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Norris Athletic Trophy was an annual award given to the best Longhorn athlete during the late 1920's to the middle 1930's.  Ed Olle , Ox Higgins, Tommy Hughes , Nona Rees,  and Ox Emerson  were winners of this trophy presented by the Norris Candy company.  In later years Ed Olle coached the basketball team, acted as business manager for the athletic department, was a football official, and one of the best football scouts in the country.  The "Cactus" says that Ed was an authority on the fundamentals of all sports

  • To qualify for this award prospective recipient must pass 70 per cent of his scholastic work during the year;

  • Three candidates each year were chosen by the "T" Association and sanctioned by the chairman of the Athletic Council.

  • The three candidates are placed on the ballot and the winner receives the most votes.




















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Bohn Hilliard



Major honors

Heisman Trophy
Most Outstanding Player

Earl Campbell – 1977

Ricky Williams – 1998

When Earl Campbell showed up out of shape for training camp and could not complete a mile run, a reporter asked the Houston Oilers coach what he was going to do about? Bum Phillips said "when it's  3rd and a mile we won't run him"!


Maxwell Award
Best Football Player



 Walter Camp Award
Player of the Year


Chic Harley Award

College Football Player of the Year


Archie Griffin Award
Most Valuable Player


AT&T ESPN All-America Player
Fans Most Valuable Player


AP Player of the Year

Most Outstanding Player

Ricky Williams  – 1998 AP Player of the Year

Ricky Williams – 1998 AP Player of the Year



SN Player of the Year
Top Collegiate Football Player


UPI Player of the Year
NCAA Coaches Player of the Year

Earl Campbell – 1977

Earl Campbell – 1977


Freshman of the Year
Top Quarterback




University honors

Retired Jersey Numbers
University Honor

Bobby Layne (#22) – 1944–1947

Tommy Nobis (#60) – 1963–1965

Earl Campbell (#20) – 1974–1977

Ricky Williams (#34) – 1995–1998

Vince Young (#10) – 2003–2005

Colt McCoy (#12) – 2006–2009

Offensive honors

Doak Walker Award
Best Running Back

Jim Brown Trophy
Top Running Back

Jim Brown Trophy- Ricky Williams



                                                           Paul Warfield Trophy
                                                             Top Wide Receiver

Paul Warfield Trophy- Jordan Shipley

Jordan Shipley – 2009



Davey O'Brien Award
Best Quarterback




Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award
Outstanding Senior Quarterback


Manning Award
Best Quarterback


Quarterback of the Year
Top Quarterback

Colt McCoy - 2009

Colt McCoy - 2009


Coaching Honors

AFCA Award
Coach of the Year

AFCA- 1963 and 1970








Grantland Rice Award - DKR







Eddie Robinson


of the Year

1961 and



SN National Coach of the Year

1963 and 1969

Coach of The

Year Award


 Paul "Bear" Bryant Award
Coach of the Year


Paul "Bear" Bryant Award for Coach of the Year


 Bobby Dodd Award
Coach of the Year

Bobby Dodd Coach of

the Year Award 2008


Broyless Award
Best Assistant Coach

Greg Davis- 2005

Greg Davis- 2005


 AFCA Award
Assistant Coach of the Year

Mac McWhorter- 2008

Mac McWhorter- 2008


Defensive honors

Lombardi Award
Best Defensive Player

 Nagurski Trophy
Top Defensive Player





















OutLand Trophy

Top Interior Lineman


Dick Butkus Award
Best Linebacker


Jack Lambert Trophy
Top Linebacker

Jim Thorpe Award
Top Defensive Back



Jim Thorpe Award
Top Defensive Back


Ted Hendricks Award

Top Defensive End


Bill Willis Trophy
Top Defensive Lineman

Brian Orakpo- 2008


   UPI Lineman of the Year


Other honors

Draddy Trophy(Academic Heisman)
Best On and Off Field Performance




 Nils v. "Swede' Nelson Awards
Best Sportsmanship

Pat Culpepper 1962



Wuerffel Trophy
Athletics, Academics, & Community Service

Sam Acho 2010

Today's Top VIII Award
Outstanding Senior Student-Athletes

Kenneth Sims-1982

Amos Alonzo Stagg Award
Outstanding Service for College Football

Disney Spirit Award
College Football's Most Inspirational Figure

Nate Boyer - Disney Spirit Award 2012

Nate Boyer - Disney Spirit Award 2012

College Football Hall of Fame by induction date 

Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Below is a list of the top 25 running backs in Texas football history, ranked by all-time rushing total:

  1. Ricky Williams – 6,279 yards, 72 touchdowns

  2. Cedric Benson – 5,540 yards, 64 touchdowns

  3. Earl Campbell – 4,443 yards, 40 touchdowns

  4. Jamaal Charles – 3,328 yards, 36 touchdowns

  5. Chris Gilbert – 3,231 yards, 28 touchdowns

  6. Vince Young – 3,127 yards, 37 touchdowns

  7. Roosevelt Leaks – 2,923 yards, 26 touchdowns

  8. A.J. Jones – 2,874 yards, 27 touchdowns

  9. D’Onta Foreman – 2,782 yards, 20 touchdowns

  10. Malcolm Brown – 2,678 yards, 24 touchdowns

  11. Eric Metcalf – 2,661 yards, 23 touchdowns

  12. Jonathan Gray – 2,607 yards, 17 touchdowns

  13. Hodges Mitchell – 2,572 yards, 19 touchdowns

  14. Adrian Walker – 2,473 yards, 17 touchdowns

  15. Phil Brown – 2,102 yards, 16 touchdowns

  16. Darron Norris – 2,079 yards, 12 touchdowns

  17. Marty Akins – 1,963 yards, 26 touchdowns

  18. Jim Bertelsen – 1,770 yards, 20 touchdowns

  19. Shon Mitchell – 1,725 yards, 14 touchdowns

  20. Selvin Young – 1,713 yards, 25 touchdowns

  21. John Walker – 1,641 yards, 17 touchdowns

  22. Darryl Clark – 1,604 yards, 3 touchdowns

  23. Colt McCoy – 1,571 yards, 20 touchdowns

  24. Cody Johnson – 1,455 yards, 36 touchdowns

  25. Donnie Little – 1,306 yards, 11 touchdowns