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We are ready for the money to flow in!
On Apr 30, 2019, at 10:12 AM, James Nixon <>
Subject: UT National
Championship QB busts


Four accounts have been set up at Frost Bank for donations to the 3 unfunded National Championship quarterbacks (James Street’s bust is funded) The four Frost accounts include one titled “ nonspecific Statue”. Donations to this account will be used to supplement a quarterback bronze short of funds.

Donations should be made out payable to one of the following :

(1) Nonspecific statue (Funds will be used where needed)

(2) Duke Carlisle statue

(3) Eddie Phillips statue

(4) Vince Young statue

Donations should be sent to :  

Pat Frost
Frost National Bank
P. O. Drawer 1600
San Antonio, TX 78296

Jimmy Nixon

Bust of the four national championship quarterbacks (Duke, James, Eddie, and Vince) are looking for a home in the remodeled South section of DKR stadium. This project is scheduled for completion in two years. It takes 6 months from conception to completion of each bronze bust.


Clay Model of James Street ,one of 4 Longhorn National Championship Quarterbacks, is complete.

Updates of 4 National Champion Sculpts May 5th 2019

1) Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry is the law firm that is working on the tax write-off deductions for the donations to the sculpts of the 4 Longhorn National Championship quarterbacks.
Subject: RE: Tax Attorney


 Thank you for the email and introduction.  I just spoke with Jimmy and we’re going to help the cause!!

 Hook ‘Em!


 Sebastien N. Chain


Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry

1200 Smith Street, Suite 1400| Houston, Texas 77002

DIRECT   713-654-9633 | MAIN   713-658-1818 | FAX   713-658-2553 |

Here is what I was told dated April, 28th 2019

1) This project has been approved at the highest levels of UT Athletics. This has been confirmed.

2) Donors have already paid for the James Street bronze. The other 3 bronzes have not been funded as of today 4-26-2019.

3) Jimmy Nixon, who was instrumental in the Earl Campbell bronze, is leading the project. The artist who will complete the project site is at

4) Jimmy is reaching out to all the teammates of the other three national championship quarterbacks for jpeg images to help the artist sculpt the front, back, and side of each honoree’s head. Please check your private archive of photos of Duke, Eddie, and Vince and forward to Duke is next up for a clay model.

5) There may or may not be a pillar/column holding the bust. If a pillar column is used Jimmy wants to add the team members names associated with each quarterback to the column.

6) Stay tuned for more information on this project. As in all concepts changes, revisions, deletions , and additions will occur.

James Street clay model to be used for bronze bust

Artist link is below

In the next two years 3 more quarterbacks bronze sculpts will be added.