Amos Alonzo Stagg said the same thing Mack Brown said in the locker room after the National Championship game but in more general terms.  Stagg's said


Coach Brown is the consummate Coach and inspirational leader.  

Coach Mack Brown

Mack Brown set several NCAA records including 

  • The Only Team In NCAA History To Post 10 Wins A Year For 9 Consecutive Years (2001-2009)

  • The NCAA record For remaining in the the top 25 for 162 Weeks (2000-2010)

Mack Brown quotes 

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Two quotes from Coach Royal to Coach Brown that got Mack Brown's attention. 

When Mack Brown was at Tulane, Coach Royal tells him “ You ought to get out of here as fast as you can and go to a University that has “The” in front of it”.

Coach Royal said about Texas to Mack Brown “The good news is there’s 17 million people who care about UT football. The bad news is there’s 17 million people who care about UT football.”

Before Mack Brown is  hired most fans believe that Gary Barnett from Northwestern will be the new head coach at Texas.  

In the book Echoes of Texas Football  Clark is quoted as saying that the players want to please him (Coach Brown).  Clark says that Mack Brown "wants to win with great players who are good students."  UT Academia loved him when he said "We may be in the entertainment business on the weekends, but we are in the education business during the week." Walters said the coaching philosophy was more "teachers- not intimidators."  

Coach Brown is a great multi-tasker.  He knows that in order to turn the football program around he needs to rally the fans, engage the media, win the confidence of the present players, develop a relationship with the high school coaches, and recruit , recruit , recruit.  

After one of Coach Browns speeches to the fans about the new direction of Texas football under his guidance, Sally Brown said to her husband. "They (the fans) got the part about being positive- at least for the time being. But that 'patient' part flew right by them."




Above -Selvin Young, Mike Garcia, Daisy Garcia, and Vince Young May 2016.



A Condensed Bullet Point History Of Texas Longhorn Football During The Brown Years Follows. Please Go To The "Credit" Section Of This Website To View Books You Can Purchase From Many Fine Book Stores About Texas Longhorn Football, Or Please Visit The Official University Of Texas Longhorn Site Texassports.Com.   

Coach Brown Is The 28th Football Coach at Texas.  

It is hard to believe that as successful as the Texas longhorn teams are from 1998- 2003, none of these teams wins a Big 12 championship or receives a BCS offer.  O.U. dominates the Longhorns.

1998 record 9-3 Coach Mack Brown

Final ranking 15th nationally

Ricky wants to stay one more year, but he tells Coach Brown the team needs discipline and work. "Coach Mackovic's staff, they were like NFL guys. They gave us
the game plan and said, 'Play.' “

Early returns are encouraging.

Ricky Williams decides to return for his senior year by saying  "There’s certain things money can’t buy, like camaraderie, and the team being together and loyalty.  Money can’t buy those things.”  In the book The Die-Hard Fan's guide to Longhorn Football  an observation is made that Ricky Williams decision to stay his senior year "changed the face of  Longhorn  football far beyond his senior year."  Williams return  opened avenues for Mack Brown to successfully recruit many elite athletes."

(Click on "articles" and then "Tommy Nobis" to read about another Longhorn who changed football recruiting far beyond his senior year.)



Ricky Williams Wins The Heisman By The 4th Largest Margin Ever; Sets The Texas Season Record For Rushing Attempts (361);Most Yards In A Single Game (361) Against Iowa State; Most Yards For A Season (2124); Most Yards For A Career (6,279).





“Coach Brown is a teacher."Ricky says "This spring is the first time since I've been here that we've been coached."










Wayne McGarity holds the Longhorn game record for most touchdowns receiving (4) against Texas Tech. 



Kwame Cavil breaks the Big 12 conference single season for receptions with 100 and receiving yards 1, 188.  After being suspended from the team he left for the NFL and CFL, but returned to UT to finish his degree requirements in 2010.  




Texas beats OU convincingly - Beats #6 A & M, and breaks Nebraska's 47 home game winning streak 

In 1998 it is not fashionable for Texas fans to wear the team colors to the games or to tailgate. Coach Brown convinces  the fans to wear burnt orange attire, and "celebrate" game day by tailgating. Mack's slogan"Come early, Be loud, Stay late" and more lenient rules on alcohol consumption change the "culture" of pre-game and post-game activities.  

Coach Browns first graduating class 1998.

Coach Browns first graduating class 1998.



Ricky's sets the rushing record  at "22:08" in video below

Ben Adams is an All American (no images.)


Kris  Stockton Holds The Season Record For Field Goal Attempts (30).





Texas beats Mississippi State in the Cotton Bowl on Jan 1, 1999. Texas beat the former Aggie Coach 38-11. 

1999 9-5 Coach Mack Brown

Brown landed USA Today's offensive and defensive players of the year along with
seven other USA Today All-Americas.

#18 Texas 24, #3 Nebraska 20

Texas hands Nebraska there only lost of the season. Texas' defense pressured Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch into three consecutive incomplete passes on the final drive and the Longhorns secured their first victory over a Top Five-ranked opponent in Austin since 1990.
It was the 3rd consecutive victory over Nebraska.

Applewhite states "Football's so important in Texas. On the  West Coast, it's (football) a social, On the East Coast , it's a culture.  Here, it's a religion."

Final ranking 21st nationally

Major Applewhite Is 1999 Offensive Player Of The Year in the  Big 12. He also holds The Texas Season Record For Fastest Longhorn To Reach 2000 Yards (7 Games); Consecutive Passes Without An Interception (156); Longest Touchdown Pass (97 Yards To Wayne McGarity); Most Consecutive 200 Yard Passing Games In A Season (11) And In A Career (21).


Victor Ike is tied with Eric Metcalf for longest reception (80 yards)

Track at Memorial stadium is removed. 

Dusty Renfro says "Total domination. It's the only way to go."

Roger Roesler is an All American (no image).

Cory Redding says " Leadership is what you do when nobody is watching." He also says "being a leader is just being you, not trying to be someone else."

Cory Redding is 1999 Defensive Freshman of the year Big 12

 Aaron Humphrey leads the team in quarterback pressures all 4 years.

Applewhite, blows out his left knee in a 27-6 Cotton Bowl loss to Arkansas

2000 9-3 Coach Mack Brown

The best 5 years (2000-2005) in the history of longhorn Sports begins. During this period Men's and Women's basketball teams reach the final four, the baseball team wins two national championships, and Texas football wins a national championship.  

Simms gets his first start as a Longhorn and throws an interception that was returned for a touchdown. Simms is pulled and Applewhite continues to set records. Over the next three games the quarterbacks split time. After the OU game Simms is demoted. His exile lasted for four weeks. Applewhite sprained his right knee late in the game at Texas Tech. Chris struggles against Kansas the next week by throwing another interception that is returned for a touchdown.

With Applewhite on crutches on the sideline and realizing that Applewhite could not replace him he finally settled down and won this game and many more.

The problem with trying to be perfect. see Chris Simms in the 2000 T-Ring reflection section of the tlsn website.

Final ranking 12th nationally


The 2000 team and the 1942 team hold the Texas season record for most forced punts (96) 





Hodges Mitchell sets the single game record for most rushing attemps (45) against Texas Tech, and most all-purpose yards (375) against Kansas.

Leonard Davis is a consensus first team All American and finalist for the Outland Trophy and semifinalist for the Lombardi Trophy.

Roy Williams 2000 Offensive freshman of the year for Big 12

Bo Scaife blows out his left knee.

Longhorns' lose 35-30 Holiday Bowl to Oregon .

Big Changes on defense this year

The spread offenses in the Big 12 forced UT to recruit speed. Mack says "It's not a game for slow guys anymore." Cornerbacks moved to safety, safeties to linebacker,
linebackers to defensive end and ends to tackles.

Casey Hampton

Casey Hampton- Defensive player of the year for Big 12 in 2000

Casey was the first defensive tackle to lead the team in tackles two years in a row.

Below is a quote from Bill Little’s article called the “Quiet Man” written in 2013 about Mack Brown and Casey Hampton

It is a familiar story that Mack Brown uses often; how he was so frustrated with his team after a loss to Oklahoma that he told Royal, "Coach, my team quit."

"No," Darrell said, almost echoing the words of Arnold so many years before. "Teams don't quit. Some players may have given up, and it may look like that. But some of your guys may have gone out and played the best games of their careers."

Mack tells that story to laud all-American and all-Pro Casey Hampton, who did exactly what Royal described in the game.

2001 11-2 Coach Mack Brown this was a national championship contender that made some bad decisions for the Big 12 Championship game

How can a team that in 2000 lost 63-14 to Oklahoma that is 2-6 against ranked teams in the last two years and that has not won a Conference championship since Mackovic win in the first year of the Big 12 win a national championship? These questions were not answered in 2001 .

All the Horns had to do was beat Colorado a team they beat earlier in the year 40-7 in the Big 12 championship game. Coach Brown told the team that since #2 Florida had lost a spot was open for the national championship game. Texas lost 39-37.

Final ranking 5th nationally

The 2001 and 2002 teams hold the Texas record for fewest fumbles in a season (5). 


Dusty Mangum Starts Toward His Record Of 121 Consecutive Extra Points That Ends In 2003.

Dusty Manum Holds The Longhorn Career Record By A Place Kicker For Points Scored (358)


Nathan Vasher Holds The Longhorn Record For Most Punts Returned (8), Most Return Yards In A Game (173) , Most Return Yards In A Season (554) Most Return Yards In A Career (1,314), Most Interception In A Year (17) and for a career. 

 Applewhite already held 40 school passing records.

There is a quarterback controversy and the conflict dominates the headlines and splits the Longhorn fan base.

Coach Brown says "Having two great quarterbacks is not a problem, ... It's a good situation, and I've been there. Everybody talks about, 'Which one is going to play?' But the truth is, both of them are really good and can win." 

Major Applewhite sets UT bowl record against Washington, and Derrick Johnson is the defensive MVP.

Kyle Shanahan the son of Denver Bronco's head coach Mike Shanahan transfers from Duke to Texas.

The band exiting thru the  tunnel at the OU game in the Cotton Bowl is finally eliminated because  the noise level for interviews was intolerable.

Texas dedicates the North Carolina game to Cole Pittman who had recently died in a car accident. Cole's jersey number is 44 and Texas wins 44-14 


2002- 11-2 “TAKE DALLAS BACK” Coach Mack Brown - 6th Nationally

Roy Williams and quarterback Chris Simms represented a wealth of talent for the Horns that and beat LSU in the Cotton Bowl. 35-20. However many fans were unhappy with Mack losing to OU all the time saying Mack Brown was more gifted at recruiting than coaching. Royal responded by saying “you have to enjoy the wins and handle the losses," Brown agreed by saying "If you're relieved after wins and devastated after losses, then you never, ever have a good day."




Roy Williams Holds The Longhorn Career Record For Most yards receiving (3,866); Consecutive Games With A Reception (47); Most 100 Yard Games In A Career (16).





Ivan Williams says " I could've juked him (Husker defender) but I just hadn't had the chance to run over anybody in a long time."

Texas wins 11 games and beats Nebraska again to snap the Huskers  26 home winning streak.  Nathan Vasher has a game winning interception to end Nebraska's come back.


Rodrique Wright is 2002 freshman defensive player of the year Big 12



When Rufus Harris is asked by a reporter his position on the team he says DESTRUCTIVE BACK".

 The 2002 recruiting class plays a major factor in the 2005 National Championship. In Geoff Ketchum Book The Die Hard Fan's guide to Longhorn Football  he states that the 2002 recruiting class has six  5 star high school recruits, 13 Longhorn starters, 10 All Big 12 selections, 5 All Americans, 2 major award winners, and 9 NFL players.  After 2002 It takes  UT a total of 5 years to attract six more 5 star high school athletes.  

Texas takes "Dallas back" after losing 5 straight Cotton Bowls by  beating LSU. 


Roy Williams returns for his senior year because "I  wasn't the best receiver in the nation last year; [Michigan  State's] Charles Rogers was," said Williams. "I gotta make it  right." Roy is committed to make himself better. Chance Mock says "His method is to make things as hard for himself  as possible" at practice to prepare for game day.

Mack Brown also told the fans to expect more running and play action in 2003 with more zone coverage from the talented secondary.

Final ranking 12th nationally

Derrick Johnson says of himself " I'm like a heat-seeking missile, and the ball carrier is the target."


Derrick Johnson Holds The Longhorn Career Record For Most Interceptions, Most Tackles For A Loss (65), and Most Forced Fumbles In A Season (9).




D.D. Lewis Holds The Longhorn Career Record For Forced Fumble Recoveries (10).




2003 Dakarai Pearson.jpg

Dakari Pearson Holds The Record For Longest Touchdown After A Fumble (77 yards)

 Chance Mock replaces Simms as the starter.

Chance is the first native born Texan to start since 1997.  He has a bumper sticker on his truck that says “American by Birth, Texan by the Grace of God.”

Roy Williams says of Chance, “he likes to hunt, he dips, he fishes, and he wears a John Deere hat, and they want to call me different.”

Bo Scaife says “he’s just got this aura about him, ”, and his teammates love him. Brock Edwards said “The way he plays inspires me. When he talks and tries to throw down with a linebacker, that gets me going. It gets the morale of the whole team going.”


Chance Mock Enters Texas Football History With A Touchdown Pass To B.J. Johnson With Only 46 Seconds Remaining To Beat Texas Tech. He Holds The Longhorn Season Record For Fewest Pass Interceptions (2).

 Only the greatness of Vince Young keeps Chance from setting many records as quarterback at Texas. Young will prove to be the most dynamic quarterback since Michael Vick. Mack says with Young “plays are never dead, games are never over.”

With Young’s talent Texas modifies the offense adding a zone read, bootleg, quarterback draw, and plays where Vince is a running back in the quarterback position.


 Larry Dibbles says " I like to dominate, and frankly, looking at me is a scary sight."

OU assistant coaches tell Arkansas assistant coaches to be very physical and the Longhorns will give up. Arkansas beats Texas 38-28.  

Phillip Geiggar saves the win against Kansas State by forcing a fumble on QB Eli Roberson. Vince Young (2nd team) was given the call and led the team 88 yards for the game winning drive. 


Vince Young and Cedric Benson each ran for 150 yards or more against Nebraska.  No other tandem in UT history has accomplished this feat. 



Selvin Young Sets A Record By Returning A Punt And A Kick-Off For A Touchdown In The Same Game.

Aaron Ross is the winner of the Thorpe Award for best defensive back and is inducted into the Hall of Honor in 2016.


OU's loss to Kansas State in the Big 12 championship game cost Texas a BCS bid.


Vince Young and Cedric Benson each ran for 150 yards or more against Nebraska.  No other tandem in UT history has accomplished this feat. 



2006- 10-3 Coach Mack Brown

Final ranking 13th nationally

Michael Griffin sets the career record for blocked punts (8).

The 2006 team sets the Texas record for most touchdown passes in a game (6). 

A 9 foot sculpture of Earl Campbell is erected on the S.W. corner of the stadium.

Tim Crowder sets the single game record for most tackles for a loss (7).  No image

Freshman Colt McCoy leads a team that is full of talent.  Colt gets hurt in both the Kansas State and Texas A & M games. Longhorns lose both games.

Godzillatron video board at a cost of $8,000,000 is installed.

2007- 10-3 Coach Mack Brown

"The Christians are coming!"  Ranked #19 TCU game close to beating Texas. In Sports Illustrated Mack Brown says "We've been talking about parity for a long time"—since the NCAA cut scholarship limits to 85 in 1994, preventing traditional powers from stockpiling talent. "And it's finally here. Yes, the stars have to align for [the underdogs]. They have to get a fumble, they have to get a missed field goal, things have to happen. But if you're not on your P's and Q's, you're going to lose”.

Final ranking 10th nationally




Quan Cosby Holds The Longhorn Season Record For Kickoff/Punt Returns (61) For 1,195 Yards ,And Career Kickoff Returns Of  (72) For 1,731 Yards.





Mack's team has 43 players with a 3.0  and 8 players  who earn a 4.0. It is the 6th year in a row that Mack Brown has more than 40 players with a 3.0 or higher.


16 players are mentioned as first team in the "official" publication for the Big 12.  



2010 5-7 Pending  Coach Mack Brown

Mack Brown decides to move away from the spread offense in order to bring balance to the pass to run ratio. The formation eliminates the quarterback from the shotgun position and moves him under center. The coaches hope this change will kick-start a running attack that was anemic in 2009. "We just kept getting further away from balance," says Brown. "We threw the ball so much that we lost our play-action pass. And that's your best way to get explosive plays downfield."

Texas finishes the season 5- 7.


Texas Finish's last in the Big 12 South.

The 2010 team  holds the Texas record for most field goals made (23) and the season home game attendance record of 704,580 fans   


Garrett Gilbert holds the record for most passing attempts in a game (59); and most total plays in a game.






Goodwin is the first collegian to win both the Olympic Trials and the NCAA Outdoors long jump competition in the same year since 1960. He is also the first-ever Longhorn to reach the long-jump final in the Olympics.








2011 8-5 still pending Coach Mack Brown

The 2011 team holds the Texas single game record for kick-off return yards of 262 yards against Oklahoma State; most kick off returns in a season (53); and most yards on returns in a season (1,276) .

D.J. Grant is tied with two other Longhorns for the  single Game Record for touchdown receptions (3) as a tight end. 

Mack Brown decides to give second team David Ash and Case McCoy, a chance to wake a moribund offense. It was the right decision for the team.

Though Texas escaped with a win, there is still uncertainty under center. Ash (2 of 3, 35 yards and 36 yards rushing) and McCoy (7 of 8, 57 yards) replaced each other on virtually every play.

Texas was not going to win the Big 12 this year, but they were good enough to act as a spoiler to a team that could win the championship.




Fozzy Whitaker sets the Longhorn game record for kick-off return average of 42 yards and the season record of 42.4 yards.  He holds the record with two 100 yard kick-off returns in back to back games.  The run against Oklahoma State is to the left.


A Lot of Coaching changes this season


2012 9-4 Still pending Coach Mack Brown

Final ranking 19th nationally

David Ash Is The Fastest Longhorn To Reach 1,000 Yards In Passing (4 Games). (Surpassing Major Applewhites record.

The 2012 single home game attendance record is set against West Virginia (101,851)  

This  Longhorn team sets a one game Longhorn record that may never be surpassed. Four team members combine to set a record. 

  • David Ash passes for 326 yards

  • Malcolm Brown rushes for 128 yards

  • Marquise Goodwin catches passes for (102 yards)  and

  • Mike Davis catches passes for (124 yards)

2013 8-5 still pending Coach Mack Brown


The 2013 team  holds the single game Texas record for total offense of 716 yards against New Mexico State. 


Anthony Fera holds the Longhorn record for most consecutive field goals (15).





Jackson Jeffcoat is an All American and wins the Ted Hendricks Award





Coach Brown's  contributions to Longhorn traditions remains a portal to the past that reminds Longhorn fans that heritage shapes the present and empowers the future. 


Assistant Coaches


The  research on the history of Longhorn Sports ends in 2014.  Information will be added at a future date.