Jane Dillard - Queen of Texas Swimming

Jane learned to swim in the Trinity River at age three.

Tex Robertson appreciated great swimmers no matter what the gender. Tex Robertson was a success in life because he challenged established rules. In 1938 Jane Dillard was one of those individuals that Tex chose to break an archaic rule that only allowed men in the swimming pool. Since there was no collegiate women’s swimming program in the 30’s , Tex was forced to sneak Jane Dillard into Gregory Gym at odd hours to give her instructions on swimming technique. After these secret swimming instructions, Jane Dillard set and American record and a world record in the 100 breaststroke and made the 1940 USA Olympic team that was cancelled due to friction between America and Japan.

After the Olympics were cancelled, she turned professional and performed in aquatic shows.

T-ring reflections for Women’s swimming honor are pending Andrea Hayes, Debbie Risen Hurwitz, Kelly Pace Wilson and Tori (Trees) Smith

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