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The T-ring represents the total experience of being a Longhorn athlete and student.  However, each individuals experience is different.  For me, playing football and graduating from Texas was rewarding but  difficult.  My years as a student athlete were filled with discouraging moments, setbacks, and struggles.

Frank Denius in his book On the Way captures the essence of the T-ring for many recipients.  He says "there is a purpose in our hardships, because they demand persistence and determination to overcome. Adversity and difficulty often draw out qualities in a person that otherwise might never be realized and incorporated into a useful live." 

Many student athletes every year overcome obstacles and hardships to fulfill their dreams of graduating as a Longhorn Letterman. These Horns possess a special spirit, focused commitment, and a irrepressible passion to be a part of UT Sports history and a UT graduate.   

As I look at my T-ring 47 years after earning it, Frank Denius  words resonate with me. Looking into the burnt orange stone with the white 'T' in relief is like looking into a crystal ball that reflects my past instead of my future.  My reflection in the T-Ring confirms that overcoming hardship is an important benchmark for a successful life journey and validates my "four long, hard, brutal years of work".

Special Memories Of Longhorn Sports History

Billy Dale #22 

 January 8, 2018

This blog section is to share special memories of Longhorn history from fans, players, managers, trainers, and coaches.