The donate button below is only for tax exempt donations to TLSN. An organization that helps qualifying former Longhorn student athletes, former managers, trainers, and their immediate families.

To Leave Something Behind by Sean Rowe " I can get thru the wall if you give me a door So I can leave something behind."


"Leaving something behind"

The inspiration for the TLSN (Texas Legacy Support Network) mission started informally in 2004 when some Legacy Longhorn student athletes assisted  former letter winners who needed temporary financial support. The money donated was used to help one teammate rebuild his home destroyed by fire, another teammate recover from damages caused by a hurricane, and several teammates defray medical expenses not covered by insurance.

In 2015 three Longhorn lettermen from -Benny Pace, Jim Kay, and Billy Dale- joined forces to create a tax exempt charitable foundation to enable TLSN to raise funds from tax deductible contributions and to use those funds to provide  financial assistance to qualifying  former  student athletes , trainers, managers, coaches , and their immediate families. 

TLSN received notice of its tax exempt 501 (c) (3) status on September 12, 2017.

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