For those of you who do not know Steve Ross, here is a story he tells about himself and the 1977 OU game that McEachern enters as the 3rd team quarterback.

Steve Ross says about this game “it was my first game I ever broadcast live on TV. It was a "local exception" telecast where if the game was on a neutral site and sold out the two home markets could telecast it. I was at KVUE and worked with Chris Lincoln and Jerry Parks from KTUL in Tulsa. Like I said it was my first telecast and I studied the depth chart backwards and forwards. I knew the two-deep -- their hometowns, their parents names and their pets name. Then Texas first two QB's go down. Chris turns to me and says, "so who comes in to play QB for Texas?" I have no idea. Steve is on the left and Akers is to the right.