William Edward "Rooster" Andrews

Class of 1945
Inducted into HOH 1966

FOOTBALL (1941-45, Manager, Kicker, Halfback)
BASEBALL (1944, 1946, Manager)





Standing 4" 11" Rooster Andrews was the Longhorn football manager, kicker, water boy, and halfback during the mid 40's. Short in stature but tall in spirit, Rooster was inducted into the Longhorn Hall of Honor in 1966.













Even though Rooster was only 4 foot 11, his roommate Bobby Layne said " You forget about his smallness pretty quick" and "before long he becomes as big as you". His 4 years at Texas are bigger than life.  In 1941 Rooster Andrews went from water boy to drop kicker and a baseball player for the Texas Longhorns. Though he never played a down of high school football, he drop-kicked several extra points for the Longhorns, and completed a memorable pass to Bobby Layne on a fake kick in Texas' Cotton Bowl in a win over Missouri in 1946. 

As roommates there is no question that Rooster and Bobby Layne exposed each others mischievous nature. Rooster Made Road Games Fun For The Players. He Managed To Stow Golf Clubs On The Bus And Organize The Poker Games. Bobby Layne spent some time on crutches because he and Rooster rolled their car on a way to a ranch party. Another time Rooster Says "We Were Roughhousing Around, Chasing Each Other , And Bobby Stuck Is Foot Through A Window As He Fell." Bobby Had Stitches In The Foot And The Next Day Threw A No Hitter Against The Aggies. 




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Campbell, Hilliard, Borneman, Rooster Andrews


One of his favorite moments at Texas occurred when he was put in a baseball game against Texas A&M with the directive to use his diminutive stature to get a walk but instead made the game winning hit against Texas A&M.   .  

After his college years Rooster's list of accomplishments continued to grow,  but he is best known for designing the logo for the Longhorn football helmet.

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In 1961 Coach Royal asked Rooster Andrews to create a Longhorn sticker. One of Roosters images depicted a Longhorn head, and Royal knew immediately that was the logo he wanted for the Longhorn helmet. Royal understood that in branding "less is more" and with his marketing vision and Rooster's Longhorn "sticker" a marketing bonanza for UT started that as of 2017 ranks UT as the number 1 in brand royalties for licensed product.  

Rooster's image  would become the most iconic symbol of any University. Alcalde points out The "sticker"  was not complicated by a message that confused football fans with comic imagery.  The simple, clear, pure, distinct, definite, and uncomplicated image of the burnt orange Longhorn in relief on the white helmet was  immediately identifiable. Alcalde says that "Royal's genius was in placing the logo in what was to become , as television coverage of college football grew, the prime piece of real estate in college athletics: the side of the football helmet". 




To the left Rooster is Clerk of the Course singing the National Anthem with other important dignitaries.

Rooster Andrews was given the Doak Walker NFL Alumni Award in 1987 for contributions to football.

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Rooster Andrews

is on top

Rooster Andrews died on January 21, 2008 at 84, but his contributions to Longhorn traditions is a portal to the past.  He is part of the bridge built which reminds Longhorn fans that heritage shapes the present and empowers the future. His contributions to our great University will never be surpassed.

Billy Dale - Proud Member of the 1967 Longhorn football recruiting class.

Rooster Andrews contributions to Longhorn traditions represents  a portal to the past that reminds Longhorn fans that heritage shapes the present and empowers the future.