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Dear Horns



Dear Longhorns,

I really do not know where to begin to thank you for all you have done for us.  We sold our house on June 28th.  Please do not feel bad that we had to do that.  As I said, if you had not been helping us, instead of being able to sell it, the bank would have foreclosed and we would not have been able to get anything out of it.  As it happened, I was able to  pay off our credit cards and loans with the sale of the house and now, we have credit to continue to manage until I return to work.  


We continue to be in Ann Arbor.  We are at a hotel near the hospital and will be here until the end of August.  Some teachers from Yanaq's elementary school began a gofundme page to pay for the cost of the hotel.  Yanaq is doing well and his doctor says he is responding well to the transplant and tolerating treatment.  He continues to have trouble eating.  He is on IV therapy at night time.  I will start work next week, only one day a week at first.  I hope to be up to 3 days a week by September 1st.  Yanaq cannot go back to school for 6 months to a year,   My husband is almost finished with the house we will move into - he has only a few more things to do before the water can be hooked up.  Then, we petition the city for final inspection and occupancy.  

So, things are coming together.  I never imagined having to start over at 53!  But, if my boy can get his health back, that is all that matters. Your financial support has made this tragedy so much easier to bear.  Your kindness and concern have been comforting and I cannot thank you enough.  

I hope you and yours are well.



As of July 8th 2018 and with a joyful heart I can say  Yanaq’s  blood counts are returning, he is free of infection, and his calorie intake is adequate.   Soon Yanaq will be going home. Thanks to all the donors that helped Jackie. While she may not have been on your team she is still a  teammate  in spirit.   Her contributions to our great university  opens a portal to the past that remind all Longhorns that she is part of UT heritage and has  contributed to shape the present and empower the future of UTOn behalf of the three TLSN board members- Benny Pace, Jim Kay, and Billy Dale- please support the TLSN mission by sending a $50 donation so that TLSN is prepared  to help the next qualifying individual.

Blessing to All,

5/26/2018   - letter from Jackie Campbell

Dear LongHorn Family,

I want to give you am update on Yanaq. This is his 9th day since transplant (day 16 in the hospital), and he is doing well.  There is a waiting time (usually 10-21 days) where all of his blood counts are low and while his brother's marrow is settling in and seeding.  We wait for his blood counts to return while trying to keep him free of infection and eating enough calories.  So far, so good.  We were fortunate to get a room at the Ronald McDonald House just across the street so his siblings and dad can stay there and visit as much as possible.  That is what seems to help him the most.  Overall, his spirits are good and he has a good attitude, pushing himself to do what he needs to in order for things to go well.  


Temporary financial support was approved by the UT Compliance department. 

Jackie Campbell Quispe is the type of former Longhorn student athlete that TLSN seeks to help consistent with TLSN’s charitable purposes. Jackie is a former volleyball player from the mid-80’s and is the sole source of financial support for her family which include three children in college and four still at home, including her eleven-year-old son, Yanaq.  On November 17, 2017, Yanaq, was diagnosed with leukemia.   As a result, Jackie has only been able to work sporadically. 


Yanaq is in the blue on the fence. Jackie is second from the left

 The goal of TLSN is to have funds available for grants to qualifying applicants without having to seek contributions from donors every time assistance is needed.  That  is not the present situation.  At present TLSN has raised approximately $15,000 in our general fund to help Jackie, but by the end of June the donor general fund account will be depleted.   Please donate to the TLSN tax exempt 501 (C) (3)  general fund so we can continue to help  Jackie  and other future  qualifying applicants.  


Qualifying applicants must complete a form and submit to the UT compliance department for approval for financial assistance, and the TLSN board must also complete due diligence to make sure the grant is used for the purposes intended. Jackie's request for temporary financial help was approved by both UT compliance and the TLSN Board in January 2018

The grant amount sent to Jackie as of the end of April 2018 is $9.183.00. The grant money has been used to pay for:

Company                              Purpose   

Besco                               Water treatment   
Semco Energy                   Gas furnace    
AT & T                              phone    
Kellogg Community           mortgage    
groceries                          groceries
Sprint                              phone     
Gas                                  car