Mr. Dale , 

I know you're busy but, I'm not sure where else to  turn.  I have been able to stay out of the hospital, keeping my health going in the right direction but, I've come across tough times and was wondering if there is anyway you can help or know somebody that can? The troubled area is traditional bills but Medical co-pays for supplies have taken a toll on my very limited income. I've been trying to do it on my own but I'm embarrassed to say that I'm in need of help.  I've been holding my position by choosing between food and supplies for several months yet my situation has become overwhelming in to many areas that I understand I  will not be able to contain much longer. I currently have a sitting time of about  5 to 6 hours a day which adds pressure to what I can get done but I'm willing to do whatever I can.    Any assistance you can provide is greatly needed and appreciated. I just need a hand up so that I can get back to inspiring others. Thank you in advance and have a very blessed day.

Tyres Dickson