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"Stark" which is German for "strong" personifies Lutcher Stark. 
An ardent sports fan, Lutcher was interested in all sports, but he particularly loved football. In 1910, his senior year at UT, Lutcher was the manager of the football team, a job that included assisting with negotiations to determine which teams the squad—then known simply as the Texas Varsity, or Steers—would play.





Following graduation, Lutcher remained vitally involved with the Texas team, and in 1913 he donated warm-up blankets for the players with the word “Longhorns” embroidered on them. Shortly after that gift the UT team became known officially as the "Longhorns". 




Stark was also instrumental in outfitting the Longhorn Band, and providing  money for the leather chaps worn by the "Texas Cowboys". Stark's competitive nature would not tolerate losing which ultimately led to his firing of 4 football coaches which eventually led to the hiring of D.X. Bible.  

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In 1919, Governor William P. Hobby appointed Lutcher Stark to the University of Texas Board of Regents, a position previously held by Lutcher Stark’s father. Lutcher Stark served on the board for a total of 24 years, including 12 years as chairman. His name was added to the University’s Longhorn Hall of Honor in 1958. In the fall of 2008, the University of Texas opened the H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports as part of its renovation of the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, in recognition of Lutcher Stark’s long relationship with the university during his lifetime.

Stark was also awarded two honorary doctor of laws degrees, one from Baylor University in 1933 and the other from Southwestern University, Memphis, Tennessee, in 1938. In 1963, Stark received a distinguished service award from Texas Woman’s University.


Parts of the TLSN content  are available in more detain on the Stark website created by Jan and Terry Todd  who are founders of the Stark Center. Please visit the Stark Center site for a fascinating Journey thru Sports History.

More than any other person, Lutcher Stark put UT on the path to athletic greatness. 
During his many years (1919-1944) as a member and chairman of the UT Board of Regents, Stark made countless contributions to UT. He served as a regent longer than any other person ever has, and for decades he gave both time and treasure to the university he loved. 

Lutcher Stark and Theo Bellmont  conceived of the idea of the stadium as a memorial to those Texans who served in World War I, and Stark led the fundraising campaign to construct it.

Stark was a firm believer in the benefits of weight training—a form of exercise that totally transformed sports and physical fitness over the next century.  Stark met L. Theo Bellmont, who was then the director of the Houston YMCA. Stark had much in common with Bellmont, who was also a weight-trainer, and he convinced the Board of Regents that Bellmont should be appointed as UT’s Athletic Director.  

The History of the Stark family

 It is fitting that after the  vision of Jan and Terry Todd was presented to the Stark Foundation both in writing and in person, the foundation’s board agreed to provide the $3,500,000 gift that would encourage The University to recognize and honor Stark for his service to UT by constructing the H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports on the North side of the stadium as  next-door neighbor to Bellmont Hall.