1911-1939 - Coach Billy Disch

Coach Disch

  • Compiles UT career coaching record of 513-180 (.740) over 29 seasons

  • Assist in  organizing UT Alumni Band, the nation's largest with more than 1,000 members

  • His UT players earn 87 All-SWC awards between 1922-39 and 22 conference titles

  • He is a Member of Texas Sports Hall of Fame and the College Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame.

  • There is no NCAA tournaments during Coach Disch years at Texas, but he coached several teams that could have competed for the National Championship including the 1914, 1919, 1927, 1930 1934, and 1939 teams.

Coach Disch is hired from St. Edwards as the trainer for the football team and coach of the baseball team. His salary was $1500.00 for 9 months.

He believes that base running is the key to winning at baseball. 

1911- 13-10-1 Coach Billy disch

Cactus states the pitching is decimated by "academic deficiency".




TCU moves from Waco to Fort Worth






Robert Jones and  Massingill pitch no hitters.

Massingill is a three sport start and is memorialized with a UT golf trophy named after him.




1912- 17-10-1 Coach Billy disch

This is the first team to implement Coach Disch base running style of playing to win.

The Hall of honor was started by Star Baldwin to honor Billy Disch.

Texas A & M is not on the schedule because UT severed all relationship after A & M played a predatory game against the football team in 1911. Play resumed between the two Universities in 1915;

Frank "Star" Baldwin is instrumental in starting the Hall of Honor

1913- 26-4-2 Coach Billy disch

 This year set a new record for number of games the Horns played at 32.

Clark Brown is leading hitter at .398.

Longhorn Cartwright fails to touched first base after his hit against Baylor and was called out which negated two runs by Texas. Baylor won the game.

TIAA Champion (Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association)

First game against Oklahoma State

1914- 30- 5 Coach Billy disch

 One of the better teams in the early years of Longhorn baseball. With 11 lettermen returning and Dick Hooper the one-armed outfielder joining the team the Longhorns had tons of talent.

One publication states this team was “perhaps the most phenomenal and successful “ team in college baseball.

After 4 years as coach Billy Disch record was 86-31-5.

Massey leads the team in batting, and Daniel in pitching with a 9-1 record.

He tried to squash the overconfidence to the fans this year by saying

Billy Disch " The 'hot air' league, in session during the Summer months has done its share of (projecting) winning intercollegiate championships for Texas. The state papers have been full of 'wonderful prospects,' etc., and it is these false assertions (from media and social media) that have impressed themselves upon the mind of the public which should be disspelled."

1913 m. baseball (2).jpg

 These horns won 23 games in a row that remained as a Longhorn record until the 1977 team won 34 in a row.

Coach Disch says the two best athletes in the south are Clark Brown and Pete Edmond. 

The editor of the Spalding record book in 1914 states that Mike Massey is the best infielder in college baseball. 

Texas wins 23 games in a row which was one publication acclaimes as a College World record.

For the first time the Horns play a baseball team from China travelling the country and win.

1915- 28-4 Coach Billy disch wins the first SWC Championship and the State of Texas championship.

SWC is formed but the title for winning the championship for the state of Texas is still more important to the media.

Wilson , Cone and Bailey lead the team.

Captain Gambrell led the team in batting (.298) and Winston was undefeated as the pitcher.

1915 m. baseball(35).jpg












1915 Dick Bailey and Dick Hooper.jpg

Dick Bailey and Dick Hooper is the one handed outfielder.

1916- 16-6 Coach Billy disch pending more information SWC

Dick Hooper the one handed Longhorn outfielder is elected Captain but is ruled ineligible by the SWC.

Beauford Jester is the sports writer for the Daily Texas. He was Governor of Texas in later years and Jester Center was named after him.

English is the leading batter .387 and Milton Thomas is the leading pitcher 6-2.




1916 Pete Edmond.jpg

Pete Edmond - great three sport star.

1916 Banner

1917- 12-3 Coach Billy disch SWC champs but WWI begins. Compulsory military service starts april 16, 1917

April 6 America enters WWI.

Daily Texan headline on April , 17 2017 reads

university prepares for war

Institution to Become Military Training Center

University students mobilize

For the year participation in baseball and track and field are cancelled

Season is cut short . Southwestern leaves the SWC and Rice takes a year off from baseball which only left Baylor, Texas A & M and Texas in the SWC.

As Texas fan support dwindles Coach Disch pleads with fans to attend the games.

1918- 17-4 Coach Billy disch Horns win the SWC and the 7th state title.

 Only Red English , Lamar Hart and Milton Thomas return. All other lettermen from 1917 join the service so Disch used “yannigans” ( a condescending work for substitutes) to form the 1918 team. One yannigan is Bibb Augustus Falk.

Horns lose to the White Soxs 14-1 with Falk scoring the only run.

SWC Champion

Military service took all but three lettermen so Coach Disch looked for replacement players.  One was Bibb Falk.


Joe Russell HOH

SWC adds Oklahoma and Oklahoma A & M. Horns played the strong service teams this year and were competitive.

Bobby Cannon returns to Texas from the service.

Bibb Falk leads the team in hitting .461 and pitching.

This is the only Longhorn team to ever go undefeated in conference play.




1920- 17-5 Coach Billy disch 6th straight SWC championship

This team had a tendency to lose against poor teams and win against great teams.

The Cactus still does not acknowledge the SWC as a legitimate conference and only publishes information on the “state championship.”

1920 m. baseball(10).jpg

Dudley English says that Bobby Cannon “has the speed to turn bunts into base hits.”

McCullough is one of the best batters ever at a hit and run and English had a arm that could accurately be thrown to home plate from any outfield position.

SWC Champion but the the State Championship is still more important than winning the SWC championship.

Players were returning from military service

Bibb Falk finishes his Texas career undefeated as a pitcher and batting .400 and a All SWC offensive tackle for the football team.


1921- 15-5-1 Coach Billy disch swc champs

Horns play the Chicago White Sox's but lose.

Leissner was leading hitter at .464 and Gillett led the pitchers with 7 wins

1922- 16-5-1 Coach Billy disch swc champs

Ty Cobb was a student manager and sportswriter for the Austin American .

Joe Ward HOH

Joe Ward HOH

From the "Cactus" 

Horns are competitive in games against Chicago White Sox's and Philadelphia Athletics.

Arkansas competes in SWC for the first time. 

The students give  Disch a rating of 96 plus for personality, ability, and popularity while only giving  38 points to the UT President.

Ponsford leads the pitchers with a 10-3 record, and Nowlin the leading batter at .413.

All SWC team was selected for the first time with Manny Ponsford, George Johnson, Rube Leissner, Jim Nowlin and Heine Odom making the team .

1923- 20-8 Coach Billy disch tEXAS 8 YEAR STREAK AS swc CHAMPS IS OVER . Horns finish 3rd in conference.

Santa Rita starts flowing oil.

Texas loses twice to A&M for the first time in Longhorn baseball history.


The Mascot Roger (Runt) Williams in 1923 will 7 years later letter as an infielder on the longhorn baseball team.

Carson led the hitters with a .386 and

1924- 29-1 Coach Billy disch pending more information

In 1923-1924 the football and basketball teams led by Doc Stewart were undefeated so the baseball team was embarrassed with their performance. In 1924 they turned the program around for an incredible 29-1 run.

SWC Champion with the highest number of victories in the history of the SWC.

Odoms leads the batting with a .463, Ponsford was 10-0 in pitching

1925- 16-4-1 Coach Billy disch pending more information

SWC Champion

Captain Heinie Odom a 3 time all-SWC shortstop is declared ineligible. 

Potsy Allen is known for his baseball skills but saves the day for Texas football team. He catch's a deflected pass for a 52 yard touchdown to defeat the Aggies. The only touchdown of the game.

Disch seriously considers accepting the SMU coaching job , but UT manages to change his mind. 



Top of the Charts 1926



1926- 13-2 Coach Billy disch pending more information

SWC Champion




1927- 16-4 Coach Billy disch pending more information

SWC Champion

Texas is SWC champion for 11th time in 12 years.

clarks field.jpg

The new Clark Field II is completed and the Detroit Tigers beat Texas 12-8 in the first game in the new stadium.

Rice is Texas first victory in the new stadium. 

Many fans and the Austin American-Statesman sports editor Duby BuBose want to name the new field after Billy Disch. The UT administration decides to keep the "Clark Field" name.

Billy Goat Hill makes the new Longhorn stadium very unique. It has a 12 to 15 foot cliff in fair territory. Longhorns outfielders learned mountain climbing skills that reduce inside the field homers to a long triple.

Billy Goat Hill makes the new Longhorn stadium very unique. It has a 12 to 15 foot cliff in fair territory. Longhorns outfielders learned mountain climbing skills that reduce inside the field homers to a long triple.

1928- 17-4 Coach Billy disch pending more information

SWC Champion

Potsy Allen

Potsy Allen



8 of the 16 conference games are won in the 9th inning, and 6th are won in extra innings. 










Tom Hughes is the students choice as most outstanding athlete






1929- 18-4-1 Coach Billy disch pending more information

SWC Champion

Longhorns almost beat the New York Yanks   at Clark Field but Lou Gehrig hits a home run in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and a 3-2 count to win the game. Horns also play the Chicago White Sox and lose 5-1 , and New York Giants and lose 4 - 1.

Ernie Koy Sr. signs with A & M to play baseball, but a hazing incident changes his mind and one year later he is a Longhorn.


With the conference championship on the line against Texas A & M , the team won both games to win the championship.

1930-20-4 Coach Billy disch pending more information

SWC Champion

Babe Ruth with the New York Yankees hits a 3 run double in the 9th inning to beat the Longhorns 4-2.

Bob Oglesby the team manager gets Ruth and Gehrig to autograph 12 baseballs, but forgets to get one for himself. 


1931- 12-6 Coach Billy disch pending more information

MARIO "MIKE" DE LA FUENTE is the first citizen of Mexico inducted into the HOH.

The economics of the depression limits the number of games played.

Ernie Koy has three hits against the Chicago White Sox, but Texas still loses. 

The conference passes a rule that the head coach has to sit in the grand stand instead of the dugout.

Texas A & M ends a 7 year SWC winning streak for the Longhorns. 


1932- 12-8

Ray Ater is an All American

Ernie Koy Senior- is a three-time All-Southwest Conference athlete in both football (1930-1932) and baseball (1931-33).  He is named an All-American outfielder, and he is inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in 1986. He leads the team in batting in 1931 with a .324 average.


The Longhorns play the Chicago White Sox and lose.  Texas record playing against professional teams falls to 0-22. 


1933- 13-3 Coach Billy disch pending more information

Rice leaves the SWC because of the depression 

Paul Ankenman is an All American

1934- 13-8


Topping the charts

Due to the depression there are only 4 schools remaining the the SWC. (A & M , Texas, TCU, and Baylor)






1935- 19-5 Coach Billy disch pending more information

SWC Champion

Team returned as SWC champions after losing to A & M in 1933, and TCU in 1934. It was Disch 20th title.  Norman Branch and Dick Midkiff were the primary reasons for the success.   J.C. Munro was lost to the team due to an appendicitis operation. 

1936- 18-4 Coach Billy disch pending more information

SWC Champion

Dick Midkiff and Norman Branch were the pitchers  who help Disch win his 21st SWC

Sammy Baugh pitches for TCU . Texas wins 14-4

1937- 13-11 Coach Billy disch Aggies win the SWC 

Cecil "Tex" Hughson  The 6'3, 198 Lb. Hurler is An All-SWC Pitcher In 1937 For The Texas Longhorns. Hughson is Inducted Into The Texas Sports Hall Of Fame In 1987.




Team lacked a strong pitching staff.   Longhorns played the St. Louis Browns of the major leagues and loss  11 to 6 and  played the Philadelphia Athletics and loss 11 - 3 .   This was an average team at bestl

The attendance at the Texas A & M game sets a Clark Field record. (4,500).  Horns win 7-2.


1938- 13-10 Coach Billy disch pending more information



Top of the Charts




SWC Champion -Team won 11 straight conference games .





1939- 16-2 Coach Billy disch pending more information

SWC Champion

Texas finally beats a major league team

Texas 4 - Philadelphia Athletics 1

Coach Disch has health problems and decides to retire.



Coach Disch impacted the lives of many young players. Dr. Frank Gregg on the 1897 team told a Kiwanis club that  Coach Disch "converts............ able-bodied men............into lives of usefulness."  Coach Disch agreed with Coach Alonzo Stagg about a successful life being more than just a championship in sport.  

In the book Texas Longhorn Basball Kings of the Diamond The author Wilbur Evans and Bill Little say Coach Disch was a builder of men and a coach who taught fundamentals, technique, and strategy.  


Billy Disch's contributions to Longhorn traditions represents  a portal to the past that reminds Longhorn fans that heritage shapes the present and empowers the future.