Still looking for names of all the Teapots and their images

I believe the origin of the Teapot tradition began in 1957 with David Kristynik.  Just guessing- but since the Longhorns were known as "teasips"  maybe the teapot tradition was a logical transition.   

The term tea-sip (also spelled teasip, t-sip, or t sip) was started by students of Texas A&M University (aka. Aggies) in the early 1900’s to belittle the well-to-do students of t.u. The University of Texas was traditionally the “rich” school which pumped out doctors, lawyers and the like. A&M was the blue collar school which traditionally taught Agriculture and Mechanics (engineering).



I am not sure if the early Teapots  were  "short and stout" ,but I do know that by 1966 stature was the primary qualifier for the  wearing the  lid.  It was a harmless varsity hazing tradition  that required the freshman teapot to sing the teapot song before dinner each night at the dining hall at Moore Hill.  It was a tradition that brought a lot of smiles to many faces except maybe the designated teapot .  

Terry Collins was my roomate in 1967 and he won the "honor" as teapot.  Terry may not have liked the tradition in 1967, but he wears  his "lid" with pride in 2018.  







Wikipedia says "I'm a Little Teapot" is an American song describing the heating and pouring of a teapot or a whistling tea kettle. The song was originally written by George Harold Sanders and Clarence Z. Kelley and published in 1939.[1] By 1941, a Newsweek article referred to the song as "the next inane novelty song to sweep the country".[2]




The Longhorn Teapot Saga - wearing the "lid" with honor

So here are the names of the teapots so far.  If any of you teapots would like to make comments and send pictures please email me at    

1957- David Kristynik




1957- David Kristynik says   "Larry Stephens started it with me. Made me sing every day...either that or Bay City fight song or the teapot song at every supper. Angleton was in our district. When David came he took my place. Coach Royal even called him teapot along with others....I became squatty body.







1958 - David Russell


David Russell from Amarillo,Tx. Class of '58  says "I know my Freshman year (1958) I sang this almost every night. . To this day most of the guys call me T-Pot and in fact, Coach Royal and other coaches called me this most of the time. It has been a fun name to have, and I do not know why they decided to make me the T-Pot. I was short but not sure that I was that stout. I could stand on the table occasionally and perform and they liked that.  


To me this was one of the ways that upper class men and freshman could really have fun and bond in a non threatening way."

David Russell 1958-1962  


1959 ?

1960 ?

1961 ?

1962 ?

1963 ?

1964 - Bill McGuire from Colorado City, Tx. His son Clay coaches with  Leach at Washington State.

1965’s -  Craig Jolly (Jolley?) from Sweetwater



1966- Charlie Copeland





1967- Terry Collins from San Angelo . Teapot - Terry Collins singing the Teapot song at a  2009 reunion of the 1967 recruiting class. 


















1967- terry Collins








1968- Jim Bertelsen



1970- Charlie Banno




1973- Johnny Mack Chappell

1974-  Jim Yarbrough 

jim yarbrough.jpg
  • Elected to City Council in 2014
  • Term Expires in May 2018


BBA, University of Texas, 1977, with majors in Finance, Accounting and Real Estate.


James D. Yarbrough served as the Galveston County Judge from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2010. He was elected Mayor of the City of Galveston in May 2014 and will serve a two year term. He is a native of Galveston and graduate of Ball High School.

Jim attended the University of Texas at Austin on an athletic scholarship and captained the Longhorn Southwest Conference football championship team. He was also named to the All-Southwest Conference football team and the first player in the NCAA to play as a graduate student. 

Jim is married to the former Carol Urbani and they have two children: daughter Ashley, her husband Dustin Dusek, and a son Beau, a graduate of the University of Texas, and his wife Erin, and they are the proud grandparents of Luke and Blake Dusek.




  • Galveston County Daily New Citizen of the Year
  • Boy Scouts of America- Bay Area council distinguished Citizen
  • College of the Mainland Outstanding Services to Education Award
  • Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership’s QUASAR Award
  • Communities In Schools Starlight Award
  • State Friend of Extension Services
  • Prevent Blindness – Person of Vision
  • Charles A. Jacobson Award – Bay Area Transportation Partnership



1975-  Jeb Batts,

1976-  Sammy Smith, 

1977 - Ken Doan

1978- Kevin Burris