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Dear Horns,

 Three years ago, Jim Kay, Benny Pace, and Billy Dale began the authorization process with the NCAA and the U.T. athletic department compliance department (the “U.T. Compliance Department”) to form an organization that helps qualifying former student athletes, trainers, equipment managers, managers, coaches, and their immediate families in times of need.   We have accomplished our objective with both organizations, the result being TLSN, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization (“TLSN”). 

 The goal of TLSN is to have funds available for grants (in the form of qualifying expense reimbursements) to qualifying applicants without having to seek contributions from donors every time assistance is needed.  This is not the present situation due to the fact that TLSN is a start-up charity. 

 The following process will be followed by TLSN in connection with grants to qualifying applicants: 


  • The applicant applies to TLSN for financial support.

  • The Board of Directors of TLSN (currently, Jim Kay, Billy Dale, and Benny Pace) determines if the applicant qualifies for a grant from TLSN based on the information submitted and the charitable purposes of TLSN.

  • If the application is found by the Board of Directors to be sufficient consistent with TLSN’s charitable purposes, the approved applicant must then complete a form furnished by the U.T. Compliance Department.

  • If the applicant’s request is approved by the U.T. Compliance Department, then the applicant begins submitting receipts to TLSN for reimbursement.

  • The applicant will only be reimbursed based on receipts for items listed on the compliance form.

  • TLSN will reimburse the applicant for qualifying receipts to the extent it has funds to do so and in its sole discretion.


Terry Collins is the type of former student athlete that TLSN seeks to help consistent with TLSN’s charitable purposes. Terry  is a former football  player from the mid-60’s who is fighting cancer and is the sole source of financial support for his family.  Terry has health insurance, but his present condition has cost him his job and placed tremendous pressure on him financially.  Both cars are broken and he cannot afford to repair them, he is behind on his rent payments, and credit card payments.  Both the Board of Directors of TLSN and the U.T. Compliance Department have approved Terry’s  request for financial assistance.


TLSN would like to provide temporary financial support to Terry  until May of 2019 and assist other similarly situated people in need in furtherance of and accordance with the mission and charitable purposes of TLSN. We hope that you will consider donating to the TLSN general fund by visiting TLSN’s website at   There is a “donate” link on this page. Simply click on the link and follow the instructions to complete the donation.   If you prefer to contribute by check, please make the check payable to TLSN and mail to CFO Jim Kay at P.O. Box 983 , Burnet, TX 78611-0983 and marked for “TLSN general fund”.

Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

 We greatly appreciate your consideration and support of TLSN and its mission of offering temporary financial support to all qualifying former Longhorn student athletes, coaches, trainers, managers and their immediate families.




Billy Dale