he wanted to accomplish on this trip was a sense of deep connection between the paddlers. He accomplished his goal.

Dan Adams and Bob Tresch  lived this  adventure on a three day canoeing trip down the Guadalupe. For some reason Dan and Bob forgot that canoeing the Guadalupe during rainy season was not a good idea. It was a miserable trip and their story told around the campfire that night was hilarious.  I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

For me this story captures the primary reasons  bonds last a lifetime.   Dan and Bob shared a struggle, survived the  adversity,  and in the process learned more about each other. 

While  Dan and Bob's shared experience is the foundation for a  personal bond, but a team bond  requires the syncing of many other variables  before the process is complete.  

a teammate bond is only completed when the respect of a team member is earned. 

Teammates  share victories, losses, workouts, fellowship, sorrow, pain, and joy together. These interactions create  the bond that  last a lifetime. Respect for each other remains years after the glory days in sports have ended.  47 years later on March 10, 2018 at Mark’s Hunting Ranch  I witnessed a lifetime team bond in sync.   


Billy Dale









A Reflection on Augie Garrido life is at the end of this site.

Below is a link to the trailer for a documentary about Augie Garrido



Augie Garrido












1997 to May 2016-  Coach Augie Garrido has 

  • 9 Conference titles

  • 2 National Champions ( 2002 and 2005)

  • 8 Super Regional victories and 9 regional victories

  • HOH induction 2008

  • Winningest coach in the history of college baseball with 1900 plus victories

  • Earned National Coach of the Year honors 6 times

  • During his 46 year career he averaged 41 victories a year

  • In the summer of 2016, he was enshrined in the American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame and in July 2016, he entered the National College Baseball Hall of Fame. 

  • While at Texas, Garrido coached 27 All-Americans and 102 players who went on to play professionally.

He is the 13th Coach in Texas baseball history

Garrido Is One Of Only Two Coaches To Lead Multiple Colleges To A National Championship. 

Coach believed that baseball was a metaphor for life.  Coach had a different philosophy from most coaches in baseball . He believed that if the players mind was  balanced then good baseball would follow. He wanted to teach the fundamentals of the game to athletes who could then use their minds to win the game.  Without this balance of the tow the player could never maximize his abilities.


  Skip Johnson is the Associate Head Coach

  • Specializes in teaching pitching skills
  • In the 9 years with UT he has developed 10 Big 12 conference first team players and 9 All Americans. 

Coach Tommy Nicholson is the recruiting coordinator

  • He played for Texas and is the most valuable player on the team in 1999 and 2000
  • His job responsibility is Head recruiter and coaching the infielders



1997- 29-22

Kip Harkrider is an All American


 In 1998 Catcher Brian Johnson During A One Week Span Hits 2- 400 Plus Feet Homers At UFCU Field.  

1999- 36-26

Tommy Nicholson is named most valuable player on the Texas team.

Sean Braswell receives recognition as a Rhodes Scholars.


2000- 46-21

Tommy Nicholson is named most valuable player on the Texas team. 

D.J. Jones wins the James Keller Sportsmanship Award.


Charlie Thames is a All American.


2001- 36-26 pending






2002 - 57-15 National Champions












The pitching staff on this Team Holds The Record For saves (23) During The Modern Era.

Augie Garrido is Coach of the year

This team holds the Texas record for most total bases (1,186)

















Jeff Ontiveros holds the Texas career record for most games (260), most at bats (922), and most total bases (510) .  


2002 National Champions


2003- 50-20

Omar Quintanilla - !st

Dustin Majewski holds the Texas career record for the highest batting  average (.395) and he makes the All American team.

2004- 58-15 

Runner up in the College World Series

In 2016, Coach Garrido told the Statesman that  Huston Street was the best Longhorn he ever coached. “What might seem exceptional for one person was very normal for Huston............., Garrido said of Street,  “His fearless approach to throwing to the mitt and trusting his teammates to do the rest — he came here with that.”

Huston Street holds the Texas career record for most saves (41), he is a GOLDEN SPIKES AWARD FINALISTS, and an All American. 

Justin Simmons holds the Texas career record for number of starts (66), and is an All American.

J.P. Howell is a CLEMENS AWARD FINALISTS and an All American.


2005-  56-16

 Tough road to the CWS. In regional play lost to Arkansas and Mississippi but fought back  and won 5 elimination games to make it to the CWS.  






Seth Johnston holds the Texas season record for @ Bats (304), and hits (115) in a season, and an All American.









J. Brent Cox is an All American and the winner of  the NCBWA STOPPER OF THE YEAR AWARD.

Augie Garrido is Coach of the year


2006- 41-21

Drew Stubbs is an Academic All American in 2005 and 2006 and a GOLDEN SPIKES AWARD FINALISTS in 2006.


Kyle McCulloch Ist

2007- 46-17




Brad Suttle is a Academic All American










Kyle Russel is an All American and  GOLDEN SPIKES AWARD FINALISTS in 2007 and holds the career Texas record for home runs (57) and for the season (28)






2008- 39-22 

In 2008, Garrido was inducted into the Longhorn Hall of Honor,



Michael Torres sets game hitting streak record of 25 games.










and David Maroul


2009 50-16-1  

Runner up in the College World Series


May 30 2009 Boston College and UT played in the longest game in College baseball history. The game lasted 25 innings and 7 hours and 3 minutes. Austin Wood threw 13 scoreless innings in relief.





Austin Wood sets a Texas career record of 118 appearances.










2010- 50-13


Top of the chart














This Team Holds The Record For most home runs (81) and most strike-outs (482). 











2011- 49-19

All time Attendance record is set with 273,029 fans attending home games. 

This team holds the Longhorn  record for highest fielding percentage(.982), and most saves (23) 


Taylor Jungmann
• Louisville Slugger NCAA Division I All-American - First Team
• Big 12 Pitcher of the Year (unanimous selection)
• All-Big 12 - First Team
• Phillips 66 Big 12 Baseball Championship All-Tournament Team
• Academic All-Big 12 Baseball First Team














Brandon Loy sets career Texas record with 56 sacrifice bunts










2012- 30-22



Garrido is  inducted into the Omaha College Baseball Hall of Fame.



The attendance records are broken for a two game series (14,846) against Houston, and a three game series (19,727) against TCU. 


Augie Garrido- Pressure is a choice    

Augie left a legacy of wins, laughter, and leadership. Mack Brown said  “He really made you think, made you laugh, and always was so much fun to be around....." 

Augie was driven to succeed by a fear of losing his job.  He said that "only the best  at anything are assured a job".  Augie said that is  "what drove me — trying to be the best I could be, and I still am driven by that."  Augie said  “When I did sign the  two-year extension (after the 2014 season with Texas), I went up to the cemetery where my mom and dad are buried. I knocked on his tombstone and said “Dad, when I finish this contract I’ll be 79 years old. I think I kept my job.”

Coach believed that baseball was a metaphor for life and chose not to win at all cost. For Augie the game was not only about teaching the fundamentals of balls, bats, and gloves,  but teaching the players how to think to maximize their performance in baseball and beyond.

Professional Testimonies

Mike Martin, who coaches the  Seminoles said  “College baseball and the world lost one of the finest men in our coaching profession,” “Augie dedicated his life to making young men better people. He will be deeply missed by myself and many others.”

Rick Barnes said " I loved him more as a man than I did as a baseball coach.  We lost truly a beautiful personality......."  When Coach Barnes was struggling with his team,  Augie helped Coach Barnes with perspective needed related to personal focus and dealing with pressure.  Coach Garrido told Barnes that after  winning the National Championship at Fullerton  the "...  next year, he  put so much pressure on his team"  that his mom got involved. She had a picture, and  said, "you notice when your guys won the championship, you're holding the trophy. Why don't you let the kids hold it." Augie said, "'I realized that day that it really is not about me."  The true key to success in college coaching is " can you get your guys to play like little boys that love the game.'"  In 2009 he reflected on his change in attitude by saying  "I am a teacher by nature, but I am no better or more important than the kindergarten teacher or the high school coach."

Shaka Smart said "Augie was a mentor of mine during my first couple years at Texas....."  "I knew Augie really well. He kind of took me under his wing when I first got to Texas. He came over to practice. A lot of people don't know this, but Augie is a basketball guy. Augie played basketball. That was kind of his first love."

Rice coach Wayne Graham said : “It is a sad time because I don’t think anyone did more for college baseball and baseball in general than Augie Garrido. He knew the particulars of the game better than anyone.”


Augie Garrido was a great teacher and shared his  small-ball philosophy with anyone who would listen


Garrido coached three players who won the Golden Spikes Award: Tim Wallach (1979), Phil Nevin (1992) and Mark Kotsay (1995). All three went on to find significant big league success. Other major leaguers he coached include Huston Street, Brandon Belt and Corey Knebel.

He cultivated  Oregon head coach George Horton, who has won more than 1,000 games, Fullerton head coach Rick Vanderhook, and Skip Johnson at Oklahoma.  As  assistant coaches he influenced  Arizona recruiting coordinator Sergio Brown and Stanford’s Tommy Nicholson.

He was even friends with Kevin Costner and had a role in "For Love of the Game" as the Yankees manager.  Garrido was also the subject of Richard Linklater’s ESPN documentary “Inning by Inning: Portrait of a Coach” and hosted “Home Plate with Augie Garrido,” a cooking show on the Longhorn Network.

Biggest Regret

The players I let down. The players that had lesser roles  who needed more from me and I didn’t know it. 



Coach Garrido's  contributions to Longhorn traditions represents  a portal to the past that remind Longhorn fans that heritage shapes the present and empowers the future. 


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WETS (Working Exes For Texas Swimming)  Was Organized In 1968 When A Group Of Former Longhorn Swimmers, Divers And Coaches, Headed By Tex Robertson, Met To Promote University Of Texas Aquatic Excellence. The Initial Goals Of WETS Were To: Honor The Past Accomplishments Of UT Swimmers And Divers; Promote The Present And Future Success Of Texas Swimming And Diving; And To Provide A Common Forum For All Former Texas Swimmers, Divers, Coaches And Fans To Gather And Stay Connected. Their Site Information Is Listed Below.

The link to the Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame is below



Olympian Jill Sterkel 

Jill Sterkel arrived in the Forty Acres from Hacienda Heights, Calif., in the fall of 1979 as a student-athlete on the women's swimming and diving team. She has served as the Executive Director of the T-Association since 2006.

Prior to joining the T-Association staff, Sterkel was the head coach of the UT women's swimming team from 1992-2006 and assistant coach of the UT women's swimming team from 1986-91. As an athlete, she was a four-time Olympian, winning two gold medals and two bronze in freestyle and relays. She is a 16-time individual national champion, and is a two time winner of the Honda Award as National Female Swimmer of the Year .

Sterkel earned her undergraduate degree in education and a master's in Kinesiology.  

Jill Sterkel has received more honors then anyone in UT swimming history that includes 4  Olympic's teams  in 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988

Jill Sterkel wins the National Championship in

  • the 50 free 1980-1983
  • the 100 free 1980- 1983
  • the 50 fly 1980-1983
  • the 100 fly 1980-1983 


Jill Sterkel's honors include

  • 1981- Jill is the only Longhorn Swimmer who has received the Broderick Cup National Female Athlete of the year 
  • 1979 and 1980 Broderick Award for National Swimmer of the Year.
  • Holds the national record for points scored  (100) in 1981 and 1982.
  • Named to the All American team 27 times



A condensed bullet point history of Texas Longhorn Swimming follows. Please go to the "credit" section of this website to view books you can purchase from many fine book stores about Texas Longhorn Sports or please visit the official University of Texas Longhorn site for more detailed information  

Longhorn women's Swimming has won Nine National Championships

  • 1981 AIAW,  Coach Paul Bergen
  • 1982  AIAW  Coach Richard Quick
  • 1984 Coach Richard Quick
  • 1985 Coach Richard Quick
  • 1986 Coach Richard Quick
  • 1987 Coach Richard Quick
  • 1988 Coach Richard Quick
  • 1990 Coach Mark Schubert
  • 1991  Coach Mark Schubert

No other Longhorn sports program comes close to the success of Longhorn Swimming.



Rosemary Slack  

In 1963 Rosemary Slack coached and sponsored the synchronized "Turtle Club" founded by Anna Hiss.  

In 1969  Rosemary became the first swim coach for the women's swim team and won the first SWC championship held at UT-Arlington.

1971 - 1979 Coach Melvin "Pat Patterson- The Journey into Destiny Begins

1971 - 1979 Coach Melvin "Pat Patterson



Top song 1971










Below is the link to Coach Patterson's induction into the Swimming Hall of Fame.




Mike Sorrells served as an assistant coach under Pat Patterson at the University of Texas from 1971-1972. Coach Sorrells was the driving force to separate the state meet into 5A and 4A-and-under divisions, giving more athletes the chance to compete at the highest level. He was voted TISCA Coach of the year in 2001. Over the course of his career he coached more than 40 individual and relay state champions and sent five of his swimmers to the Olympics.


The quality of many of the pictures below are poor.  When I find better photos,  I will replace them. 





Dian Girard  wins the National Championship in the 400 IM.

All American 14 times.




Joan Pennington wins the National Championship in the 100 fly and the 100 IM in 1979 and 1980, , the 50 fly in 1979, and the 200IM in 1979.

All American 26 times

                Coach Paul Bergen has a short tenure but it is long on success

               Coach Paul Bergen has a short tenure but it is long on success


1980-1981 Coach Paul Bergen recruits and develops 2 Longhorn National Champions




Coach Paul Bergen is responsible for recruiting and developing 2 Longhorn Collegiate Championship teams. Some of the swimmers he coaches include Alice Jones, Deana Deardurff, Jenny Kemp, Joan Pennington, Jill Sterkel, Kim Linehan, and Tracy Caulkins.

Paul is the first swimming coach to apply the training methods used on race horses to swimming. He serves on the USA coaching staff for the World Championships in 1975, 1978 and 1982, and with Canada in 1986. He is an Olympic coach in 1980, 1984, 1988 and 2000.





 Coach Bergen's Olympians who represented The USA

Kim Linehan wins the National Championship in the 500 in 1981 and 1982 - 1650 free in 1981 and 1982 - the 200 fly in 1981 and 1982. She is a member of the Olympic team in 1980 and 1984. All American 20 times




1981- Coach Paul Bergen's Team wins the  National Championship

Coach Bergen Is recognized as National Coach Of The Year 1981



Carol Borgmann wins the National Championship in the 100 IM in 1981 and the 100 IM and 200IM in 1982. All American 18 times





Denise Christensen  wins the National Championship in the 3M dive. All American 6 times





Kim Black is National Champion in the 1650 free. All American 4 times


 Coach Quick is a tornado over water. He recruits well and funnels his team talent into 5 National Champions. 

Coach Quick is a tornado over water. He recruits well and funnels his team talent into 5 National Champions. 

Coach Richard Quick  - 1982-1988

  •  HOH in 2004    
  •  Teams win five straight NCAA titles from 1984-88
  •  Coaches 17 UT Olympians, 25 individual NCAA Champions, and 11 NCAA relay titleists
  •  Coaches two swimmers of the year
  •  Five-time NCAA Coach of the Year
  •   Head coach of U.S. Olympic teams in 1988, 1996, 2000 and 2004

Coach Quick's Olympians who represented the USA



Tiffany Cohen also wins the National Championship in the 500 free and 1650 free.  






Tracy McFarlane Wins The National Championship In The 100 Breast In 1985, 1987, And 1988.  





Leigh Ann Fetter wins the National Championship in the 50 free in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 and the 100 free in 1989 and 1990. All American 24 times







Tori Trees wins the National Championship in the 200 back. 







Kim Rhodenbaugh wins the National Championship in the 200 Im and 200 breast. 






Betsy Mithell also wins the National Championship in the 100 and 200 back in 1986, 1987, and 1988 and the 200IM  in 1987. All American 20 times.

Betsy Mitchell receives a NCAA post-graduate scholarhip






1982 - Coach Richard Quick National Champion


Debbie Risen wins the National Championship in the 100 back

1983- Coach Richard Quick (pending)

Karen McGrath receives a NCAA post-graduate scholarhip. (no picture)




1984 - National Champions coach Richard Quick 

Richard Quick is National Coach of the Year


Agneta Eriksson  wins the National Championship in the 100 free. All American 7 times





Carrie Steinseifer is an Olympian in 1984





1985 - National Champions coach Richard Quick


1986 -  National Champions coach Richard Quick

Richard Quick Is National Coach Of The Year

Debbie Risen wins the National Championship in the 100 back in 1982



Patty Sabo  wins the National Championship in the 400 IM. All American 14 times




1987 - National Champions coach Richard Quick

1987 national champs swimming.jpg


1988 - National champions coach Richard Quick


Coach Mark Schubert- 1989-1992


Coach Schubert Is a member of the  USA's Olympic Swimming Team coaching staff in 1980 (which the USA did not attend), 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004. He is also part of the team staff for the 2008 Olympics.

In 1997, he is inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) as an Honor Coach.












Coach Schubert's  Olympians who represented The USA.

Beth Barr is National Champion in the 200 back. All American 4 times

1989 - Coach Mark Schubert Pending 


1989 - Coach Mark Schubert Pending




2016 Andrea Hayes HOH 


1990 - National Champions Coach Mark Schubert

Diving Coach Mike Brown is National Coach of the Year

Mark Schubert  is National Coach of the Year

1991 - Coach Mark Schubert team wins the National Championship



TOP of the charts 1991


Dorsey Tierney wins the National Championship in the 200 breast. All American 16 times


Jodi Wilson wins the National Championship in the 100 back. All American  10 times



1992-Coach Mark Schubert 

Katy Arris is National Champion in the 1650 free. All American 19 times

Erika Hansen wins the National Championship in the 500 free. All American 9 times



Whitney Hedgepeth wins the National Championship in the 200 back in 1992 and 1994. All American 20 times




1993-2006- Coach Jill Sterkel

Jill Sterkel's Olympians who represented the USA 



Colleen Lanne' wins the National Championship in the 50 and 100 free. All American 14 times.  She is a member of the boycotted Moscow Olympics.

















Wikipedia states that Whitney initially signed with Florida where she received seven All American honors at the NCAA meet in 1990. Following her freshman year, she transferred to Texas and finished her NCAA career swimming for coach Jill Sterkel. As a Longhorn swimmer, she won three more NCAA championships and received another twenty All-American honors, for a career total of twenty-seven.

Whitney  Hedgepeth wins the National Championship in the 200 back in 1992 and 1994. All American 20 times



1993- Coach Jill Sterkel 



Top of the Chart





Diving Coach Mike Brown is National Coach of the Year

Kristi Busico  is an Academic All American. 


1994- Coach Jill Sterkel pending



Tobie Smith wins the National Championship in the 1650 free. All American 10 times




1995- Coach Jill Sterkel pending

1996- Coach Jill Sterkel Pending



1999- Coach Jill Sterkel

Jill Sterkel is an Assistant Coach for the  1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada.

2001 - Co-Head Coach Jill Sterkel and Mike Walker 


Sterkel is in an assistant coach at the 2001 World Championships in Fukuoka Japan. It is  marked as the first time a female served in an assistant coach's capacity for Team USA.


2002 - Co-Head Coach Jill Sterkel And Mike Walker(pENDING)








2003 -Co-Head Coach Jill Sterkel And Mike Walker (PENDING)

In 2003, Sterkel served as the head coach for the World University Games in Daegu, Korea.


2004 -Co-Head Coach Jill Sterkel And Mike Walker(PENDING)

Alisa Schuknecht is an Academic All American. (no picture) 


2005 - Co-Head Coach Jill Sterkel And Mike Walker (PENDING)

Paige Nath  Academic MVP (no picture)

Sarah  Wanezek teamMVP (no picture)


.facebook_1502081989930 (002).jpg

Kim Brackins  2006 - 2012

    Kim Brackins takes the reigns of the Women's Swimming Program

   Kim Brackins takes the reigns of the Women's Swimming Program


Coach Kim Brackins Olympian who represented the USA

2006 Coach Kim Brackins(PENDING)


Katie Robinson is Academic MVP

Kacie Gaskin is team MVP





2007 Coach Kim Brackin(PENDING)




Katie Riefenstahl

• Four-time All-American
• Four-time honorable mention All-American
• Four-time Big 12 Champion
• Two-time finalist, 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials
• Two-time finalist, 2007 USA Swimming National Championships
• 2010 and 2011 Academic All-Big 12 (first team)





Mary Yarrison  is an Academic All American. 


2008 Coach Kim Brackin(pending)

Kathryn Kelly  is an Academic All American. 








2009 Coach Kim Brackin(Pending)


2010 Coach Kim Brackin(Pending)

Karlee Bispo is an Academic All American. 


2011 Coach Kim Brackin(Pending)



Kelsey Amundsen

• Six-time All-American
• Three-time honorable mention All-American
• Six-time Big 12 Champion
• School record holder, 400 medley relay
• 2011 Academic All-Big 12 (first team)








Ellen Lob


• Three-time All-American
• Honorable Mention All-American
• Big 12 Champion
• 2012 Academic All-Big 12 (first team)






2012 Coach Kim Brackin(Pending))

     It has been 25 years since Texas Women won a National Championship

    It has been 25 years since Texas Women won a National Championship

Coach Carol Capitani 2013 to present 

Names to follow-up Shelby Cullinan, Diana Wilcox , Maren Taylor,  Kathryn Kelly , Mary Yarrison 

2016 history stops here - information to be added in the future