Joshua Layne Yeoman Son of Gary Yeoman has passed away 1985 - 2019

Family ties.

Family ties.

Joshua Yeoman.jpg

I never met Joshua, but I knew his heart. He was not bashful. He spoke his mind. The two of us exchanged some messages on the internet. For Joshua the internet opened up the world. It was a place where he could talk and communicate with others about his favorite subject -family. Almost all his conversations with me centered around his dad and granddad. Since I was aware of some of the history of Gary and Bill Yeoman, he wanted me to share anything and everything I knew about them. Pat Kelly and Juan Conde also were part of his internet life, and there were others. All loved him and offered Joshua a chance to grow as an individual.

Billy Dale


Joshua Layne Yeoman left us on Thursday, the 28th of May 2019, at the age of 33.
Josh was a unique bird. From the day that Josh could walk and talk, he did not encounter or know a stranger. Regardless of where he was, or what he was doing, anytime that he entered a new place, he would not leave until he met everyone in the room. Josh had Down syndrome but he never let it cause a problem that he could not overcome.
Josh was a charming guy. He was able to circumvent every security system in every stadium that he has ever been in. Last year at a UH football game he was observed on the football field walking around with all of the players, because he wanted to talk to Major Applewhite. On another occasion, he was in the parking lot of the UH stadium when he got separated from his family who contacted the police to report him missing. The family was told that Josh was already in the stadium upstairs in a private suite.
Josh worked at the HEART Program which taught him job skills by working concession stands at events such as the Houston Open, Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show, Rockets and Texans games, July 4th Stars over Houston, Houston Marathon and Super Bowl. Josh also had an ear for music. He could play the guitar and piano. No idea where he learned or how. He was just a natural. He even auditioned for America's Got Talent with his singing.

Josh was so proud of his family and was interested in learning about his ancestors. He often spoke of his grandfather, Papoo, and his military service in the Army Air Force and his other grandfather, Coach Bill Yeoman, who had military duty after graduating from West Point.
Josh lived life to the max. He was the most outgoing, caring and loving person to anyone who was blessed knowing him and was known for his wonderful hugs. Josh was like the autumn trees in Colorado that he often visited. There are just so many beautiful views of Josh but it is hard to distinguish which is the most magnificent because they all are.

The family requests with gratitude that memorial contributions in his name be directed to the HEART Program at 6717 Stuebner Airline Rd., Suite 207, Houston TX, 77091, or
Please visit Joshua's online memorial tribute at where words of comfort and condolence may be shared electronically with his family.

Published in Houston Chronicle on June 2, 2019


Herkie Walls to Robert Brewer

"Remember Brew Baby the Cream Always Rises to the Top"

Robert’s roots in college football history are embedded in his family history. His father was a quarterback for the Longhorns and his Uncle played with Darrell Royal at Oklahoma. Robert says “the Red River rivalry was a very big deal in my family and left an indelible impression on my childhood” . “One half of the family was always upset after the game”. In an article in Sports Illustrated in 1982 he says "All right. I admit it. " When I was little, I rooted for...Oklahoma." Say it isn't so, Robert! "Hey, I was an impressionable kid."

One of the factors that converted a potential Sooner into a Longhorn were the great Longhorn teams from 1968-1972. Robert said that one of his greatest memories was watching the 1969 Cotton Bowl game with his dad when the Longhorns beat Notre Dame for the national championship. From such memories Longhorns are made.

1955 Charley Brewer ( Robert Brewers father.) .jpg

Robert’s dad is #21 in this photo

Robert Brewer did not receive a Division I scholarship offer out of high school , and he realized that his dream of following his father’s footsteps to Texas were problematic. Roberts high school coach felt differently. Many times special relationships between high school coaches and University recruiting coordinators is more important than judging talent by studying films, and Roberts high school Coach Monte Stratton knew Coach Ken Dabbs. One of the keenest recruiting minds in all college football. If not for Ken Dabbs, OU’s Barry Switzer would have signed Earl Campbell. Coach Stratton’s efforts are successful and Robert meets with Coach Dabbs and Freddie Akers during a UT spring football practice session.  After the practice Coach Akers tells Robert there is no scholarship available, but if he walks-on there will be a roster spot available. Akers concludes the meeting by telling Robert , as he tells all athletes, you must earn the opportunity to play for the Longhorns, and Robert accepts that challenge.

There is still one significant hurdle to overcome before Robert can even think about playing for the Longhorns. He has to qualify academically to attend Texas. UT admissions tells him he needs to attend summer school at UT as a “ provisional student “ and pass 12 core hours with a “B” average or better to attend UT in the Fall. He did not know it at the time , but going to summer school was one of those destiny determining moments that forever changes a person’s life.

Robert says “some of the present and former UT players held informal workouts at Memorial stadium each summer evening.” “Because all of the Longhorn quarterbacks were out of town with summer job duties , these guys needed someone to throw routes and workout with them.”

 There were some impressive players that attended those events. Johnny Lam Jones, Raymond Clayborn, Johnny and Bobby Johnson, Mike Hatchett and many more. All treated Robert with respect.

However impressing players is easier than impressing coaches. Two years of football practice later Robert is still trying to impress his coaches with his football skills. Mickey Moss, a successful coach and administrator, says that “goals are good but without a system of practiced habits in place, goals alone will not lead to success”. Instinctively Robert understands Mickey’s point. He knows the road from walk-on to scholarship athlete is unlikely without practice , preparation, and attitude.

Joe Shearin

Regardless of instinct Robert still faces a lot of discouraging times the first two years and by the third year he decides that If he doesn’t play he will quit. It is during these years of self doubt that he needs moral support to energize his commitment to remain with the team. As occurs with many young athletes, his world is football and football determined his self-worth . Robert says "I was miserable during the first two years”. “I felt I was letting my parents down, especially my dad” so he did everything in his power to forget his predicament, but reality was alway there.

Robert remembers and appreciates all the support he received from his teammates during his darkest days as a walk-on. Joe Shearin, a four year O-Line starter and future NFL player, was one of his cheerleaders. Joe was always there for Robert offering a symbolic helping hand when the going got tough.

In the 8th game of his junior season after the great quarterback Rick McIvor is hurt against Houston, Robert’s preparation for “his” day arrives.

Leaving the the locker room to start the second half of the Houston game coach Akers says to Robert “ You’re in “ . The speedster Herkie Wall jogs out of the tunnel onto the field, looks back at Brewer and says  “you’re not the 2nd team quarterback anymore , so don’t play like it.” "Remember Brew Baby the Cream Always Rises to the Top".

 Robert Brewer completes the Houston game and starts the remainder of the 1981 season and all of 1982.

As is the case with many players, the media and fans tend to define a player by a single play. Below is part of a Sports Illustrated article about the 1982 Texas/Alabama Cotton Bowl game and a video of the play that continues to define Robert Brewer.

January 11, 1982 Sports Illustrated

Cotton Bowl

By Pat Putnam

January 11, 1982

At halftime, down 7-0, Texas Coach Fred Akers told his team not to worry. "You hold them in the third quarter," he told his defense. Then, turning to his offense, he said, "And you get them in the fourth."

"I don't know what it is about Robert," Akers said earlier in the week. "All he can do is beat you."

With the Longhorns at the Alabama 30, Brewer threw two incomplete passes. Faced with a third-and-10, he called for another pass play that would send Walls deep, with both Little and 6'6" Tight End Lawrence Sampleton on square-ins.

But as Brewer stepped to the line of scrimmage he saw Alabama Strong Safety Tommy Wilcox cheating up. "Oh, oh, another blitz," Ron thought. He signaled for a time-out. Later, grinning, he said, "I didn't want to get sacked again. I figured I'd call time out and put the pressure on the coaches."

On the sidelines Akers thanked Brewer for his alertness. Then, after a brief conference with his aides, Akers told his quarterback: "Run Play 1."

"One," Brewer thought, surprised. "Golly, that's a great call. That just might work."

One—Texas gives simple numbers to all of its plays—is the quarterback draw.

"We were hoping they'd stay in the blitz," Akers said. "I was just hoping for a first down." Not only did Texas catch Alabama in a blitz, but also in man-to-man. With a path as wide as an Interstate, Brewer took off. "I never even saw him until he hit the 10," said 'Bama Cornerback Benny Perrin.

There is no question that sports builds character and character is a key component for a fulfilling life journey. Robert is still stepping up, walking on , and experiencing success by using all the tools of the trade he learned as a Longhorn. Robert closes his story with a big smile and a special thanks to his wonderful teammates, to those great Longhorn players and teams of the 1960’s , to Coach Akers for giving him the chance of a lifetime, and most of all, to his Dad “who made it all available from the very beginning”…..Hook’em  Rb

Horns UP Billy Dale


1976 bobby and abe lemmonsIMG_20190614_152314.jpg

Royal, Knight, and Lemons

Bobby Knight the Indiana Coach says that Abe Lemons is “ one of the five best basketball minds I have encountered during my time in coaching.” His “great wit and sense of humor “ and his entertaining style have won the hearts of many fans. Abe Lemons is a open book “honest , simple, and direct.”

A New York sportswriter called Abe the “Jonathan Winters of coaching.”

Abe Lemons was always at war with the the striped shirts.

Abe Lemons hated road games because he had to play against another team and “their officials”. He said “officials have unharnessed bias and prejudices. If it came down to a close call, the official is going to go with the home team so he can move up the ladder in the conference.”

In one game Abe drew three technical fouls because as he says “ I’m having a little trouble with the guy with the whistle. I honestly believe if the sent this guy to Vietnam, he’d stop the war in two weeks - or else start another one of his own.”

1976-1982- COACH LEMONS HAD A 110-63 RECORD

After Abe Lemons turned around the basketball teams at Oklahoma City University and Pan American Coach, Darrell Royal hired him as The 20th Head basketball Coach At Texas. His salary was $30,000 a Year.

He was honored in 1978 as National Coach Of The Year By The National Association Of Basketball Coaches (the Only Head Coach At Texas To Ever Win This Honor) ; 1978 SWC Coach of the Year; 1994 inductee into the Longhorn Hall Of Honor; 1977 President of the National Association of Basketball Coaches ;winner of two SWC Championships; and 1978 NIT champion.

His favorite type of recruit struggled as a boy to succeed. Abe says “It is hard to be a competitor when you have everything.”




This book is a great read.


Coach Lemons Is A  Great StoryTeller And Quote Maker.  

Talking about looking successful he says “I’ll never get off the bench until we’re ahead. But when we’re ahead. I want to make sure the fans know who’s running this team.”

Abe is either 1/8 Choctaw or Cherokee. He is famous for saying that everyone’s “got to obey the white man’s law out here- never steal nothing smaller than a state “ referring to what whites did to the American Indians.

Finish  Last In Your League And They Call You  Idiot. Finish Last In Medical School And They Call You Doctor.

Coaches  Who Shoot Par In The Summer Are The Guys I Want On My Schedule In The Winter.

Doctors Bury Their  Mistakes,  But Mine Are Still On Scholarship .  

We Don't Pray After A Game ... That's Too Late.  

I wish I was a football coach so I could only lose 11 games a year. 

In his  tv show sometimes he  opened with Abe laying in a coffin. He raises up, turns to the camera and says “we ain’t dead yet “. 

"You scored one point more than a dead man".

After Frank Glieber died of a massive heart attack while jogging, Abe said "I don't jog. If I die, I want to be sick."

Abe also said he wanted to be a track coach. All you had to do was tell the kids is run fast and stay to the left.This was also a dig at the AD Dodds who was the track coach at Kansas State.

Said about his teams “ We strive for perfection like everybody else. We are more daring. I like a kid who’ll take a chance-not a gamble but a chance. He’s the type that will win for you in the long run.”

“It is more fun to shoot the ball than to play defense. And we’re going to work hardest on what’s fun.”

He questioned why any coach would only want a “Run and shoot” offense. He said the name should be “Run and score.”

He recruited great offensive players to win games. Abe said “most good defensive players can’t throw the ball in the ocean.”

A sports writer said what do you think you will have to overcome to win this game. Abe said the officials.

He once took his team to Madison Square Garden to play a game. The team was doing so poorly against Duke at halftime he told his players to play shirts and skins in front of the astounded fans attending the game. Shirts beat skins 12-6.

Lemons tells the story about criticising an official during a game , and the official said to Abe “ You’re just mad because we’re winning.”

About Kareem Abdul - Jabbar and judging talent worth recruiting , Abe says “You can tell right off that he appears to be a talent. Anyone who has to stoop to dunk the ball has promise.”

About taking an making long shots “ It (basketball) searched out the bucket like a Nike missile.”

About great players who want take the shot he said “Our biggest disappointment was Reed. He shot only 9 times , and I’ve been telling him over and over to shoot at least 20 times a game. It’s hard to criticize a boy who scored 27 points, but he should have had maybe 47 points.

Abe is adjusting to the times when he says “I don’t mind long hair too much. I don’t mind beards, and I don’t mind miniskirts. I just don’t like to see them on the same person.”

Asked why he recruited Jack Langley a 6’9” high schooler who had never played organized basketball he said “ A poodle got loose , and Langley caught him. Any 6-9 boy who can can catch a French poodle in the field house is worth a scholarship.”

Abe lemmon is quick witted fan favorite. When asked if his first team at Texas was worthy of a top 20 ranking he said "you mean in the state"? 

Lemmons said about hanging out with the wrong people “ I’ve found that the bad rubs off on the good 100 times faster than the good rubs off on the bad.”

Coach Lemons is not a disciplinarian.  He believes his job is to get the players to motivate themselves instead of him motivating them. . He says about curfews "You think they can’t get into sin before 10:00 P.M.? He tells the story about one of his great players saying “Coach , if we play good when we go to bed at 10:00 the night before a game, how about us going to bed at 5 some afternoon and then seein’ how we’d do?” Abe quit enforcing a curfew by reasoning that “When you have a curfew, it’s always the star that gets caught.”


After a 10 year ban the dunk is reinstated but not allowed during warm-ups. A Mississippi State player warming up prior to the Texas game dunks the ball and is called for a two shot technical foul. Abe Lemons is incensed at such a ridiculous rule and tells Krivac to take the technicals with his back to the basket. Krivac misses both and Texas loses the game 91-89.

After playing a lousy game against Rice Coach Lemons says “ I ain’t knocking winning , but it’s not often you can play that bad and win. We’re a little weak in some spots- like five- and so in Rice. And they can’t help it anymore than we can”. In 1976 he had to hold the players hands on every play saying . “Please pass the ball. Please shoot. Please move to that spot.” He said in 1976 “ Heck, we’re going to have a tough game Thursday against open.” In one game he can’t get the attention of Jim Krivac so he taps a Houston player on the shoulder and says to him please tap Jim Krivac on the shoulder and tell him to run play #2. The Houston player did as instructed.

Abe Lemons hated dribbling. He said dribbling is “the scourge of basketball. In one game he said “if dribbles were a nickel apiece, we could have bought the Queen Mary.”

I (Billy Dale) was a team member of the Big shootout football game in Arkansas in 1969 so I understand Abe Lemons quote about Arkansas fans. He said “It’s amazing why grown people come to harass young men (at sporting events). There’s got to be a flaw in a man’s character to do that.”

Abe says about Jim Krivacs. “ If you gave him a choice of a week in Acapulco or a week of practice, he’d take practice”. “ If you live in the gym like he does, you’re going to be better”. “Lot of guys don’t realize that” . “They think they’re gonna have a vision one night and just play better”. “

Abe Lemons policy is to talk to only one team member during one minute time outs. He says “I talk to my quarterback, and he tells the other players and they take it better coming from him.” Johnny Moore was that man in 1976.

Coach Lemmons is concerned about the health of Jim Krivac and tells the press “Krivacs looks like he just came off a death march.”

After losing to Arkansas he said “It was like a battleship against a rowboat.”

All players have a bad day but Goodner’s game against the Aggies sets up a plethora of Lemon one liners. Lemons says to the official scorer “ Can’t you make them (referees) quit calling fouls on the Aggies”? “We’re playing right into their hands by (us) going to the free throw line”. “Goodner is 1 for 9 from the free throw line. The Horns overall are 5-19.

 Gary Goodner is lost due to grades due to an incomplete in geography. The class was at 8:00 A.M. Coach said that he was important to the team. “the only player that’s improved while I’ve been here. “

He Says That 1976 Is His Toughest Year As A Coach. He Says"We're Still Looking For Someone Who Likes To Play Defense And Has That Rare Talent Of Running To The Other End And Throwing The Ball In The Basket."



After the 1976 season he said we are going to recruit a “couple of Godzillas.”


The Good and Bad of the Burnt Orange Club

The "Longhorn Rebounders", a fundraising organization, is  formed. The success of this organization evolves into the  "Burnt Orange Club" And Eventually The Longhorn Foundation. 

With the help of Frank Erwin Abe Lemons formed a booster club that allowed the sale of alcoholic beverages on state property in a Burnt Orange room reserved only for membership in the Burnt Orange Club. Members could eat food and drink alcohol during the game and mingle with the players after the game. The club was revolutionary marketing concept for UT and a huge success, but eventually is one of the many reasons Abe Lemmons is fired.

1977 26-5 RECORD  COACH LEMONS  NIT championship

Abe Lemmons T.V. show becomes a hit with the Horn fans. 

Abe Lemmons signs Tyron Branyon who Abe says is too slow and can’t jump but “he knows how to win”. In the Texas miracle win over Houston in 1977 Tyron hits 6 of 8 free throws and finishes the game with 16 points and 10 rebounds.


Texas ends its first year in the Frank Erwin Center  by becoming the first SWC team to win the NIT. Brayan and Krivac scored a total of 49 points in the semi-finals in the NIT championship. Johnny Moore, Ron Baxter, and Krivac scored 81 point in the finals against NC State. 

Budget cutbacks prevailed this year even though 37 million dollars were allocated to swimming , baseball, and basketball facilities. There were budget reductions, coaching layoffs, and very little money to support the women's athletic department.

Longhorns reach's #15 In The AP Polls. This Is The first time for the Longhorns in the top 20 Since 1949.

It is the Longhorns first 20 game winning season since 1963

Most points scored in Texas history (148) against Northern Montana.  

 Texas Plays Army And Coach Lemons Says "If Anybody Could Spell His Name, The Army Guy Would Be Coach Of The Year."  Army Coach Krzyzewski is the future Head Coach for Duke. 

Texas beats Houston twice during the season but loses to them in the SWC tournament. Lemons says “We play 16 games to see who wins it, then turn around and play a tournament to see who loses it.

12 Games At Gregory In 1977 Net $55,000.  8 Games In The New Arena In 1977 Net $275,000.

Abe Lemmons is still the only Longhorns men's basketball coach to win the National Coach of the Year honor. 

Lemmons .jpg

Clown night in Houston for Rice students. Rice coach Mike Schuler made 99 substitution in a loss to Texas in Austin. The Longhorn fans loved this game and began to yell “after each break in the action for the Rice coach to send in more substitutes, then cheered wildly when he did. After the game Lemons said “All they needed were clowns to make it a circus.” In 1978 Texas played Rice in Houston and the Rice students themed the game as “Circus Night” the “Clown Night Rematch”.


The NIT President tells Lemons that if the Longhorns beat Temple , the Horns will play their next opponent in the Drum in Austin. Someone with lesser status with the NIT promises Nebraska that their home court would be used if they beat their first Opponent. Lemons refuses to flip a coin for the home court with Nebraska the Cornhusker fans are livid.  One member of the Nebraska Board of Directors says “his school should break athletic ties with Texas”. Abe responds “I didn’t know we had any.”


Abe trying to put his 1978 basketball schedule together after winning the NIT in 1977 says to potential opponents “If you think we’re easy, get on our schedule “. “Come on down and pick-up up an easy win”. “ 6 of the teams that agreed to play Texas in 1978 cancelled their commitment after the 1977 Longhorns shocked the world.

About Ovie Dotson Lemons says “Ovie may be our most valuable player”. “His spirit, his character, is much of our driving force. If I had a son, I’d like him to be just like Ovie”.

 Texas ends Arkansas' 35 game winning streak in Fayetteville.

Texas average attendance of 15,886 Is a record that has not been surpassed as Of 2015. The fans love him and his coaching style.

There Is A Verbal Battle Between Coach Sutton Of Arkansas And Coach Lemons. Lemmons Tells The Media If Sutton Ever Dares Address His Players Again He Will "Liquidate His Ass".  (John Moore Is The Player.)


Abe Lemons promotes Johnny Moore for All American.  




 Team starts at 7-1 and four weeks later they are 10-7.  Lemons says this year's team is no good and even though they were invited to the NIT , he was right. Horns finished 3rd in conference.

Still the Horns almost beat top-ranked De Paul and the Hogs and only one game away from another 20 game win season. 

Invited to the NCAA regionals the Horns lose to OU for the second time.   Abe says we did not have a big guy so it hurt our season.   Lemons praises Phillip Stroud handling of the center position.   Abe said about basketball in the state of Texas "You are looking at a state that keeps all of the gyms closed in the summer. When there's no place to shoot a goal. It gives you some kind of idea about the attitude towards basketball.  If Texas ever gets  interested in it, we'll be one of the most fruitful states in the nation."



Johnny Moore 1979 All SWC starts 113 games




Ron Baxter ends his career as SWC player of the year and as the all-time school leader in scoring and rebounding. 






John Krivac- sets the all time scoring for the Longhorns,  is CO- MVP in NIT tournament, and a academic All American


 Team was invited to the NIT and lost in the second round.  This was Coach Lemmons last trip to the NIT or NCAA.  




In tournament play against Texas Tech Coach Abe tells his players "play or leave"




LaSalle thompson - All American Center




Frank Erwin Passes Away And The City Mourns The Regent Who By Force Of Will Leads The Drive To Expand The Prominence of UT Sports.

Starter Henry Johnson for academic reasons leaves the team.

Abe Lemons refusal to discipline players, lack of curfew, no dorm visits to monitor athletes , habitual sarcasm and acid tongue remarks were tolerated when he was winning, but when losing started the UT Administration was offended by his coaching style.  

This year marks the beginning of the end for the colorful Coach.

A subpoena for Coach Lemons and his two assistance to discuss gambling results into a media feue between Asst.Coach Moeller and Coach Lemons.  Moeller gets fired And Goes On The Offensive By Stating Lemons Criticism of the players publicly and privately Is hurting recruiting.       

Many of the players denied Moeller’s remarks. According To Bill Little's Book TEXAS LONGHORNS MEN'S BASKETBALL Hoop Tales  Many Texas Players Thought Coach Lemmons Was Funny. One Of Lemmon's Players (Krivacs) Said He Had  "People Dying Laughing On The Sideline, ....Everybody We Played Against Was Bigger, Faster, Stronger, And Quicker,. But That's Not What Winning Is All About. We Had A Smarter Coach."

Ovie Dotson  Said "Coach Took The Losses And We Got The Wins. He Treated Us Like Men." His Big Deal Was "Can You Win In Life?"



Jan 26th 1982 Wacker gets hurt against Baylor and the team loses for the first time that season. Mike shatters his knee and  Ken Montgomery replaces him. 






Team Starts 14-0 and for the first time in Longhorn basketball history the AP ranks Texas at #5.   It is the best start for a Longhorn basketball team since 1935.  But An Injury To Wacker turns the Season Into A Horror Story that finally results in first year Athletic Director Deloss Dodds firing Abe Lemons. 

 16,000 fans see Texas end Arkansas winning streak. 

On March 9th 1982 Coach Lemmons is fired and Lemons is totally shocked. He said " I could not have been more shocked if you had told me I had been named governor."

The players are stunned and the fans  are upset with the announcement.  Wacker says Lemons was a "masterful technician who knew how to get the best out of his players.  Thompson threatened to leave the program and go pro if assistant coach Barry Dowd did not get the head coaching job.  


 The UT administrators and powerful boosters felt that Abe Lemons demeanor did not reflect the future of the UT basketball program. Lemons indiscriminate offensive cutting remarks, his inability to discipline the players,   and a graduation rate that totaled "ONE" UT graduate during his tenure were some of the reasons he was fired.

Coach Lemons did not leave quietly.  He commented that he wanted a glass-bottom car so he could he could see Dodd's face as he ran him over, and adding, "I hope they notice the mistletoe tied to my coattails as I leave town which was a not to subtle way of saying to the UT administration they could kiss his a....    

Years later when Texas invited Abe back to celebrate the NIT Champions Coach Lemons Is A No Show.  He Says "Just Tell Them To Put My Picture On A Poster And Parade It Around The Gym."

Coach Lemons made some mistakes that were costly to his career, but no one can dispute that  he  turned UT basketball around and showed the Longhorn administration the formula necessary  to reaching  the next level in college basketball. A Level Missed The Previous 30 Years.  Tough times for Longhorn basketball follow as the University tries to tries to transition from “Abe” ball to Longhorn ball.



Unlike Texas Basketball, Football, Track And Baseball There Are Very Few Books That Discuss Longhorn Softball.  I Hope With Time This Site Can Add Some Historical Insight And Tell The Full And Compelling Story Of The Longhorn  Softball Tradition. 

A condensed bullet point history of Texas Longhorn softball l follows. Please go to the "credit" section of this website to view books you can purchase from many fine book stores about Texas Longhorn Sports or please visit the official University of Texas Longhorn site for more detailed information  


history of Longhorn Women's softball

  • 5 College World Series appearances 1998 2003 2005 2006 2013

  • Record as of 2017 807-349-3

  • 84 games played in the NCAA tournament-1999, 2002,2003,2005

  • 4 Big 12 Conference Championship

  • 4 Big 12 Conference tournament championships 1999, 2002, 2003, 2005

  • 3 National Players of the Year

  • 25 All Americans

  • 2 Olympiad members (Cat Osterman and Christa Williams).

  • Big 12 Coach of the year three times.

  • 2003 won the Division Coaching staff of the year award




Christa Williams- 1998-1999

  • All American

  • 1996 and 2000 attended Olympics

  • HOH 2007

  • 1998 Big 12 Newcommer of the Year


Cat Osterman- links are in red font below 

Cat Osterman holds the Texas Career record for ERA (.51), wins (136), innings pitched ( 1,105), appearances (180), games started (148) , complete games (121), shutouts (85), solo no-hitters (20), Perfect games (7), strike-outs ( 2,265). 

  • Cat was National Collegiate Player of the year in 2003, 2005, 2006

  • Honda player of the year in 2005 and 2006

  • ESPY best female college athlete in 2005 and 2006

  • Sports Woman of the Year in 2005 and 2006


Below Coach  Clark  Past and Present


The link below will access all the assistant coaches profiles on

Prior to 1997 softball was a "club" sports for the Longhorns

1997-   30-24  Coach Connie Clark

Reeves is All - Region and Cockrell and Laura Hundley make Al-Region Academic team

First victory in Longhorn Women's Softball history is against St. Edwards 

 1998-  49-16 ranked 7th Coach Connie Clark

The Longhorns were the youngest Program ever to qualify for CWS. It was one of the biggest Turnarounds in the history of women's college softball. In 1996 the Longhorn softball team was a non-athletic-department club sport and went 1-25. In 1997 they were 30-24,  and in 1998 they were 49-16 and in the CWS.

Keely Franks and Jane Teixeira are tied for the Texas season record for games played (65). 

Keely Franks is a CoSIDA Academic All-American 

Longhorns lose to Michigan and Nebraska in the CWS.

1999-ranked 18th Coach Connie Clark

Wins Big 12 Tournament

Team has 100th career win

Eastes   (photos pending) earns All - American status

2000- 30-27-1 Coach Connie Clark

Lindsay Gardner first team All-Region (photos pending)

  • Nikki Cockrell is recognized as an All American

  • inducted into the Hall of Honor in 2006.

  • NCAA Texas Woman of the Year

  • CoSIDA Academic All-American 1998 and 1999

Jodi Reeves is an All American who holds the Texas Career record for doubles (48)

Lindsay Gardner  is an All American who holds  The Texas Season Record For hits (85) and at bats (208). She is also selected to the All Decade team for the Big 12 Conference.

Audrey Hendricks holds the Texas seasonal  record for sacrifice hits (18)

Kathleen Richter and Keely Franks are CoSIDA Academic All-American (photos pending) 

NCAA Regionals








2001-24-29 Coach Connie Clark

Team beset with injuries

Autumn Eastes receives All American Honors 

2002-50-13 Ranked #16 Coach Connie Clark


Amy Bradford holds the Texas seasonal  record for saves (5) and fewest runs allowed (10).

Team sets record for wins in a season and its 200th career win

Coach Clark is Bit 12 Coach of the Year

Wins first Big 12 title

This team holds the Texas record for Most at bats ( 1659), most saves (8), fewest road losses (1)

NCAA Regionals 

2003- 49-9 Ranked #4 Coach Connie Clark- made college world series

CWS appearance 2-2. Team Loses to UCLA twice. 3rd place finish.

Team receives its first victory ever in WCWS play

Big 12 tournament and regular season champ. 

Team has a 20 game win streak

Pitching staff has the best ERA in the nation

2004- 24-25 Coach Connie Clark

300th victory in the history of the program

Finishes 3rd at WCWS

2005- 49-13 ranked 5th Coach Connie Clark- made college world series

This team holds the Texas record for pitching with an ERA of (.60), most strike-outs,(330), and most shut-outs (35)

Lizi Sowers record will never be broken. It can only be tied. She holds the Texas Career record for fielding percentage at   (1.000).

Megan Willis holds the Texas Career record for put-outs (2,028)record World Series appearance and the seasonal put-out record of (762)

Megan Willis is team MVP in 2006


 CWS appearance 2-2  Lost to Michigan and UCLA

Melanie Jarrett is Academic MVP


2006- 55-9 ranked 5th Coach Connie Clark- made college world series

February 25th , 2006 Cat Osterman became the All time NCAA strike-out leader.

Team sets the season record with 55 victories.  5th at the WCWS. Big 12 season champs

400th victory in the history of the program





Record for largest attendance for a game (1,570),most wins and fewest losses, Most strike-outs by Texas pitchers   ( 840), fewest triples by Texas Pitchers (0), longest winning streak (24), most shut - outs (35), fewest hits allowed (163), most home wins (32)

CWS appearance  1-2 Lose to Arizona and UCLA 









2007- 35-20 Ranked 24th Coach Connie Clark




Erin Tresselt Is The Only Longhorn To Win The NFCA All-America Scholar-Athlete Award. 




Megan Denny holds the Texas seasonal  record for games started as pitcher (41). 





2008- 29-23-2 Coach Connie Clark


Qualified for NCAA Houston Regionals

500th victory in the history of the program

2009- 40-20 Coach Connie Clark

This team holds the Texas record for Highest slugging percentage (.545)

Desiree Williams holds the Texas Career record for games played (247), games started (247) 

Qualified for NCAA Tusaloosa Regionals

2010- 43-15 ranked 18th Coach Connie Clark

This team Holds Texas season record for home runs (88) and  slugging percentage (.545)

4th consecutive regular season Big 12 Champ

2010 and 2011 players



2011- 46-10 Ranked 20th Coach Connie Clark

Longhorns reach the NCAA regionals for the 7th consecutive year. Taylor Hoagland is a 2013 All American who holds the record for the longest game hitting streak (26) , the second longest game hitting streak (21), and most consecutive games reaching base (57). She holds the Texas Career record for runs scored ( 221), home runs (58), slugging percentage (.708), and walks (178),  on-base percentage (.501), and runs scored (223). She’s also third all-time in RBIs with (149)

Amy Hooks is Big 12 Player of the year


 Taylor Thom is an All American who holds the record for most Grand Slams (6)  and most runs batted in.


2012- 47-13 RANKED 9TH Coach Connie Clark

NCAA Austin Super Regionals- loses to Oregon twice

600th victory in the history of the program

Team  sets season attendance record (28,536), Runs scored (372), most hits (525), most doubles (86), runs batted - in (339),total bases (844)

  • Lexy Bennett holds the Texas career record batting average (.385)

  • receives All American honors and is a CoSIDA Academic All-American 





2013-  51-10 record ranked 3rd Coach Connie Clark

This team holds the Texas record for stolen bases (126)

This is the highest rated team in Longhorn Sports history. Returned to the WCWS for the first time since 2006. 


CWS appearance - Horns lose to Oklahoma and Tennessee


Blair Luna is an All American who holds the Texas Career record for saves (7), 





Kim Bruins record will never be broken.  It can only be tied. She  holds the Texas seasonal  record for winning percentage at 1.000.






2014- 35-23 Coach Connie Clark

700th Victory in the history of the program

This team holds the Texas record for Highest batting average (.333) and most triples (21)

Brejae Washington owns the Texas Career record for at bats (697), hits (254), triples (20), stolen bases (130) 

Lindsay Stephens is an All American who holds the Texas Season record runs batted in (66), total bases (134),  and doubles (20). Career slugging percentage (.731),   

Texas is eliminated in  NCAA Lafayette Regionals 

2015- 38-17

This team holds the Texas record for most road wins (13)

Texas qualifies for the NCAA Los Angeles Regionals