Jimmy Blacklock

After two years at Tyler Junior College, Blacklock signed with Texas. He joined the Longhorns one year after Sam Bradley became the first black player for the Longhorn basketball team. Bradley averaged 6.5 points per game during the 1969-70 season, but Blacklock quickly took on the starring role averaging 16.6 points per game. He was the team’s MVP for the 1970-71 season, and Coach Black named him captain of the 1972 team. The 19 wins in 1972 was the most for a Longhorn basketball team in 24 years. The 1972 team also shared the SWC championship for the first time in seven years.

Blacklock says he developed respect for a few of his teammates, but that admiration did not lead to any friendships. He wasn’t helped by any teammates when he got into a fight during a game at Mississippi. He told the Austin American Statesman “I think had I been a player of a different race, (the experience) would have been beautiful, incredible, but I wasn’t,” Blacklock said. “I loved the ball-playing, I loved the education. Socially, it was a disaster.”

After graduation he chose to joined the Harlem Globetrotters as a player and then as a coach. He returned to Austin only one time in 30 years. It was only after he was inducted into the Hall of Honor in 2016 that he finally felt appreciated for his accomplishments For the first time he realized that he played an important part in the history of Longhorn sports.