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The TLSN website is a Longhorn Sports archival educational website building bridges from the past to support the  present and  inspire the future for all Longhorn fans. TLSN  is  501 (c) (3)  with educational and charitable intent. 

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Some of the photos on the TLSN site are from the University of Texas Center for American History, UT Sports information, SWC office, Austin History Center, Texas Sports Hall of fame, Texas Sports Photography,, the Daily Texan, and Alcalde. All the links to these sites are denoted in the "credit" section of the TLSN website. Please visit these sites to learn more about our great University.

The "good faith" defense (Section 504(c)(2)) reduces the statutory damages where the infringer was an educational institution, library, archive, or public broadcaster and reasonably believed that the infringing use was "fair use."

Dated March 6, 2019

TLSN is an independent organization not associated with, the UT Athletics Department, or any organization whose primary purpose is to promote UT Austin.  

Images on this site should not be construed as an individual's endorsement of  TLSN.  The photos on the site consist of publicly available images, images from  personal collections taken in a public venue, content and links to other websites, and research from books listed in the  "credit" section of this website.

The TLSN website has not and will not seek to exploit any particular image or identity for charitable or commercial purposes without appropriate authorization. None of these images are intended to create a false impression, portray an individual incorrectly, or in an offensive manner.  

The images chosen reflect the spirit, heritage, and bond of former UT student athletes, coaches, trainers and managers and their immediate families.  However, If  your image is on the TLSN site and you want the image removed, please contact and the image will be removed immediately.