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Harvey Penick


Unlike Texas Basketball, Football, Track And Baseball There Are Very Few Books Or Research Material That Discuss Longhorn golf.  I Hope With Time This Site Can Add Some Historical Insight And Tell The Full And Compelling Story Of The Texas golf Tradition. 

  • 1971, 1972, and 2012 National Champions with 4 runner-up finishes (1983, 1989, 1994, and 2016)

  • Longhorn success in golf started with Legendary golf instructor Tom Penick followed by his younger brother Harvey Penick.

1902- pending

1907- pending




 The Athletic Council is formed. Its goal - conduct sports in an "honorable and beneficial manner", promote suitable exercise for UT students, and raise and disburse funds to maintain the athletic programs. 

1923- pending

Texas supports 7 sports in 1923- football, baseball, basketball, track , cross-country, tennis, and wrestling.  There are no varsity sports for women, and no coed golf for either sex. 

1926- pending

Men's golf is adopted by the SWC as an official sport . 


Coach Tom Penick 1927- 1930

Tom was Harvey Penick's older brother.  If not for Tom's insistence that Harvey work as a Caddie, we may never have learned the principles of golf thru Harvey's eyes. Golf is considered a “minor sport” at Texas.

1927- Coach Tom Penick - SWC champions

Golf is recognized as a varsity sport at UT. Harvey gives credit to his brother for planting the seeds for future UT National Championship teams.  Team had no uniforms or team home.   

Conference Champion 

1928- Coach Tom Penick pending content

1928 m. golf Gibson Payne.jpg

Gibson Payne-Captain




 Individual championship was won by the captain - Gib Payne






1928 Golf was made a conference sport.  L-R. Gibson Payne, Morris Gydeson, Tom Haynie, Pat Patrice, Shorty Long .  Texas beats the Aggies for the first SWC championship.


1929 Coach Tom Penick Pending Content













Mac Burnett was a good football player and the captain of the 1930 Golf team


1930 Coach Tom Penick Pending Content

Mac Burnett wins the trophy for longest drive at the Oakmont tournament.  

1929-1930  golf (7).jpg

Tom Penick resigns to focus on his job as head professional golf instructor at Lions.  During his years at Texas, Tom’s role was unofficial golf coach of the Longhorn golf team. As such,he was an excellent teacher of fundamentals and link play.

Coach Harvey Penick  1931-1963

Kevin Robbins the author of the book Harvey Penick says that Harvey wanted his pupils to swing the bucket, clip the tee, give luck a chance, and take dead aim.

Harvey Penick's coaching expertise was derived from a life time of experience of playing golf. . He knew the truth about a golf swing without knowing the reason it worked. He just taught the premise without discussing the cause, and he never tried to answer the question why "taking dead aim" worked.

 Harvey Penick Earned A National Reputation As The Pro's Pro, Among His Students Were Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, Don Massengale, Kathy Whitworth, Mickey Wright, And Sandra Palmer. 

Harvey is 26 years old when he accepts the head coaching job for the men's UT golf team.

  • HOH 1969

  • Coached UT to 20 SWC golf titles

  • 8 times Harvey's team finished in the NCAA top 10 including runner-up for the National Championship in 1949

  • 19 individual conference medalists and one National Medalist  

  • Named "National Coach of the Year" by PGA in 1989.

  • 1985 Penick was inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.


In the book Harvey Penick-The Life and Wisdom of the Man Who Wrote the Book on Golf by Kevin Robbins, Kevin makes a profound statement that captures the life work of Harvey Penick.  Kevin says Harvey was a "caddie who became a player, who became a club professional, who became an instructor", and ...... is "ensconced, firmly and forever, as the guardian of golf's simplest truths". 

Kevin's book is a great read that not only captures the essence of Harvey Penick, but captures in mesmerizing detail some of the most important tournaments and  historical moments in the history of  Golf.   



1931- 1932 Harvey Penick

Harvey's first team consisted of Dick Gregg, Lane McAfee, Fred Gross, and Jack Tinnin

Scholarships were forbidden because the NCAA ruled that a scholarship  was compensation and therefore the golfer was considered a "professional". 

1933-Harvey Penick SWC Champions pending info.

SWC Champs - Tinnin is captain 

The Longhorns finish 4th at the NCAA Championship. It is the first time the Longhorns place at an NCAA event. 

1934-Harvey Penick SWC Champions pending info.

 Horns win the SWC shooting a course record of 299. Texas ranked 5th in the country

SWC Champs

5th at the NCAA Championship

Golf was finally recognized at UT as a "major" sport.

Ed White, Nelson Munger, Raymond Ramsey, Bill Welch and Bob Battle are members of one of the best golf teams in UT history. 


Ed White is SWC Medalist 1933, 1934, and 1935.  He is the first NCAA medalist for the longhorns. Harvey Penick said that Ed White "hit the ball as well as anybody ever did." 

1934-1935 golf (29).jpg

1935-Harvey Penick Pending Content SWC Champs

 In the 30's college players had more prestige than the professional golf athletes.

1935- 1936  golf (25).jpg

Horns golf team wins all their matches in the SWC in 1935.

Texas finishes 5th at the NCAA tournament behind Michigan, Yale, Georgia Tech, and Notre Dame led by White and Welch.


Top of the Charts- I am in the mood for love


1936-Harvey Penick SWC Champs Pending Content

SWC Champs

 Bill Welch is SWC Medalist 1936 and 1937

1937-Harvey Penick Pending Content

SWC Champs- 6th SWC in a row

1938-Harvey Penick Pending Content

Walter Benson joins the team (audio below)

SWC Champs

1939-Harvey Penick SWC champs Pending Content

14th at the NCAA Championship

1940-Harvey Penick Pending Content

SWC Champs

17th at the NCAA Championship

Buck Luce is SWC Medalist 1940

1941-Harvey Penick Pending Content

SWC Champs

6th at the NCAA Championship

Leonard Spitzer  is SWC Medalist in 1941

1942-Harvey Penick SWC champions Pending Content

Golf 1942 (2).jpg

Front row- Penick, Brady, T. Roden back row- B Roden, Russell, Fortner, Wild






John Russell is SWC Medalist in 1942






1943-Harvey Penick SWC champions Pending Content











1944 Harvey Penick SWC Champions Pending Content

SWC Champs

Frank Hooverl is SWC Medalist in 1944 (no picture)


1945- SWC Champs Harvey Penick Pending Content


Golf 1944 1945 (27).jpg

front- Wehner, Johnson, Humphrey Back Row- Watkins Browning, Tice, Penick

Golf 1945 (26).jpg

Joe Ruby and Sterling Brown


Joe Ruby is SWC Medalist in 1945 (no picture)

Sterling Browning receives the Massingale trophy.  Team has  to withdraw from the NCAA tournament because Nat Johnson is called into service the day before the tournament. 





1946- 14th SWC under Harvey Penick Pending Content







Hugh Dahlberg  Is SWC Medalist In 1946 (no picture) ;

14th SWC championship 

Bob Watson wins the Massingill trophy 











1947 Harvey Penick Pending Content

Team wins 8th consecutive SWC championship.  Ed Hopkins wins the Individual championship.

Morris Williams is the only player in the state of Texas to win the Texas Junior, Open, and the PGA in the same span of time. On September 16, 1953 Morris Williams was killed on a training flight in a Lockheed F-80. The golf world was devastated by the news. Harvey Penick said talking to Morris Sr. after his son's death' was the toughest day of his life.  Morris William Golf Course was built in his memory in 1964. Morris was enshrined in the Texas Golf Hall of Fame in 2010.

Golf 1947(16).jpg
Golf 1948 (48).jpg

Ed Hopkins - SWC Medalist

 SWC Champs

30th at the NCAA Championship

Harvey Penick said that Ed White, Morris Williams, Tom Kite, and Ben Crenshaw (in that order) were his best students. 


1948-Harvey Penick Pending Content

Hopkins, Watson, Penick, Dahlberg, Williams, Neimeyer

Hopkins, Watson, Penick, Dahlberg, Williams, Neimeyer

Runner up in the SWC.   Dahlberg wins  the Massingill Trophy

12th at the NCAA Championship




Bob Watson Is SWC Medalist In 1948 and 1949






1949-Harvey Penick Pending Content

2nd at the NCAA Championship- Bob Watson, Reece Alexander, Marion Pfluger, William Smith and Morris Williams. 

Golf  1949  (7).jpg


Top of the Charts 1949





1950-Harvey Penick Pending Content

Harvey thought that Morris Williams was one of the purest and most endowed golfers he had ever seen or coached.  Williams wins the Massengale trophy


SWC Champs

Team wins 3rd consecutive SWC championship.  Eleventh championship  in the last 12 years and 20th since the first Conference title started in 1927 .

Wesley Ellis is in the #1 position (no picture)

11th at the NCAA Championship

1951-Harvey Penick Pending Content


Golf 1952  (3).jpg

13th at the NCAA Championship

SWC Champs

Roane Puett was Born into a family of Longhorn athletes. His father was the star quarterback on the 1911-12 University of Texas football team.  His older brother. played football for the University of Texas in the late 1930’s.  In fact, Roane’s great-grandfather, Thomas Moore Harwood, was a member of the commission that created the University of Texas and served on the very first University Board of Regents.  The Legislature vested the governance of The University to the Board of Regents on October 19, 1881.

Roane Puett first row orange shirt 2006

1952-Harvey Penick Pending Content

Harvey says this team is one of his best teams. 

4th consecutive SWC Championship . 

Lee Pinkston wins the Massingale Trophy.

Golf 1952  (12).jpg

Pinkston, Moncrief, Golden, Blackmar, Riviere, Ellis


4th at the NCAA Championship

Team wins 29 matches 

Wesley Ellis  Is SWC Medalist

1953-Harvey Penick Pending Content

6th at the NCAA Championship


Julian Oats attends Texas to play tennis and wins two individual conference championships.  His last year at Texas he switches to Golf and is the medalist at the SWC championship tournament.



More to follow on Bobby Moncrief and Bernard Riviere 



1954-Harvey Penick pending







SWC Champs

8th at the NCAA Championship

Joe Golden Is SWC Medalist In 1954

Davis Love is inducted into the HOH in 2016


  • Team wins the SWC Championship with Joe Golden, Raymond Leggett, Davis Love, F. Lee Pinkston, and Teddy White. Joe Golden had the low score at the SWC championship. Pinkston won the Massingale Trophy for the 3rd straight year . The award is given to the team member with the lowest score in team qualifying matches.

1955-Harvey Penick pending


1955 begins a slow decline in Texas men's golf. The team finished next to last in the SWC.

23rd at the NCAA Championship

Davis Love was 3rd at the SWC tournament. Theodore White wins the Massingill trophy, but did not participate in any post season events. 


1956-Harvey Penick pending content

Finished 3rd in conference with a 4 - 2 record.  Kirby and Attwell finish8th and 11th in the conference meet.


1957-Harvey Penick Pending Content

Golf 1957 (20).jpg

Front- Attwell, Rhodes

Back- Seekatz, Pohl, Trimble


1958-Harvey Penick Pending Content


18th at the NCAA Championship

1959-Harvey Penick Pending Content

Golf 1959 (13).jpg

White, Nelson, Pohl, Rhodes

A 5th place finish in the SWC is the best record in the last 5 years.  Bob Nelson and Sonny Rhodes were the key to the team.  There were some ugly defeats as Texas Tech beat Texas 6-0 and A & M beat Texas 5-1.

1960-Harvey Penick Pending Content




Top of the Charts 1960


34th at the NCAA Championship


Golf 1960 (27).jpg

Bratton, Dill, Chancellor, Bridwell

Terry Dill receives the first full scholarship to Texas

 Terry Dill  Is SWC Medalist In 1960. Terry is a West Texas boy who shined for the Longhorns.  Dill was only defeated one time the whole season.  Texas finished 6th in conference.  Dill  made the quarter final round at the NCAA tournament. 




1961-Harvey Penick Pending Content

Front - Fisher, Bratton , Chancellor  Back- ? . Bridwell, Dill

Front - Fisher, Bratton , Chancellor

Back- ? . Bridwell, Dill


ABC asked Harvey Penick to share his knowledge of golf with their T.V. audience. He declines the offer.   This was Penick's  9th year in a row with poor results in the  the SWC.  

Harvey's commands a price of $3 for a golf lesson at the Austin Country Club. 

20th at the NCAA Championship

1962-Harvey Penick Pending Content

Golf 1961 (50).jpg

? Roden, Dill, Thomas, Kizer, Munn


Harvey decides he wants to simplify his life. His passion is teaching at the Austin Country Club so after 32 years as the UT Golf coach he resigns.    

1963-Harvey Penick Pending Content

6th at the NCAA Championship

A Reflection on Harvey Penick's teaching style.

According to the book Harvey Penick- The Life and Wisdom of the Man Who Wrote the Book on Golf by Kevin Robbins, Harvey was non-confrontational, kind, disarming, and non-aggressive. Harvey's skills at instruction were learned from all the great players he met. He was a listener more than a talker, and his listening skills made him one of the greatest college coaches of all time.  Harvey said "Most of my knowledge came from other pros.  He also listened and learned from his UT players. He stated high school "Boys had pros" that taught them before he was their coach at Texas. 

Kevin Robbins says - "Harvey's life was blessed- he was in the right place, at the right time, and in the right frame of mind for the rise of women's golf." Fred Davis says about Harvey "He is simple but not simplistic, reserved without being passive, disciplined but not rigid, and confident without being presumptuous."

Harvey Penick's coaching style  was based on a life time of experience. He never tried to answer the question why "taking dead aim" works.  He just taught the premise without discussing the nature of things. He had a knack for not over coaching his pupils. 

Tom Kite said that Coach Penick was a great coach because "he understood the way the body worked," and he "totally understood what made the golf swing work".