WETS (Working Exes For Texas Swimming)  Was Organized In 1968 When A Group Of Former Longhorn Swimmers, Divers And Coaches, Headed By Tex Robertson, Met To Promote University Of Texas Aquatic Excellence. The Initial Goals Of WETS Were To: Honor The Past Accomplishments Of UT Swimmers And Divers; Promote The Present And Future Success Of Texas Swimming And Diving; And To Provide A Common Forum For All Former Texas Swimmers, Divers, Coaches And Fans To Gather And Stay Connected. Their Site Information Is Listed Below.


The link to the Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame is below




Olympian Jill Sterkel 

Jill Sterkel arrived in the Forty Acres from Hacienda Heights, Calif., in the fall of 1979 as a student-athlete on the women's swimming and diving team. She has served as the Executive Director of the T-Association since 2006.

Prior to joining the T-Association staff, Sterkel was the head coach of the UT women's swimming team from 1992-2006 and assistant coach of the UT women's swimming team from 1986-91. As an athlete, she was a four-time Olympian, winning two gold medals and two bronze in freestyle and relays. She is a 16-time individual national champion, and is a two time winner of the Honda Award as National Female Swimmer of the Year .

Sterkel earned her undergraduate degree in education and a master's in Kinesiology.  

Jill Sterkel has received more honors then anyone in UT swimming history that includes 4  Olympic's teams  in 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988

Jill Sterkel wins the National Championship in

  • the 50 free 1980-1983

  • the 100 free 1980- 1983

  • the 50 fly 1980-1983

  • the 100 fly 1980-1983


Jill Sterkel's honors include

  • 1981- Jill is the only Longhorn Swimmer who has received the Broderick Cup National Female Athlete of the year

  • 1979 and 1980 Broderick Award for National Swimmer of the Year.

  • Holds the national record for points scored (100) in 1981 and 1982.

  • Named to the All American team 27 times



A condensed bullet point history of Texas Longhorn Swimming follows. Please go to the "credit" section of this website to view books you can purchase from many fine book stores about Texas Longhorn Sports or please visit the official University of Texas Longhorn site Texassports.com for more detailed information  

Longhorn women's Swimming has won Nine National Championships

  • 1981 AIAW, Coach Paul Bergen

  • 1982 AIAW Coach Richard Quick

  • 1984 Coach Richard Quick

  • 1985 Coach Richard Quick

  • 1986 Coach Richard Quick

  • 1987 Coach Richard Quick

  • 1988 Coach Richard Quick

  • 1990 Coach Mark Schubert

  • 1991 Coach Mark Schubert

No other Longhorn sports program comes close to the success of Longhorn Swimming.



Rosemary Slack  

In 1963 Rosemary Slack coached and sponsored the synchronized "Turtle Club" founded by Anna Hiss.  

In 1969  Rosemary became the first swim coach for the women's swim team and won the first SWC championship held at UT-Arlington.

1971 - 1979 Coach Melvin "Pat Patterson- The Journey into Destiny Begins

1971 - 1979 Coach Melvin "Pat Patterson



Top song 1971










Below is the link to Coach Patterson's induction into the Swimming Hall of Fame.











Mike Sorrells served as an assistant coach under Pat Patterson at the University of Texas from 1971-1972. Coach Sorrells was the driving force to separate the state meet into 5A and 4A-and-under divisions, giving more athletes the chance to compete at the highest level. He was voted TISCA Coach of the year in 2001. Over the course of his career he coached more than 40 individual and relay state champions and sent five of his swimmers to the Olympics.


1976- Coach Patterson

Beery Boggs finishes 6, 7th, and 10th at 3 different events at AIAW nationals.   Micaela Brown places 8th in the AIAW National meet in the 3-meter dive.


1977-1978 Coach Ray Woods


The 1978 team  competed internationally in Mexico.  Individual school and conference records were set by Julie Gray,  Lisa Kelsey, Ann Giardeau, Marilyn Fulbright, and Diane Walker.


1979 Texas women lit the tower orange. Led by Joan Pennington who won 5 evernts, Dian Girard with 4  the Longhorns beat Houston for the state titled.  At the AIAW national championship the Horns place 4th. 



Dian Girard  wins the National Championship in the 400 IM.

All American 14 times.



Joan Pennington wins the National Championship in the 100 fly and the 100 IM in 1979 and 1980, , the 50 fly in 1979, and the 200IM in 1979.

All American 26 times

Coach Paul Bergen has a short tenure but it is long on success

Coach Paul Bergen has a short tenure but it is long on success


1979-1981 Coach Paul Bergen recruits and develops 2 Longhorn National Champions



Coach Paul Bergen is responsible for recruiting and developing 2 Longhorn Collegiate Championship teams. Some of the swimmers he coaches include Alice Jones, Deana Deardurff, Jenny Kemp, Joan Pennington, Jill Sterkel, Kim Linehan, and Tracy Caulkins.

Paul is the first swimming coach to apply the training methods used on race horses to swimming. He serves on the USA coaching staff for the World Championships in 1975, 1978 and 1982, and with Canada in 1986. He is an Olympic coach in 1980, 1984, 1988 and 2000.





 Coach Bergen's Olympians who represented The USA


Kim Linehan wins the National Championship in the 500 in 1981 and 1982 - 1650 free in 1981 and 1982 - the 200 fly in 1981 and 1982. She is a member of the Olympic team in 1980 and 1984. All American 20 times




1980- Coach Paul Bergen's Finish 3rd in the Nation

Longhorns have  6 swimmers with 9  of the nations top times but Texas falls to Stanford for the national championship in the AIAW.  Horn swimmers set 8 individual school records and 4 relay records.

The lady Horns manage to  defeat Perennial national power Arizona State, win the  TAIAW, and finish within 6 points of the National Championship  



1981- Coach Paul Bergen's Team wins the  National Championship

Coach Bergen Is recognized as National Coach Of The Year 1981


Carol Borgmann wins the National Championship in the 100 IM in 1981 and the 100 IM and 200IM in 1982. All American 18 times

Kim Black is National Champion in the 1650 free. All American 4 times


1982- Coach Paul Bergen's Team wins the  National Championship

Early in the swimming season Texas in three days defeated Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, UCLA and USC.  The team was very deep in talent in swimming and diving. Sterkel, Linehan and Bormann led the way to the second AIAW National championship



Coach Quick is a tornado over water. He recruits well and funnels his team talent into 5 National Champions.

Coach Quick is a tornado over water. He recruits well and funnels his team talent into 5 National Champions.

Coach Richard Quick  - 1983-1988

  • HOH in 2004

  • Teams win five straight NCAA titles from 1984-88

  • Coaches 17 UT Olympians, 25 individual NCAA Champions, and 11 NCAA relay titleists

  • Coaches two swimmers of the year

  • Five-time NCAA Coach of the Year

  • Head coach of U.S. Olympic teams in 1988, 1996, 2000 and 2004

  • Named National Swim Coach for women and men through 1988. He was coach of the World Championship in 1986 and the Pan American Games in 1987.

  • Coach Quicks Longhorn swim eams from 1983-1986 had the best GPA of all Longhorn womens sports

Coach Quick's Olympians who represented the USA


Tiffany Cohen also wins the National Championship in the 500 free and 1650 free. 


Tracy McFarlane Wins The National Championship In The 100 Breast In 1985, 1987, And 1988.  










Leigh Ann Fetter wins the National Championship in the 50 free in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 and the 100 free in 1989 and 1990. All American 24 times







Tori Trees wins the National Championship in the 200 back. 





Kim Rhodenbaugh wins the National Championship in the 200 Im and 200 breast. 



Betsy Mitchell also wins the National Championship in the 100 and 200 back in 1986, 1987, and 1988 and the 200 IM  in 1987. All American 20 times.

Betsy Mitchell receives a NCAA post-graduate scholarship.





Debbie Risen wins the National Championship in the 100 back

1983- Coach Richard Quick (pending)

AIAW folds as the NCAA Takes over Women's Athletic's. Lopiano said " From a philosophical and financial standpoint, we (Texas) are not eager to conduct our program under NCAA rules".  Women athletes "will lose considerable protection and due process which they now enjoy with the AIAW." "Our coaches will now " be forced to hit the road and spend considerable time recruiting off campus and thus spend less time teaching and guiding the college experiences of athletes currently on campus."  Lopiano ended her interview by saying "for all practical purposes the AIAW was dead, and therefore, UT had no choice but to follow everyone else into the outstretched arms of the NCAA."

Karen McGrath receives a NCAA post-graduate scholarhip. (no picture)


1984 - National Champions coach Richard Quick 

Richard Quick is National Coach of the Year


Agneta Eriksson  wins the National Championship in the 100 free. All American 7 times






Carrie Steinseifer is an Olympian in 1984





1985 - National Champions coach Richard Quick

There were 9 All Americans on the 1985 team.

In winning the SWC the team members win 18 of 24 events and set 11 SWC meet records.  12 horns qualify for the NCAA Championships.  17 swimmers and one diver qualify for the 1985 National championship swim meet.  Tiffany Cohen McGrath and Risen each qualify in 5 individual events. 

1986 w. swimming A  (2).jpg

Kim Rhodenbaugh


The breaststroke is the women Longhorns strongest event with Rhodenbaugh and McFarlane leading the way.  Cohen sets a new NCAA record in the 1650 and 500 meters.  Risen sets a pool record in the 100 back  and Tori Trees wins the 200 back. 

The Horns  logged 5 of the fastest times in the nation in 1985.

Tiffany Cohen is named Collegiate Female Swimmer of the Year.  

1986 -  National Champions coach Richard Quick

Richard Quick Is National Coach Of The Year

Longhorns this year  lose dual meets to Florida and Stanford and the team is week in sprint freestyle events but the Horns still qualify for 50 swimming events.  

Debbie Risen wins the National Championship in the 100 back in 1982



Patty Sabo  wins the National Championship in the 400 IM. All American 14 times







1987 - National Champions coach Richard Quick

1987 national champs swimming.jpg

Mitchell, MacFarlane, Drolsom and Eyles set the seasons fastest time in the 400 yard relay.

1987 w. swimming(46).jpg

Jodi Eyles

Mitchell was named the NCAA Swimmer of the Year. Mitchell set 


1988 - National champions coach Richard Quick

Longhorns qualify 17 for the NCAA meet. A swimmer in every event except the 100 butterfly. Tracey McFarlane gets hurt after her first event and Coach Quick thinks that might hurt the teams chance of a National Championship.


Coach Mark Schubert- 1989-1992


Coach Schubert Is a member of the  USA's Olympic Swimming Team coaching staff in 1980 (which the USA did not attend), 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004. He is also part of the team staff for the 2008 Olympics.

In 1997, he is inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) as an Honor Coach.





Coach Schubert's  Olympians who represented The USA.



1989 - Coach Mark Schubert SWC Champs and 2nd at Nationals

Coach Quick left Coach Schubert in good shape when he left Texas. Returning are 4 SWC champs, 1 NCAA champion, one American record holder, 10 All- Americans, and 4 Olympians





2016 Andrea Hayes HOH 


1990 - National Champions Coach Mark Schubert

The Horns win their 8th national championship by the closest margin in the history of the NCAA. The score is Texas 632 and Stanford 622.5. The team record before championship play is 9-1.Leigh Ann Fetter is the first woman in the history of swimming to break the 22 second barrier in the 50 free style. The National Championship came down to the 400 freestyle relay . Texas is behind after the first three swimmers but Fetter came thru and the Longhorns are national champions.

Diving Coach Mike Brown is National Coach of the Year

Mark Schubert  is National Coach of the Year

1991 - Coach Mark Schubert team wins the National Championship

Once again the Horns are underdogs to Stanford. They had already lost to Stanford once in 1991. This team has 11 All American returning from the 1990 team. Senior Leigh Ann Fetter is the leader and underclasswomen Hansen and Bedford helped the team win their 7th national title in 8 years.



TOP of the charts 1991


Dorsey Tierney wins the National Championship in the 200 breast. All American 16 times. (looking for better photos)


Jodi Wilson wins the National Championship in the 100 back. All American  10 times



1992-Coach Mark Schubert Team was runner-up at the NCAA meet.

14 upperclassman return including 10 All Americans and two national champions but that was not enough as Stanford and Florida start to dominate women’s swimming. No individual national champion Longhorns this year. Team is 3rd in the NCAA meet. Whitney Hedgepeth just missed making the Olympic team. Coach said this years team was the strongest distance team he ever coached.

This was Schubert’s last year as a Horn. He accepted the USC swim coach job at USC on May 18th.


Katy Arris is National Champion in the 1650 free. All American 19 times

Erika Hansen wins the National Championship in the 500 free. All American 9 times


 Whitney Hedgepeth wins the National Championship in the 200 back in 1992 and 1994. All American 20 times



Wikipedia states that Whitney initially signed with Florida where she received seven All American honors at the NCAA meet in 1990. Following her freshman year, she transferred to Texas and finished her NCAA career swimming for coach Jill Sterkel. As a Longhorn swimmer, she won three more NCAA championships and received another twenty All-American honors, for a career total of twenty-seven.

Whitney  Hedgepeth wins the National Championship in the 200 back in 1992 and 1994. All American 20 times






1993-2006- Coach Jill Sterkel

Jill Sterkel's Olympians who represented the USA 




Top of the Chart





Diving Coach Mike Brown is National Coach of the Year

Kristi Busico  is an Academic All American. 


1994- Coach Jill Sterkel 12 SWC title and runner up at the National meet.

There are three individual national championships , two silvers , and 5 bronze. Team is led by Whitney Hedgepeth and B.J. Bedford. There are 18 members of the team qualify for the NCAA meet. Bedford set two SWC records in the 100 and 200 breast stroke and Kristi Busico won teh 200 breaststroke. Robin Carter was high point diver.



Tobie Smith wins the National Championship in the 1650 free. All American 10 times



1995- Coach Jill Sterkel pending

1996- Coach Jill Sterkel Pending



1999- Coach Jill Sterkel

Jill Sterkel is an Assistant Coach for the  1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada.

2001 - Co-Head Coach Jill Sterkel and Mike Walker 


Sterkel is in an assistant coach at the 2001 World Championships in Fukuoka Japan. It is  marked as the first time a female served in an assistant coach's capacity for Team USA.


2002 - Co-Head Coach Jill Sterkel And Mike Walker(pENDING)










2003 -Co-Head Coach Jill Sterkel And Mike Walker (PENDING)

In 2003, Sterkel served as the head coach for the World University Games in Daegu, Korea.


2004 -Co-Head Coach Jill Sterkel And Mike Walker(PENDING)

Alisa Schuknecht is an Academic All American. (no picture) 


2005 - Co-Head Coach Jill Sterkel And Mike Walker (PENDING)

Paige Nath  Academic MVP (no picture)

Sarah  Wanezek teamMVP (no picture)


.facebook_1502081989930 (002).jpg

Kim Brackins  2006 - 2012

Kim Brackins takes the reigns of the Women's Swimming Program

Kim Brackins takes the reigns of the Women's Swimming Program


Coach Kim Brackins Olympian who represented the USA

2006 Coach Kim Brackins(PENDING)


Katie Robinson is Academic MVP

Kacie Gaskin is team MVP





2007 Coach Kim Brackin(PENDING)




Katie Riefenstahl

• Four-time All-American
• Four-time honorable mention All-American
• Four-time Big 12 Champion
• Two-time finalist, 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials
• Two-time finalist, 2007 USA Swimming National Championships
• 2010 and 2011 Academic All-Big 12 (first team)





Mary Yarrison  is an Academic All American. 


2008 Coach Kim Brackin(pending)

Kathryn Kelly  is an Academic All American. 












2009 Coach Kim Brackin(Pending)


2010 Coach Kim Brackin(Pending)

Karlee Bispo is an Academic All American. 


2011 Coach Kim Brackin(Pending)



Kelsey Amundsen

• Six-time All-American
• Three-time honorable mention All-American
• Six-time Big 12 Champion
• School record holder, 400 medley relay
• 2011 Academic All-Big 12 (first team)







Ellen Lob


• Three-time All-American
• Honorable Mention All-American
• Big 12 Champion
• 2012 Academic All-Big 12 (first team)





2012 Coach Kim Brackin(Pending))

It has been 25 years since Texas Women won a National Championship

It has been 25 years since Texas Women won a National Championship

Coach Carol Capitani 2013 to present 

Names to follow-up Shelby Cullinan, Diana Wilcox , Maren Taylor,  Kathryn Kelly , Mary Yarrison 

2016 history stops here - information to be added in the future