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It is not how big you are. It is how big you play

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Texas Women's Basketball

Much of the research for the history of Longhorn women's basketball was captured by Miriam Richards in 2012 as part of her Capstone project. The link to her site is in the credit section of the TLSN  website. 

Full varsity intercollegiate competition in women's basketball began in 1974 with Head Coach Rodney Page.  As of 2015, The Longhorns rank fifth in total victories and seventh in all-time win percentage among all NCAA Division I women's college basketball programs, with an all-time won-loss record of 1012–372 (.731). The Longhorns have won 22 total conference championships and 28 total appearances in the NCAA Tournament with 1 National Championship, 3 trips to the Final four, and  9 times to the Elite 8. 

As of March 28, 2016, Texas ranks fourteenth in all-time NCAA Tournament victories .

Coach Conradt Olympians 

Link below to Nell Fortner video


Coach Jody Conradt - 1976-2007

When Coach Conradt is asked what is the major change she has witnessed during her coaching career in Texas she says "things that have changed, counting around the room, there are 11 media representatives here. If I could think back to when I first came here, if there were this many people in the stands, it meant someone's family was in town."

  • 783-245 won-loss record

  • 5- Elite 8 appearances

  • 3- Sweet 16 appearances

  • 1- National Championship

  • 2- Final 4 appearances

  • Ranked #1 in polls for 4 years

  • Appeared in NCAA tournament 21 of 25 years (NCAA tournament did not begin until the 1982-1983 season

  • Ranked in the top 10 for 11 out of 12 years from 1979-1990

  • 1998- enshrined in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

  • First college women's basketball coach to reach 700 career victories

  • National Coach of the Year 1980, 1984, 1986, 1997, 2003, 2004

  • Total career record 900-309 for a .744 w/l record


A tribute to Jody Conradt from Condellezza Rice is in the link below.

1976  36-10 record -

Jody Conradt is hired at the "exorbitant" salary of $19,000

Much of the research for the history of Longhorn women's basketball was captured by Miriam Richards in 2012 as part of her Capstone project and Tessa Nichols thesis in 2007.

In their 11th intercollegiate season, the Longhorns season opener against Temple Junior College had the honor of being the first event to take place in the newly constructed Special Events Center (now the Frank Erwin Center). The Longhorns defeated Temple, 67-64. Temple guard Evwella Munn, who later transferred to UT, scored the building's very first basket. After the game, senior Retha Swindell said, "We were talking before the game about how we wanted to be the first team to score there. We didn't want Temple to score first. So what happens? They go out and score first."

Photo credit: H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports, Women's Basketball Records



Top Song 1977 Staying Alive





The first year's of women's basketball was to just staying alive. In order to save money on the First out of State game the team stayed with Lopiano's parents in Connecticut.

Texas makes the top 20

Women's programs first game  in the "Drum".

1977-29-10  pending Coach Conradt


Ranked #12 in the AIAW.  South Zone champions. Linda Waggoner leads the way when the team lost  two starters to injuries. 



1978-  37-4 record  Coach Conradt


National championship teams require good recruiting, a competent coaching staff, players with faith in the system, trust and respect from teammates, talent, team chemistry, a strong work ethic, and a little luck. With a little luck this team could have been a National Champion.

Coach Conradt recruits players with speed to play a pressing and fast break offense.  Linda Waggoner and Jackie Swaim lead the team to success.  Tennessee humiliates the Horns 84-66  and settle for second place in the TAIWA  tournament.   Texas lost to Louisiana Tech at the AIAW playoff tournament.  Linda Waggoner is chosen as one of the top 20 basketball athletes in the nation. 

Ranked #2 in the polls

Rheta Swindell

Retha Swindell , a 6-2 post, was the first black woman to play any sport at Texas and one of the first two All-American. She was recruited by Rodney Page who was the first black coach at Texas. Rodney Page is a contributor to the site, and tells her story in an article written in February 2019.

She’s one of only five players to record 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds in her UT career. As of 2018 her school records of 1,759 career rebounds and average of 11.6 rebounds per game still stands. She ranks 8th in all-time scoring. Coach Conradt says it was unusual in the 70’s to have a woman as tall and mobile as Rheta.







1979-  33-4 record   Coach Conradt #4 ranking nationally


The Horns had a great year but it was obvious that they were still not ready for big league basketball when the lost to Old Dominion 75-45.  Texas did not win the state championship or a regional championship even though they had one of the best records in basketball .

The Texas Women's Athletic department continues to wean itself from dependence on the the Men's program. 

There are 3 televised games

Swaim is lost for the season due to injury.


Texas has a 31 game win streak

Old Dominion embarrasses Texas (75-45). Texas still has a long way to go to be part of elite College basketball. 

Conradt is AIAW Coach of the year.

1980- 28-8 record  Coach Conradt   12th in the Nation

Team wins the State titled but lost the AIAW regionals to SFA again.  Horns receive a at large bid to  the AIAW Nationals but lose to Illinois State. 

Swaim had a school record 40 points against N.E. Louisiana.  

According to the book THE HISTORY OF TEXAS BASKETBALL by Richard Pennington, Coach Conradt and AD Donna Lopiano support the AIAW over the NCAA's bid for control of Women's college sports. 

Swaim recovered from her knee injury ask for hardship status and receives it. 

First year for SWC tournament

Since the inception of the AIAW the Longhorns are  dominated in the state tournament by Stephen F. Austin and Wayland Baptist. This year that changes.  For the first time in Texas Women's basketball history the whole Tower is burnt orange.

Texas is eliminated by Illinois State in tournament play.   



1981- 35-4  record Coach Conradt

National championship teams require good recruiting, a competent coaching staff, players with faith in the system, trust and respect from teammates, talent, team chemistry, a strong work ethic, and a little luck.  With a little luck this team could have been a National Champion.   

This is the Last year for the AIAW.  Paul Schnitt of the Austin American Statesman stated that the AIAW members included "the giant burnt orange steer against a bunch of foundering midgets."

From 1977-1981 the Longhorns never made it past the regionals in the AIAW tournament, but in the final year of the AIAW Texas makes it to the finals. Carrying a 32 game win streak Texas loses to Rutgers in the championship game. 


1982- 30-3  Coach Conradt first year under NCAA rules Elite 8


National championship teams require good recruiting, a competent coaching staff, players with faith in the system, trust and respect from teammates, talent, team chemistry, a strong work ethic, and a little luck. With a little luck this team could have been a National Champion.

In 1983 Conradt says this is her deepest and most talented team she has ever had.  This was the first Longhorn to make the top 10.

The Longhorns are 0-5 against Stephen F. Austin but  in 1983 Texas finally breaks this streak to win 95-88. 

Annette Smith is the SWC Conference Player of the Year. Texas makes the NCAA tournament but Louisiana Tech ends the Longhorns 25 game winning streak .  


1983- 32- 3 record  A great team with bad luck- 5 knee injuries Ruins a  National championship run elite 8

 Five Longhorns, were lost because of knee injuries. The 5'11" Annette Smith needed five hours of reconstructive surgery, five months on crutches and 15 months of rehabilitation.

Annette Smith, UT's All-Time Leading Scorer




National championship teams require good recruiting, a competent coaching staff, players with faith in the system, trust and respect from teammates, talent, team chemistry, a strong work ethic, and a little luck.  With a little luck this team could have been  a National Champion.   

Ranked number one in the polls but they are  eliminated in tournament play. 


Fran played for coach Jody Conradt from 1982-86.  During her years as a Longhorn she was named Southwest Conference Player of the Year in 1984-85 and was team MVP of the national championship team. 

After college Harris played professional basketball in the WNBA, and for a Italian and Swiss team. 

After basketball she spent time with Procter & Gamble, as a broadcaster with ESPN , a host on HGTV Home Rules, Good Morning America, and as an adjunct professor at UT. 

In 2007 Harris was inducted to the UT Athletics Women’s Hall of Honor. 

In 2014 Fran Harris returned to her roots and is now a part of the administration for Longhorn Women's basketball 

1984 28-3 record- ranked number one in the polls but eliminated by Western Kentucky in NCAA tournament play. 

Kamie Etridge 1982 AA.jpg

Kamie Ethridge inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame 2002



Texas is beat 92-90 in the Mideast Regional championship game by Western Kentucky. "I'm not over it yet; I'll never get over it," says Texas coach Jody Conradt. " Jody’s record over 3 years is 90-9 with no national championship.



National championship teams require good recruiting, a competent coaching staff, players with faith in the system, trust and respect from teammates, talent, team chemistry, a strong work ethic, and a little luck.  With a little luck this team could have been a National Champion.   



Coach Conradt for the first time concedes that the lack of a challenges from SWC teams in conference play makes it difficult to be at the top of their game during NCAA tournament play.

The Conradt basketball dynasty is featured in Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and The New York Times. NBC, ESPN, and CNN also did specials on the Horns.  



1985-  34-0  Completed the first perfect season in women's college basketball in the NCAA era

Much of the research for the history of Longhorn women's basketball  was captured by Miriam Richards in 2012 as part of her Capstone project.

The status of Annette Smith’s injury is the X factor that either transforms Texas into a national champion if healed and a also ran if not.

champs 86.jpg

Clarissa Davis scores 24 points to help the Longhorns win their first and only basketball championship 97- 81.

Fran Harris is known as as Auto, for Automatic, for her great jump shot. Fran is the team's high scorer with 15 points per game .

Miriam Richards says:

"After No. 1 rankings and high expectations in their previous two seasons, the Longhorns finally capitalized against USC in the 1986 National Championship Game, making history in the process as the first team to go undefeated at 34-0."

Georgia Coach Andy Landers on the 1986 Longhorns: "You could take their first five, mix them up with five high school players, take their second five, mix them up with five high school players, and you'd still have four teams probably good enough to be in the Top 10."

Jody Conradt about the game:

"The first thought was perfection. Immediately after the USC game, it just hit me that we had accomplished something no other team had. There will be a champion crowned every year, but the undefeated championships will form an elite group."

UT Women's Basketball made their first televised appearance on ESPN against Old Dominion, the defending national champions. Following their victory over Old Dominion, it became readily apparent just how talented the 1986 squad was. After the game Old Dominion Coach Marianne Stanley said, “I think Texas is a team of destiny, they want it and don’t want anybody to come in here and take it away from them.”

There were 17,338 empty seats in 23,000-seat Rupp Arena for the women’s championship game.

Average attendance for game sets a record of 5,289 per game.

Texas is 98-0 in conference play since 1978. 

For the 3rd time Conradt is National Coach of the Year.



1986- 1987- 31-2 record final 4

With A Little Luck This Team Could Have Been A National Champion.  Team makes the final 4 but loses to Louisiana Tech at Reunion Arena 79-75.  


1987- 1988- 32-3 record Elite 8

The Longhorn’s continue to use a patented Lady Longhorn fast break to win games and Beverly Williams and Yolanda Wimbish are back to engineer the break. If they can’t run then Davis will take the shots .

Texas women played a tough schedule this year which included 13 teams that were in the NCAA tournament from the previous year plus the Russia national team. 

Number 1 again

With A Little Luck This Team Could Have Been A National Champion..

Clarrisa Davis 1985 AA.jpg

Clarissa Davis returns and finishes her career as a 2 time National player of the year SWC Player of the Year and Wade Trophy winner.

Texas beats #1 Tennessee in record form. The game was promoted with a ticket giveaway.

Clarissa Davis has 45 points in a victory over Tennessee in front of a NCAA record crowd of 24,563 fans. The count was confirmed by a Guinness's verifier. The attendance for this one game exceeded the season totals of each of the other nine Southeastern Conference women's teams last season. The game was not close. Both coaches wanted a down-to-the-wire epic game to promote women’s basketball. Both were disappointed. "We can hope that people saw the potential," said Summitt afterward, "but obviously we didn't do the sales job we intended to do." Even Texas coach Jody Conradt had a tempered view of her team's stunning show. Conradt said "It would have been better if the score had been closer," she said. "But there are limits that even I have for promoting the game."

Conradt says "The time of women's basketball has arrived, and I honestly mean it when I say the biggest pressure in this game is that I have to put on a good show. We don't have to play flawlessly, but play with intensity and be credible.”




Clarissa has a season ending knee injury later in the year  which hurts the teams chances of winning the national championship. Doretha Conwall was named MVP of the SWC tournament. 



Texas seasons again ends with a loss to Louisiana Tech

1988- 27-5 record  Coach Conradt- Elite 8

183 game winning streak against the SWC teams ends. All of the losses during the year are to teams that made the NCAA tournament. Edna Campbell’s is the MVP for the SWC tournament.

1989 w. basketball (16).jpg
Classic Women's College Basketball - The last few moments of the 1989 NCAA West Regional Final between Maryland and Texas. The Terps held off Texas in Austin to move on to the Final Four. The quality is not so hot because it's from an old VHS tape.
1990  w. basketball Susan Anderson .jpg

Susan Anderson

Edna Campbell and Vicki Hall lead the team this year. Susan Anderson also had a very good year.




1989- 21-9 record  - Elite 8 but The UT program that was dominate in the 80's starts a slow decline

This is a year of first. First time Texas does not get past the first round of the NCAA tournament. First time in 9 years to finish second in the SWC. Most defeats in 13 years , and the lowest basketball ranking ever at # 16.

Sheryl Swoopes signs with Texas but changes her mind and chooses Texas Tech.

Edna Campbell Hall of Honor.  

Texas leads the nation in attendance for the 5th year in a row.

The seasons ends with another loss to Louisiana Tech in the NCAA tournament.  The game was not close  (71-57)


1990- 21-9 record (The centennial year of Longhorn basketball)

Vicki Hall is projected by sports magazines as the key for a Longhorn national championship, but Vicki a senior All American is lost for the season. Conradt said this team did as well as they could under the circumstances. Nekeshia Henderson steps up and helps the team replace Vicki Hall.

March 7, 1991  a 10 winning streak against SWC opponents ends with Texas Tech win 63-61.  It was Tech's first win against the Longhorns in 37 tries. 

The Longhorn Critic proof program begins to fade and Critics start to question Coach Conradt's program.

  • Dallas Morning News writes"Lady Longhorns baffled by decline of dominance".

  • Austin American Statesman states "Slide from the Summit."

  • Coach Conradt told the San Antonio Express-News " The Texas mystique is dead. We're just like anybody else now.

Lamar beats Texas in the NCAA tournament.

1991- 21-10 record Coach Conradt First place tie with Texas Tech

Team loses to Louisiana Tech in the Midwest regionals.

Vicki Hall has a devastating knee injury in 1991 so she receives another years scholarship. Playing with a brace in 1992 Vicki sets a career Longhorn women’s basketball record with 104 three point shots and is All SWC three times.

Texas drops out of the top 25 poll for the first time in 10 years.

More derogatory articles are written about the direction of Coach Conradt’s program.

1992-  22-8 Record Coach Conradt

Freshman year Danielle Viglione leads the SWC in scoring and with the support of the NCAA and title IX women are on the way to equity legislation with the men’s athletic program. The preliminary NCAA plan requires annual reports comparing the treatment of men’s and women’s sports programs.

Top of the Charts 1993 UB40

AD Lopiano resigns to join a Women's Sports Texas settles Title IX lawsuit and the UT administration starts the process of funding women's soccer, softball, and some other sports. 

Coach Conradt becomes the first women's coach to win 600 games

1993-  22-9 Record Coach Conradt

1994-  12-16 Record Coach Conradt

For the first time in the history of the SWC there were no Longhorns on the all-conference team.  This was the first ever losing record and the first time since 1982 the Horns were not in the playoffs Amie Smith led the team in rebounding.

Attendance continues to shrink

Marsha Sharp from Texas Tech says "Tech does not have to be at peak form to beat UT."  Tech won 84-40


 It was an ugly year for the Horns, and the first time in 20 years that Texas did not get invited to a post season tournament. 



1995- 21-9 Record Coach Conradt

A much better year than 1995 but far from great.  Randy Riggs from the Austin American Statesman says " the UT women had made more uphill climbs than Sir Edmund Hillary."

Coach Conradt inducted into the Women's Sports Foundation Hall of Fame.


L-R Angela Jackson, Amie Smith, Vanessa Wallace, Erica Rout, Coach, Amber Hasenmyer, Danielle Viglione

L-R Angela Jackson, Amie Smith, Vanessa Wallace, Erica Rout, Coach, Amber Hasenmyer, Danielle Viglione

1996- 22-8  Record  Coach Conradt

The SWC members SMU, TCU, Rice, and Houston are not included in the new Big 12 conference. 

Conradt gets a $250,000 a year raise and extension until 2002.

Kim Lummus

1997- 12-15 Record Coach Conradt

UT goes 0-11 on the road

1998-  16 12 Record Coach Conradt

1999- 21-13 pending info



TOP OF THE CHARTS 1999 Cristina Aguilera




2000- 21-13 pending info

2000 Stacy Stephens basketball. jpg.jpg

Stacey Stephens - two time All American and a leader on the National Championship team. HOH inductee

2001- 22-10 pending info

2002- 20-6 pending info


2003- 30-5  pending info Texas wins their first big 12 tournament

Conradt Earns 800th Win

Team  makes Final 4 but loses to Connecticut.

Texas' Jody Conradt is  the second women's basketball coach to win 800 games. Conradt is 800-262 in 34 seasons, with one championship.


Stacy Stephens had 16 of her 20 points in the second half

Heather Schreiber had 15 points and a career-high 15 rebounds as Texas (12-4, 5-0 Big 12) snapped Tech's 15-game winning streak and stayed in first place in the conference.

Team  makes Final 4 but loses to Connecticut.




2004- 22-9 opending info




Jamie Carey - two time first team All Big 12 (no picture)






2005- 13-15  pending info


2006- 18-14 pending info




Earnesia Williams is the team MVP and Academic MVP


Coach Conradt won her last home game against Texas Tech. She coached the Longhorns for 31 years and successfully transitioned her teams from the AIAW, to the NCAA, SWC, and to the Big 12.

Kristin Nash

• Academic All-Big 12 Women’s Basketball Team 2007-2011
• UT Athletic Director’s Honor Roll 2007-2011
• State Farm Lone Star Showdown Scholar Athlete 2009-2010
• Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll 2006-2009


Reflection On Coach Conradt's Career At Texas


Coach Conradt is one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time. 

THE 600 CLUB Article from Sports Illustrated December 21, 1992 

 Conradt’s teams advance as far as the final eight four times, but no championship trophy. Including a devastating loss in the Mideast regional semifinal last year, in which Western Kentucky upset Texas 92-90, she said, "I don't think I'll ever get over this."


In the mid-70s, when Coach Jody Conradt was building a winning women's basketball program at Texas, she spent $5 on a magazine that explained North Carolina coach Dean Smith's run-and-jump defense. Coach Conradt said "That became the defensive philosophy I've always tried to follow." 

Years later Coach Conradt joined Dean Smith in the small group of active Division I coaches who won 600 games. She was the first woman to reach that pinnacle in basketball when the Lady Longhorns beat Creighton 86-69. 

Coach Conradt is now the inspiration for many new coaches. Arkansas women's coach John Sutherland, whose team ended Texas's remarkable streak of 183 conference victories in 1990, recalls the time the Lady Longhorns beat the Lady Razorbacks by 42 points in 1985. He asked Conradt to breakfast the next morning, looking for suggestions on how to improve his team. Conradt offered some and then said, "When you beat us...." Sutherland suggested that she meant if, not when. "She pointed a finger at me and said, 'When you beat us. You have to believe that first,' " says Sutherland. "I will never forget that. That was one of the most influential things anyone ever said to me in coaching. There are few people I respect in the game of basketball more than Jody Conradt."

Former Texas Tech Head Coach, Marsha Sharp says"Jody is an icon in the women's game. The program she has built at the University of Texas is a model for programs all across the nation. The footprints she leaves will always be an important part of our history. I personally consider her a mentor and friend, and she has always been a classy competitor. Her 900 wins point to the fact that she is one of the best that has ever coached this game." -

All coaches have to overcome nemesis, injuries, bad luck, and quirky plays  to reach the pinnacle of success in college sports. For the Longhorns under Coach Conradt the nemesis was Louisiana Tech.  Eight years the Longhorns were National Championship contenders and seven times the Longhorns lost to Louisiana Tech. If not for Louisiana Tech, the Longhorns would have more National Championship rings.

Injuries also hurt national championship runs.  Texas winning momentum was thwarted several times by injuries to  players including  Jackie Swaim, Annette Smith, Yulonda Wimbish, Doreatha Conwell, Clarissa Davis, and Vicki Hall.  


even if the Longhorns had beaten Louisiana Tech 8 out of 8 years and Texas women had finished the seasons injury free, bad luck and quirky plays still derailed some Longhorn national championship runs.  As I have said many times on this site, National championship teams require good recruiting, a competent coaching staff, players with faith in the system, trust,  respect, talent, team chemistry, a strong work ethic, and  a little luck.