Beverly Kearney 1993- 2013  - Texas track reaches new heights under Kearney

Track is a fascinating sport that teaches participants the key elements necessary to overcome adversity.  The Greeks knew this and founded the Olympic movement around Track and Field.

Track is an uncomplicated sport that requires a strong mental toughness. It is uncomplicated because track athletes don’t need to learn complicated plays, study films to determine team tendencies, or change offensive and defensive techniques every week to exploit the weakness of the competitor. A Track participants goal is to convert innate talents, strong discipline, and hard work into maximum performance.

Track Is Mentally tough because it forces the participants to confront personal character flaws, demons, personal weaknesses, and insecurities. Jesse Owens Says about mental toughness "The Battles That Count Aren't the Ones For Gold Medals. The Struggles Within Yourself - The Invisible, Inevitable Battles Inside All Of Us - That's Where It Is At." Patti Sue Plumer agrees saying “ Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about." 

The quote "Sports do not build character- It reveals it" defines track and field participants.  Track competition is the only college sport that athletes reveal their character to the fans as the event unfolds. The fans are able to witness the athletes inner struggle as he or she push their bodies to the limits. 





Topping the Charts in 1993






From 1993- 2013 Coach Kearney 


National Championship by Coach in numerical order including Pre NCAA championships:

14- Coach Reese men's swimming

6- Coach Quick Women's swimming -1982, 1984,1985,1986, 1987, 1988,

6- Coach Kearney (outdoor and indoor track in the same year or counted separately) 1998,1999,2005,2006

5- Coach Crawford (outdoor and indoor track in the same year or counted separately) 1982, 1986,1988,1990

3- DKR 1963, 1969, and 1970

2- Coach Falk baseball 1949 and 1950

2- Coach Gustafson baseball 1975 and 1983

2- Coach Garrido 2002 and 2005

2- Coach Hannon men's golf 1971 and 1972

2- Coach Schubert women's swimming 1990 and 1991

2- Coach Jeff Moore women's tennis 1993 and 1995

2- Mick Haley womens volleyball 1981, 1988

1- Coach Mack Brown football 2005

1- Coach Conradt women's basketball 1986

1- Coach Bergen women's swimming 1981

1- Coach Crawford cross country track

1- Coach Elliot women's volley ball 2012

1- Coach John Field Golf 2012


Coach Kearney's first year staff included Greg Sholars, Michelle Freeman (volunteer coach), Michelle Williams (student Asst.), Cynthea Rhodes, LaGwyn Durden (athletic trainer),and Ilrey Oliver (academics).  It was the first all black staff ever at UT. No one thought about the possibility of failure. Everyone focused on being the best team at Texas with the highest Grade Point Average and graduation rate.  The staff was driven to help each and every athlete become the best in track and in life after graduation. The staff and Coach Kearney believed that what really mattered was not failing the  team and/or each other. Her staff was determined to build a successful winning tradition and add to the legacy of the women's track program at the University of Texas.

Coach Kearney teams were peppered with amazing athletes who went on to achieve great individual feats that eventually led to the Longhorns toppling the LSU track dynasty.  It was more about team points than about individual accolades.  Coach Kearney's track teams won 6 national championships because Greatness is created when like minds come together with  a common cause.


  • 6 NCAA National Champions Indoor Championships in 1998, 1999, and 2006, and Outdoor Championships in 1998, 1999, and 2005.

  • 14 top three finishes

  • 3 times outdoor Coach of the year.

  • 2 times Indoor Coach of the Year

  • 15 times conference Coach of the Year.

  • 2012 "Employee of the Year" award by the Austin Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities

  • 2012 honored by the United States Sports Academy with a 2012 Distinguished Service Award. The award is given annually by the Academy to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to national or international sports through instruction, research or service.

  • 2012 Pioneer award- Kearney is recognized as the first African-American coach, female or male, to win a Division I Track and Field National Title. She has achieved the feat six times as head coach at Texas and seven times overall in her coaching career.

  • Coach Kearney was featured on CNN Headline News series honoring "Breakthrough Women" series.

  • 2009 she was named the Black Coaches & Administrators (BCA) Female Coach of the Year, and the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) named the Division I Women's Indoor Coach of the Year accolade in her honor.

  • 2007 inducted into the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association Hall of Fame.














Beverly was Seriously injured  in a  Car accident  that  required years of rehab. 

In an article on Sheretta Jones  discusses Coach  Beverly Kearney's rehab from a car accident .  

 The article states

"being under Coach Kearney's tutelage has been another plus for Jones. Sheretta has watched Kearney diligently work her way back to independence after Kearney was involved in a December tragic car accident during Jones' freshman year. That crash took the lives of two of the five passengers in the car, and Kearney faced months and years of rehabilitation from a spinal injury and paralysis."

For Jones, Kearney was one of her largest sources of motivation.

"Coach Kearney is inspiration. She was one of the main reasons I came to Texas, because I enjoyed her coaching style and I liked the program she had developed here at UT," Jones remarked.

"Since her accident, we've all been behind her in her recovery, but for her to be as emotionally and physically stable as she is, coming back after what she's been through, it just makes us want to aspire to different, or higher, heights. When someone has gone through something like that, you can't complain about what you're going through because someone else is feeling worse than you are, every day."


1993- Coach Beverly Kearney Pending more information

Horns win the SWC Indoor championship and finish 7th in the NCAA indoor meet with only 11 athletes. At both the indoor and  outdoor SWC Championships the Longhorns rolled up in two vans while other teams had buses but the young lady longhorns on that team were determined not to break the conference winning streak in spite of their small numbers and they did  by winning both the indoor and outdoor conference championships Coach Kerney's first year.  

Beverly says she experienced tremendous successes and challenges throughout her tenure but nothing can ever match the pure joy of coaching in her  first seasons.  The young ladies who were at Texas when she  first arrived helped to set the framework for teams that would follow.  


Telisa Young (no picture)  and Eileen Vanisi who walked into the Indoor National Champion In 1993 with shades (sunglasses) on were determined to keep Texas in the top 10 even though they were the only two finalist, and they did by both winning national titles.  

Telissa Young Is A National Champion In The Triple Jump In 1993 And 1994, And She Is A 4 Time All American.


1994  Coach Beverly Kearney pending

During Coaches second year her staff was instrumental in re-building the Texas Brand to the standards established by the legendary Coach Terry Crawford.  Without Michelle Freeman and LaGwyn Johnson-Durden setting the ground work we would never have set track records and won 4 National championships in the late 90's. No one succeeds alone and had it not been for each and every staff member and athletes we would have never been able to elevate Texas back to the top both on the podiums on the field of play and in the classrooms.

In 1994 Eileen Vanisi leads the lady longhorn track team. She set the collegiate shot putt record. The Horns won their 10th consecutive SWC Indoor title and a 3rd place National finish. The lady horns won the SWC outdoor season. Merlene Fraze won the 100 and 200. Frazer, Howard, Dana Riley and Zenita Davis won the 4 x 400. Hyman won the 800 with and Nicole Devonish won the Long Jump.


Merlene Frazer Is Recognized As A National Champion In The 200 M- 1994 And 1995- And The 4 X 400 In 1995.  All American 10 Times. , . (Looking For A Better Picture)






1995 Coach Beverly Kearney


Topping the charts 1995





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Toya Brown Is A National Champion As A Member Of The 4 X 400 Relay In 1995 Thru 1998. She Is A 14 Time All American.

Zenita Davis Is A National Champion As A Member Of The 4 X 400 Relay. She Is A 5 Time All American.

Donna Howard  Is A National Champion As A Member Of 4 X 400 Relay In 1995 Thru 1997. 



1996 Coach Beverly Kearney

Penn Relays


1997 Coach Beverly Kearney

Dana Riley  is recognized as National champion as part of the 4 x 400 relay and 800 M. run, and she is a 5 time All American. 






1998 Coach Beverly Kearney- National Champion Indoor And Outdoor

1998 National Champions

1998 National Champions

Texas beats UCLA in the 4 x 400 in the final event of the meet to win the National Championship.  Angel Patterson, Toya Brown, Aminah Haddad and Suziann Reid win  this event in 3:28.65. It was only the second time in Longhorn history that the track team won both the indoor and outdoors national championships. 

Kim McGruder, Nanceen Perry, Angie Vaughn and LaKeisha Backus win the 4 x 100 relay. 

Erin Aldrich wins the high jump title with a 6'4" jump. 


Angie Vaughn is the National Champion in the 55 hurdles, 110 hurdles, and a member of the 4 x 100. She is a 7 time All American and she is a member of the HOH. 

Lakeisha Backus is National Champion in the 200 M, 4 x 400 relay in 1998 and the 4 x 400 relay in 1999. She is also 


1999 Coach Beverly Kearney - National Champions Indoor And Outdoor

Aminah Haddad Is Recognized As A National Champion As Part Of The 4 X 400 In 1998 And 1999 And She Has Been Recognized As An All American 4 Times.

Kim McGruer Is Recognized As A National Champion As Part Of The 4 X 100 In 1998 And 1999, And She Is A 5 Time All American.  

Lakeesha White Is Recognized As A National Champion As A Member Of The 4 X 100 In 1999 And She Is A 3 Time All American.  



  • In 1996,1998,And 1999 Suziann Reid  Is National Champion In The 400. In 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 She Is A Member  Of The National Champion 4 X 400

  • In 1998 And 1999 Suziann Reid Is Named The Honda-Broderick Award Winner As The National Track And Field Athlete Of The Year And Indoor Athlete Of The Year By The USTCA (Now USTFCCCA),

  • Suziann Is A 17 Time All American and a HOH inductee. 











2000 Coach Beverly Kearney

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Tanya Jarrett  Is Recognized As National Champion Of The 4 X 400 Relay In 1999 And 2000.

Nakiya Johnson  Is Recognized As National Champion Of The 4 X 400 Relay In 2000,And She Is Recognized 2 Times As An All American.

Angel Patterson  Is Recognized As National Champion Of The 4 X 400 Relay In 1998-2000, And She Is A 11 Time All American.  

2001 Coach Beverly Kearney


2002 Coach Beverly Kearney


2003-Coach Beverly Kearney



Sanya Richards-Ross Was Named NCAA Outdoor Female Athlete Of The Year. 












Keasha Downer Is Recognized As National Champion As Part Of The 4 X 400. She Is Recognized 5 Times As An All American.

Raasin McIntosh Is Recognized As A National Champion As Part Of The 4 X 400 In 2003 And 2004.


2004 Coach Beverly Kearney 


Alyssa Aikman Is A National Champion As Part Of 4 X 400 And Is Recognized 6 Times As An All American. 

Nichole Denby Is National Champion In The 110 Hurdles. She Is Recognized 6 Times As An All American.

2005- Coach Beverly Kearney National Champions Outdoor

Jerrika Chapple Is A National Champion As A Member Of  The 4 X 400 And 4 X 100, And She Is A 5 Time All American.

Sheretta Jones  Is Recognized As A National Champion As A Member  Of The 4 X 400 Relay In 2004 And 2005, She Is A 3 Time All American And Is The Teams Co-Academic MVP. 




Melanie Walker Is A National Champion As A Member Of The 4 X 400 In 2005 And The 4 X 100 In 2005 And 2006 And She Is A 7 Time All American. She Is A ???? Inductee In To The HOH


LaTasha Kerris Is Recognized As National Champion As A Member Of The 4 X 400 Relay In 2005 And The 4 X 100 In 2005 And 2006.  (no picture)











2006  Coach Beverly Kearney Indoor National Champion



Alex Anderson Is A National Champion As A Member Of The 4 X 100 Relay And She Is A 20 Time All American.


Jasmine Lee Is A National Champion As A Member Of The 4 X 100, And She Is A 3 Time All American. 


Tameka Kincy is team academic MVP

















2007 Coach Beverly Kearney pending

2008 Coach Beverly Kearney pending

2009 Coach Beverly Kearney pending



Destinee Hooker Is National Champion In The High Jump In 2006, And 2007, And She Is Recognized 6 Times As An All American.

Chantal Malone Is A National Champion As Part Of The 4 X 400 In 2009 And She Is A 6 Time All American. 

Judy Mwosue Is A National Champion As Part Of The 4 X 400 In 2009 And She Is A 2 Time All American. (No Picture)



2010 Coach Beverly Kearney













2011 Coach Beverly Kearney- Runner Up To National Champions

Alex Anderson wins the indoor championship in the 60M.

2012 Coach Beverly Kearney pending



June 2013 thru 2018 Coach Mario Sategna (Suh-TANE-Yuh)




  • 2003-2013 Is The Associate Head Coach

  • As A UT Assistant, Sategna  Is Instrumental In Helping Athletes Win 11 NCAA Titles. 21 Of The Athletes He Coaches Are Recognized As All Americians.

2014- Coach Sategna Runner-Up To National Champions


2015 -  4th At NCAA 





Tonya Buford-Bailey is the co-interim Longhorn head coach who is recognized as the 2016 Nike Coach of the Year.






Buford coached 4 Longhorns that attending the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Three earned medals