Jackie Campbell Quispe is the type of former student athlete that TLSN seeks to help consistent with TLSN’s charitable purposes. Jackie is a former volleyball player from the mid-80’s and is the sole source of financial support for her family which include three children in college and four still at home, including her eleven-year-old son, Yanaq.  On November 17, 2017, Yanaq, was diagnosed with leukemia.   As a result, Jackie has only been working sporadically. 

 The goal of TLSN is to have funds available for grants to qualifying applicants without having to seek contributions from donors every time assistance is needed.  That  is not the present situation.  At present TLSN has raised approximately $15,000 in our general fund to help Jackie, but by the end of June the donor fund account will be depleted.   Please donate to the TLSN tax exempt 501 (C) (3)  general fund so we can continue to help  Jackie or use the new donations  to help the next qualifying applicant.  


Yanaq is in the blue on the fence. Jackie is second from the left 


Jackie's  comments to her Longhorn teammates in all sports made  in late April 2018  was that  "Yanaq will be admitted to U of Michigan on May 11th and have his bone marrow transplant on May 17th.  His brother, Josef, (15 - sophmore in HS) will be his donor.  They tell us the hospital stay will be about 6 weeks and that we will be expected to stay in the Ann Arbor area for 2-3 months."  




"We are showing our home but have not had any offers yet.  Hopefully the timing will work out alright, and we will sell around the same time we have the other house ready and up to city code.   I will keep you posted on that as well.

Thanks again for everything! 

Jackie and family

Both the Board of Directors of TLSN and the U.T. Compliance Department have approved Jackie’s request for financial assistance.