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Track is a fascinating sport that requires a strong mental toughness and the ability to overcome adversity.  The Greeks knew this and chose Track and Field as the key sport for the Olympic movement. 

Track is not a complicated sport. Track athletes don’t need to learn complicated plays, study films to determine team tendencies, or change offensive and defensive techniques every week to exploit the weakness of the competitor. Track participants main goal is to convert innate talents, strong discipline, and hard work into maximum performance.

Track  forces the participants to confront personal character flaws, demons, personal weaknesses, and insecurities. Jesse Owens Says about mental toughness "The Battles That Count Aren't the Ones For Gold Medals. The Struggles Within Yourself - The Invisible, Inevitable Battles Inside All Of Us - That's Where It Is At." Patti Sue Plumer agrees saying “ Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about." 

The quote "Sports do not build character- It reveals it" defines track and field participants. Track and field are the only sports that athletes reveal their character as their event unfolds.



1971-1985  Coach Cleburne Price  

  • Coach Price was inducted into the HOH 1991

  • Led UT to eight SWC outdoor titles and two SWC indoor titles

  • Served six years on the NCAA Track and Field Games Committee

  • Coached five NCAA event champions

  • While he was head coach the  athletes earned 10 indoor and 65 outdoor All-American honors

  • Coached 46 SWC individual outdoor champions and 21 SWC indoor champions

  • Led UT to two SWC cross country team titles

1971- Pending Cleburne Price Author is Seeking content and photos

Jack Colovin breaks school record in 2 mile .  Morton anchored a sprint medley that set a new school record. Injuries hurt this team as Baggett suffered thru sore legs and the team had to scratch at the Drake Relays.   Texas finished Third at the SWC meet.   

Byrd Baggett comments about Coach Patterson 

I was fortunate to earn a full scholarship to participate in track and field at the University of Texas in Austin. During my career, I was a four-year letterman, was on two Southwest Conference Championship teams, was elected captain my junior and senior years, and was an All American. Even though I am proud of these accomplishments, what I am most grateful for is the leadership lesson that I learned from my head coach, Jack Patterson.


Coach Patterson recruited me and was the head coach during my freshman year at UT. Even though it was many years ago – 1968 to be exact – I can distinctly remember the day Coach Pat visited my home in Pasadena, Texas to offer me a scholarship. My parents were not home at the time but my grandmother, who was living with us, was present during Coach’s visit. After he left, my grandmother, a tough and wise lady from East Texas, turned to me and stated, “Bubba, that’s a good man and you better sign that scholarship offer!”


Coach Price and Coach Patterson

If you talk to any athlete who was fortunate to have been on one of his teams at Merkel High School, San Angelo High School, the University of Houston, Baylor, and Texas, I’m confident that the majority, if not all, would say that he was a man of integrity who never compromised his core principles. He was a true man of God and, without proselytizing, lived his life accordingly. When Coach was recruiting athletes, integrity of character always came before talent.


After my freshman year, Coach Patterson went back to Baylor where he served as the Director of Athletics from 1971 until his retirement in 1980. In his first year, he hired Grant Teaff, another man of impeccable integrity, as head football coach and, three years later, Baylor won its first SWC football title in 50 years. For his many accomplishments as a coach and administrator, Coach Pat was elected to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, the Drake Relays Hall of Fame, as well as the Baylor University and Rice University Athletics Halls of Fame. In my opinion, his greatest accomplishment was that he never placed winning above integrity and would be so saddened at what a wholesale lack of integrity has done to the reputation of his beloved Baylor University.

I’m confident that none of this would have happened if Coach Pat was at the helm, as he would NEVER allow his staff, coaches and athletes to place winning above integrity – his conscience would not have allowed such. The following words, from one the world’s most admired leaders, speak to Jack Patterson’s legacy: “When you lose your wealth, you lose nothing. When you lose your health, you lose something. When you lose your character, you lose everything.” – Billy Graham


1972-3 Scores at Nationals- cleburne Price- SWC Champions

At the SWC meet - Bill  Smalley wins the pole vault and during the year sets a new school record; Olympic qualifier William Oats wins the high jump; Ricky Yarbrough is victorious  in the mile, and Gordon Hodges wins the high hurdles" .

Randy Lighfoot 6th In The 110 Hurdles

1972 Randy Lightfoot,     Jim Heredon,  CP Jr.   Robert Primeaux, Gordon Hodges. JPeg..jpg

1972- Randy Lightfoot, Jim Heredon, Coach Price, Robert Premeaux, Gordon Hodges

Leifeste, Primeaux, Brooks, Wright 7th In The 1600 Relay

Greg Hackney 8th In The Decathlon

Bill Oats wins the SWC High jump. It is Texas first victory in this event since 1955.  

July 2017- Billy Dale rented a house on Mustang Island for his family.  In the guest book, was the history of the owner of the house written by his niece. " Below is part of her comments and I have shared a couple of pictures of his life as a Longhorn track star. 

1973-5 Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price -Author is Seeking content and photos

Texas won the SWC with quality and quantity racking up 164 points to A & M's 77.5 points.  Ricky Yarbrough says a conference record in the 3 mile run. 



Texas mile relay teams is one of the best in the country.  The runners won a Texas, Kansas, and Drake.  Billy Jackson, Don Sturgal, Ed Wright and John Lee were part of the mile relay team.  William Oats won the high jump. Rudolph Griffith won the SWC in the 880


Primeaux National Champion

Robert Primeaux Is The 1973 Outdoor National Champion In The 440 Hurdles.

Wright, Jackson, Lee, Sturgal 2nd In The Mile Relay

Bishop Dolegiewica 6th In The Shot Put at nationals

Lee Jackson,Mckee, Stugal 7th In The 400 Relay at nationals 

Texas Placed 8th At The Nationals The Best Showing In Many Years.




Track and Field News said that this was the most "depth-laden relay team in the country."






1974-9 Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price-

Field events carried this team in 1974. With all but two field events setting new school records. 

Dana LeDuc, Bishop Dolegiewicz, McGoldrick, and Greg Hackney all set school field records. , 

Dana LeDuc 2nd In The Shot Put

Bishop Dolegiewicz 4th In The Shot Put

Goss, Wright,Brooks, Sturgal 5th In The Mile Relay

Rudloph Griffith 6th In The 880

Don Sturgal 7th In The 400 Meter

Greg Hackney 7th In The Decathlon

Jim McGoldrick 7th In The Discus

Nate Robinson 8th In The 110 Hurdles


Texas hosted the NCAA championship.


1975-Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price

This was an injury plagued year. At one point 15 athletes were hurt  Dana LeDuc set a school record in the shot put.  6 members were dropped from the team this year.



Jim McGoldrick Is The 1975 Outdoor National Champion In The Discus. He Is The 13th Longhorn In Texas History To Win An Individual National Championship.

McKee, Jackson, Spence, and Lee are 5th In The 440 Relay







Nash, Spence, Jackson, Lee Set A School Mark Of 39.78 in the 440 at The Texas Relays.




Goss,  Spence, Lee, Jackson 7th in the mile relay at nationals.



1976-1 Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price-

6th straight SWC championship  -  Jim McGoldrick is the team captain . David Shepherd sets a Kansas pole vault record.  17' and 5"


Dana LeDuc Is The 1976 Outdoor National Champion In The Shot Put.

There are more extensive comments about Dana on this site . Just use the search engine and search for “Dana”

On the relay circuit at Texas, Drake, and Kansas the Horns win 8 times .  No other school won more than 2.     John, Paul Craig, Reed Fischer and Bill Goldapp lead the way in the relays. 

4  new school records are set.

Track and Field News states that Texas is the 5th best team in a dual meet setting. 

All American football player Raymond Clayborn is a major reason this team is so good. 


1977-2 Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price-Author is Seeking content and photos

Electronic timing begins.

Johnny Lam Jones is 2nd In The 100 Meters, And Is 7th In The 200 Meters

Coach Price is  so upset that older foreign players are participating in Collegiate events he boycotts the Dallas Invitational the next year.


1978 Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price

Lam Jones pulls a hamstring in the Cotton Bowl and he never returns to his 1977 world record performance.  The team is last in a 7 team meet in Baton Rouge. 

1979-4 Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price

Lam Jones drops out of school for a semester.   Horns place first  in the  SWC because of Oskar Jackobsson who is winner of the javelin and discus, and Frank Lyons wins the the Javelin.

National finishes:

Seale, Omodiale,Paul, Faggett are 2nd in the 1600 relay at the national meet;

Owen Hamilton is 6th in the 800 meters;

Spooner, Faggett, Omodiale, Paul are 6th in the 400 relay; and

Charles Taliaferro is 8th in the 800 meters;

1980-7 Scores At Nationals- 


Herkie Walls has the 4th fastest time in the world  in the 60 yard dash.

National finishes:

Oskar Jakobsson 2nd in the shot put and 3rd in the discuss in nationals;

Desmond Morris 4th in the High jump;

Watson, Omodiale, Stepleton, Fagget 5th in the 1600 relay;

Denes Pajtas 7th in the Javelin; and

Robbie Robinson 7th in the shot put at nationals. 

1981-3 Scores At Nationals

Coach Price says "we are too long and lanky to run  the boards in an indoor meet. 

National finishes:

Kelly Brooks 6th In The Shot Put 

Desmond Morris 7th In The High Jump

Owen Hamilton 8th In The 800

1982-7 Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price-

Horns finish 3rd at the SWC meet but  send 14 to the National meet. 

National finishes:

Robrson, Smith, Sigurdsson, Stapleton are 3rd in the 1600 relay

Oskar Jakobsson is 4th in the shot put and 6th in the discuss

Einar Villhjalmsson is 5th in the javelin

Kelly Brooks is 7th in the shot put 

Karl Smith is 8th in the 110 hurdles


1983-5 Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price

Einar Villhjalmsson is 1st in the javelin

Oskar Jakobsson is 3rd in the Discus 4th in the Shot put.

Sigurdsson, Roberson, Smith, Watson are 5th in the 1600 relay

Karl Smith is 8th in the 400 hurdles


1984-5 Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price-

Team finished Nationals in 12th place .  The Javelin and the high jump were our strongest events 








National finishes:

Einar Vihjalmsson is the Outdoor National champion in the Javelin in 1983, '84.

Peter Borglund 6th in the Javelin


James Lott Track 1984 HOH 2017.jpg

James Lott 2nd in the high jump


1985- 4 Scores At Nationals- Cleburne Price-

National finishes:

Marty Davenport 2nd in the Discus

Dag Wennlund 3rd in the javelin

Coach Stan Huntsman 1985- 1995

  • 2000 Inductee Into HOH

  •  11 SWC Titles (Six Outdoors, Two In Cross Country And Three Indoors) 

  •  Teams Swept SWC Triple Crown (Indoor, Outdoor, Cross Country) In 1991-92 And 1993-94

  • NCAA Outdoor Track Runner-Up In 1987 And 1988

  • Coached Nine NCAA Individual National Event Champions

  • Coached 79 UT All-Americans (50 Outdoor, 19 Indoor, 10 Cross Country) 

  • 1988 U.S. Olympic Track Coach In Seoul, Korea


Coach Stan Huntsman accomplishments at Texas (1985-1995)

NCAA Outdoor Top 5 Finishes: 1986, 1987*, 1988*, 1989, 1991
NCAA Indoor Top 15 Finishes: 1986, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992
NCAA Cross Country Top 15's: 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991
*- denotes NCAA runner-up

SWC Championships (11)
Cross Country: 1991, 1993
Indoor: 1992, 1993, 1994
Outdoor: 1986, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995

NCAA Individual Champions
Indoor: 2
Outdoor: 9



1986-9 Scores At Nationals- Stan Huntsman

Finished 3rd in the SWC- Pablo Squella, James Lott,  and Eric Metcalf lead the team.   Finish 5th in the indoor championships. At the Texas relays Leach, Laing, Patterson, and Squella set a stadium record for the sprint medley relay . Sang wins the 3000 steeplechase and Wennlund defends his javelin title. 











James Lott Is The 1986 And 1987 National Indoor Champion In The High Jump , And 1986 National Outdoor Champion In The High Jump. 

Dag Wennlund Is The Outdoor National Champion In Javelin In 1986 And 1987.



1987-5  Scores At Nationals- Stan Huntsman And Runner-Up For National Championship. -Author is Seeking content and photos

Dag Wennlund 1st In The Javelin

Winthrop Graham 2nd In The 400 Hurdles

Eric Metcalf 3rd In The Long Jump

Jason Leach 7th In  The 100 Meters

Patterson, Kelly,Brown, Graham 7th In The 1600 Relay


1988-10 Scores Scores At Nationals- Coach Stan Huntsman. Runner-Up For National Championship. 

Texas Highest Finish At The NCAA Outdoor Meet (2nd) 


Eric Metcalf Is The 1986 And 1988 National Outdoor Champion In Long Jump And Inducted Into The HOH In 2002





Winthrop Graham 6th In The 400 Hurdles




Pablo Squell 3rd In The 800 at Nationals 




At Nationals:

Rusty Hunter 3rd In The Decathlon

Stefan Petersson 4th In The Javelin

Washington, Jones, Johnson, Leach 6th In The 400 Relay

Johnny Washington 7th In The Triple Jump

Hampton, Wheeler, Squella, Graham 7th In The 1600 Relay


1989- 6 Scores At Nationals- Stan Huntsman

 Texas finishes 4th in the SWC.  4 qualifying athletes help Texas finish 15 out of 50 at Nationals



Patrick Boden sets the world record in the Javelin. The Longhorn 4 x 400 wins the Texas Relays for the first time in 15 year. Keith Keller finishes second in the decathlete at the Texas Relays.

Warren Smith 4th In Pole Vault

Tyrone Scott 6th In Triple Jump

Lance Wilson 7th In Shot Put


1991-6 Scores At Nationals- Coach Stan Huntsman

 Patrick Boden and Quintus Hampton are co-captains. Team beat UCLA who had not lost a dual track meet in the last 50 competition. Scotty Miller, Noyes Livingston, Warren Smith , Lance Wilson qualify for the NCAA championship.




Patrick Boden in 1989, 1990, and 1991 is the National Outdoor Champion in the Javelin. He is also 

NCAA and UT record holder - 292-4 (89.10m) - 1990
- Three-time NCAA Champion (1989-91)
- Three-time All-American
- Undefeated in collegiate competition (12 meets over 3 years)


Tyron Scott 4th In Triple Jump at nationals

Scotty Miller 5th In Pole Vault at nationals

John Poole 6th In Javelin at nationals

Lance Wilson 6th In Shot Put at nationals

1992-2 Scores At Nationals- Stan Huntsman

Arkansas leaves the SWC for the SEC and for the first time in 11 straight years the Horns win the SWC indoor and outdoor championship. Eric Polonski, a distance runner, and Lance Wilson lead the team. The pole vaulters take 1-2-3 and 5 in this event. Keith Keller wins the decathalon , and Tyrone Scott wins the broad jump.


1993-2 Scores Scores At Nationals- Stan Huntsman

Men win the SWC indoor title. Eric Polonski and J.J. Miller also win their events in the SWC meet.

Steve Sisson is 5th nationally In 10,000. He places first in the SWC meet in the 5000.

Du'aine Ladejo 6th nationally In 400 and held 8 of the 10 fastest 400 meters in Texas Longhorn track history.

Du’aine and James Colbert are hurt for the indoor national meet which has negative consequences for the Longhorns. In the outdoor season Ladejo is back and the Horns are second in the Texas 1600 relay.

1994-3 Scores Scores At Nationals- Stan Huntsman SWC Champs and SWC Coach of the Year.

Last SWC Championship before moving to the Big 12. It is their 4th straight outdoor SWC championship. Aaron Fox is 2nd in the decathlon. Wayne Guidry wins the pole vault for the Longhorns. It is the first time in 18 year the Longhorns win the pole vault.

Richard Duncan is high scorer in the SWC event with a win in the high jump and a 3rd in the triple jump and broad jump.

Richard was the first SWC athlete to medal in three events.

Derek Spears 6th 400 Hurdles at nationals

Wayne Guidry 7th Pole Vault at nationals


1995-4 Scores At Nationals- Stan Huntsman


Derek Spears 3rd 400 Hurdles

Dwayne Riley 6th In 110 Hurdles

Derek Spears 7th 110 Hurdles



1996- 2012 Coach Bubba Thornton (This section is not completed)

Bubba Thornton is the men's track and field coach at the University of Texas at Austin and He is also the former head coach for the USA Track & Field team for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

In 17 seasons, his Texas teams  finish in the top 15 at the NCAA Outdoor Championships 13 times, including finishing in the top five four times. He coaches the UT team to 19 top 10 NCAA finishes and 12 Big 12 conference titles (six indoor, six outdoor).

On December 14, 2016 Former Men's Track & Field coach Bubba Thornton was inducted into the USTFCCCA Hall of Fame. 

1996-5 Scores At Nationals Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos





Richard Duncan Is The 1996 National Outdoor Champion In The Long Jump And 6th In The High Jump. 





Derek Spears 3rd In 110 Hurdles Nad 4th In 400 Hurdles

Leonard Cobb 5th In Triple Jump


1997- 7 Scores And are  National Champions runner Up Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos-Author is Seeking content and photos




Ivan Wagner Is The 1997 National Outdoor Champion In The High Jump.









Leonard Cobb Is 2nd In Triple Jump And 5th In Long Jump

Richard Duncan Is 3rd In Long Jump, 3rd In Triple Jump, 5th In High Jump.

Aaron Fox Is 4th In Decathlon


1998-2 SCORES AT NATIONALS-Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos

Jacob Davis Is  6th In Pole Vault

Ellie, Aaron,Wakefield, Williams Are 7th In 1600 Relay


1999-4 SCORES AT NATIONALS-Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos

Mike Meyers track stadium is opened




Jacob Davis Is The 1999 Pole Vault Indoor And Outdoor National Champion. 





Chris Hercules Is 3rd In Triple Jump

Nathanael Esprit Is 5th In 100 Meters


2000-2 SCORES AT NATIONALS-Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos





Mark Boswell Is Indoor And Outdoor National Champion In The High Jump In 1999 And 2000








2001-4 SCORES AT NATIONALS-Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos

Chris Hercules Is 2nd In Triple Jump

Jermaine Cooper 4th In 110 Hurdles

Dylan Armstrong Is 5th In Hammer. This Is The First Time In The History Of Texas Track And Field That The Longhorns Placed In The Hammer Throw. 

Johnson, Armstrong, Franklin, Esprit are 7th in the 400 relay







Brian Hunter Is The 2002 National Indoor And Outdoor Champion In The Pole Vault. 

Nathan Junius Is 2nd In Javelin

Jermaine Cooper Is 4th In 110 Hurdles.







AA Collins, AS Collins, Boles, Christian Are 4th In 1600 Relay

Brendan Christian Is 5th In 200 Meters










2004- Andra Manson Is Indoor And Outdoor National Champion In High Jump 





Cooper, Boles, Christian, Collins Are 7th In 400 Relay

Brendan Christian Is 8th In 100 Meters




2005-3 SCORES AT NATIONALS-Author is Seeking content and photos

Trey Hardee Is 1st In Decathlon

Leo Manzano Is 1st In 1500 Meters

Donovan Kilmartin Is 4th In Decathlon 

2006-8 SCORES AT NATIONALS-Author is Seeking content and photos

Andra Manson Is 2nd In High Jump 

Brian Robison Is 2nd In Shot Put

Leo Manzano Is 4th In 1500 Meter

Jamaal Charles Is 5th In 100 Meter And 7th In The 200

Donovan Kilmartin 5th In Decathlon

Griffin, Hill, Charles, Boles 5th In 400 Relay

Derek Randall 8th In Discus


2007-3 SCORES AT NATIONALS-Author is Seeking content and photos

Highest finish (3rd) in Texas History at the NCAA Indoor meet


Donovan Kilmartin is the only person  in NCAA history to win the Indoor National Championship in the heptathlon three times. (2004, 06, and '07)










2008-6 scores at Nationals -Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos

2009- 2 Scores at Nationals-Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos




Jacob Hernandez Is The 2008 Outdoor National Champion In The 800 Meter, And 2009 Indoor National Champion In The 800 Meter












Tevan Everett 2nd 800 Meters














Maston Wallace 1st In Pole Vault









Hernandez, Miller, Everett, Manzano

Manzano, Miller, Hernandez and Fortson set a world record.

Jake Morse 4th Steeplechase









2010-3 SCORES AT NATIONALS-Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos

Marquis Goodwin 1st In Long Jump

Hayden Baillio 6th In Shot Put

Keiron Steware 7th In 110 Hurdles




2011-5 SCORES AT NATIONALS-Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos

Hayden Baillio 4th Shot Put

Marquis Goodwin 4th Long Jump

Keiron Stewart 5th  110 Hurdles

Williams, Rhodes, Goodwin, Monroe 6th In 400


2012-6 SCORES AT NATIONALS-Coach Bubba Thornton-Author is Seeking content and photos

Marquise Goodwin 1st In Long Jump

Ryan Crouser 4th In Discus



Trevante Rhodes is an American actor and former Longhorn track and field sprinter. His performance in the Academy Award-winning film Moonlight was highly praised and he received several award nominations.

Jacob Thormaehlen 7th Shot Put

Isaac Murphy 7th In Decathlon

Keiron Steware 8th In 110 Hurdles

The  research on the history of Longhorn Sports ends in 2013.  Information will be added at a future date.



Ryan Crouser 1st In Shot Put And 8th In Discuss

Johannes Hock 1st In Decathlon

Craig Lutz 3rd In 10,000

Isaac Murphy 4th In Decathlon



Ryan Crouser 1st In Shot Put


Johannes Hock 2nd In Decathlon

Reese Watson 7th In Pole Vault

2015- 5th At NCAA National Championship Indoor Meet