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Longhorn Olympians







Some of the research for the Longhorn Men's Basketball History is from a great book called Longhorn hoops -The History of Texas Basketball by Richard Pennington. A link to some of his books is below 

Information from Wikipedia concerning Texas Longhorns men's basketball program follows:

The University of Texas began competition in men's basketball in 1906. 

  • The Longhorns rank 17th in total victories among all NCAA Division I college basketball programs with 33 appearances in the NCAA tournament, 3 visits to the final 4 (1943, 1947, 2002), 7 visits to the Elite 8, and one National Champion recognition from the Premo-Porretta Power Poll in 1933 .

  • Texas is second only to Kansas in both all-time wins and all-time win percentage in the Big 12 with 27 conference championships

  • Texas played in two Final Fours and one Elite Eight during the first decade of the NCAA Tournament. 

  • Texas has the 4th longest winning streak in college basketball history.

Longhorn History in Tournament Play

     The History of Longhorn  Men's Basketball (the early years)


Most of the coaches in the early years are hired primarily to coach football first and basketball second. Basketball coaches receive no pay.

Games in the early years are low scoring because there is a jump ball for possession after each score. 

There is no official recruiting system. Many of the players came from the UT intramural system or just show up on campus to try out for the team. 

The players do not receive scholarships. Instead, UT helps the players procure part time jobs to pay for room and board.  


1906- 1907-  11-5 record Coach Magnus Mainland

Player/Coach Mainland has the "T" sweater on in the picture below.  His position was unpaid

1908- basketball cancelled due to funding

1909-1911 Coach Metzenthin 


1909-6-3 record Coach Metzenthin


1909 m. basketball.jpg

Captains - teams played high schools and the School for the Deaf and Dumb 

The Daily Texan And Morgan Vining Convince The UT Administration That  Basketball Is"Good Physical Training For Football Players In The Off Season"Texas reinstates basketball as a major sport and the presentation of the "T" letter to UT basketball players is resumed. teams on the Texas schedule include the deaf and dumb institute and a San Antonio high school. 



1910- 1919  Texas has the 4th highest winning percentage in the USA. 



1910- 6-7 Record Coach W.E. Metzenthin







The team still has financial issues and no gym facility for games and practice.









Texas adventures out of state for the First time to play Oklahoma.  





1911- 1-4 Record Coach Metzenthin

Decision is made not to play teams below college level.

For the first time Texas plays games East of the Mississippi- Tulane, Auburn, and LSU.  Each of these Universities has indoor facilities which requires the Texas team to adjust from outdoor games to indoor games.   

Metzenthin quits coaching and is hired as Chairman of the Athletics Council.

  1912- Coach Burton Rix

Coach is unpaid  

From 1913-1917 Texas enters the Record Books With A 44 Game Win Streak. 

1913-  8-4 record Coach Carl C. Taylor


Coach is unpaid.

 Scottish Rites Theater is leased at $75 a season. It is Texas basketball first indoor arena 

Scottish Rites Theater is leased at $75 a season. It is Texas basketball first indoor arena 

The first Longhorn indoor game is played at Scottish rites theater in Austin. 

Theo Bellmont is the first Athletic Director hired at Texas

1914-1915 Coach Theo Bellmont

1914 record 11-0 Coach Theo Bellmont       

WWI  begins

The 1914 basketball team has the distinction of winning the first ever SWC conference championship.    

Two football players- Clyde Littlefield and Gus "Pig" Dittmar- lead the team and Littlefield is the first Longhorn basketball player named as an All American.

Littlefield during his playing years at Texas led the basketball team to 40 straight victories.






1915- record  14-0  Coach Theo Bellmont

1916- 12- 0 record Coach Roy Henderson


Coach Henderson has two SWC championships and one undefeated season

5 of the 6 starters are football players

Henderson still holds the Longhorn basketball record with the highest winning Conference percentage for two or more seasons as coach. 

Texas and A & M play against each other for the first time.





1917- 13-3 record  Coach Eugene Van Gent 

Men's Gym is built at a cost of $8,500

44 game winning steak ends with a loss to Rice on January 30th 1917

5TH Longest winning streak in men's college basketball belongs to the Longhorns

1.UCLA 88 1971-74 John Wooden

2.San Francisco 60 1955-57  Phil Woolpert

3.UCLA 47 1966-68John Wooden

4.UNLV 45 1990-91 Jerry Tarkanian

5.Texas 44 1913-17 Theo Bellmont, Roy Henderson, Eugene Van Gent

USA enters WWI






1918  - 16-5 record Coach Roy Henderson


James A. "Pete" Edmond Is KIA In October 1918.  HORNS UP!!




WWI ends



1919- 17-3 Record  Coach Roy Henderson


Texas wins the "state championship" on the last game against the Aggies.   The team was composed of military men with their releases from the war effort. Ensign Al DeViney and  Captain Greer joined the team




Flu outbreak kills 200 in austin and all "gatherings" are banned. games are still played but no one except the players attend.































1920- 10 - 6 record Coach Berry Whitaker

Standard's are set to receive the T-man designation.  The standards are set high to represent UT in sports

After one year as basketball coach, Bellmont promotes Whitaker to head football coach. 
















1921- 13-5 record  Coach Theo Bellmont   





Hall of Honor Theo Bellmont. He leads team to first ever 20 win season 

























1923  11-7 record Coach Milton Romney  








Basketball coaches are still not paid









Pap's was all conference.  His accuracy was the reason the team won many games.






1924-1927 COACH E.J. "Doc" Stewart

Doc Stewart is hired by Bellmont as the head coach for football and basketball. Coach Stewart's resume' is impressive -  a medical school graduate , pianist, sportswriter,orator, and a automobile dealer but as Longhorn Coach the fortune of football and basketball plummeted after his first year success's. 

1924 - 23-0 record "Doc" Stewart

This is the last team in school history to go undefeated

                          The 1924 undefeated team number 3 in the nation

                         The 1924 undefeated team number 3 in the nation

Coach Stewart Implements an offense that focuss on ball movement with minimal dribbling and man to man defense

Albert "Abb" Curtis  During His Senior Year At The University Of Texas Played On Undefeated Teams In Football And Basketball And Was The School's No. 1 Scholar-Athlete. Curtis Was Inducted Into The Texas Sports Hall Of Fame In 1973.









1924-1925 17- 5 Record Coach Doc Stewart



Fire Marshall determines that "men's Gym" is a fire trap but no sanctions are enforced. 






 1925- 1926-  12-10 record  Coach Doc Stewart

Doc Stewart is accused of paddling the players as a form of motivation, demanding the players practice on Sunday, and concedes defeat to Arkansas before the game is played.  It is his last year to Coach the Longhorns.  


1926-1927- 13-9 Record Coach Doc Stewart


1927-1936-  TOUGH YEARS fOR  UT basketball 

1927- record 12- 5 Coach Fred Walker

1928 - Record 18-2 Fred Walker


Men's Gym burns down on March 25th 1929

1929-  12-8 record under Fred Walker

1930- 9-15 Record Fred Walker

Gregory Gym opens and is the home of Texas basketball for the next 47 years.

According to Longhorn Hoops the History of Texas Basketball by Richard Pennington Coach Walker is accused of taking some of the Texas players complimentary tickets and selling for his own benefit. Some of the team members ask the UT administration to dismiss Coach Walker. Captain Bull Elkins refuses to play any more games for Coach Walker

Despite not winning the SWC in 1929  this team was touted by many critics as "The Greates Team in the Southwest. 



1930- 9-15 Record Fred Walker



1931- 1934 Coach Ed Olle


Coach Olle  is a two time letterman in football, basketball, and baseball from 1925-1927.





1931- 13-9 record Coach Ed Ollie


Economic times are tough and attendance drops.

Ticket prices are reduced. 


1932- 22-1 record   Coach Ed Ollie

"Premo-Porretta National Champs

Jerry Gray changes basketball shooting technique forever by shooting with just one hand instead of two.

1931-1932 basketball (11).jpg

1933- 14-8 record  Coach Ed Olle


A TCU coach attributes some of his success to a new idea called "recruiting" instead of selecting players thru try outs and scouting the intramural leagues.  

1934 - 16-7 Record Coach Marty Karow


Marty Karow coached the backfield and end coach for Texas in 1926. He was promoted to head basketball coach in  1934 but also was the boxing instructor and freshman basketball and baseball coach from 1933-1934. 

1935- 1936 - 15-9 record Coach marty Karow

At 25 years of age Jack Gray is head coach of the Yearlings

"Recruiting" is on the rise and tryouts for the team are nearing the end. 

Three second rule is implemented to reduce congestion under the basket

Tip off  after a made free throw is eliminated. 

Basketball becomes an Olympic sport ; Texas is  invited to compete in the Olympic trials but loses to Arkansas. 

Jack Collins and Jack Taylor are captains 

1935 was a better year than expected with Jack Taylor playing outstanding basketball supported by Taylor, Baxter,Collins, White, and Osborne. 



1936- 13-10 Record Coach Karow

1937-1942 Coach Jack Gray



1937- 11-11 record under Coach Jack Gray

The center jump after each field goal is eliminated. The scores start to climb.

1938-1939 19-6 record under Coach Jack Gray

Denton Cooley plays a major part in the season. His oral history is below

The Denton A. Cooley Pavilion facility was built in his name. 

SWC Champions - won of Jack Gray's best teams

First year for the NCAA basketball tournament 

Texas is invited to the first NCAA tournament and loses  to the eventual national champion Oregon Ducks. 

58,000 attend the SWC tournament 


1939-1940 18-5 record under Coach Gray

             1939 team reaches Elite 8

            1939 team reaches Elite 8

Texas Tech and Texas compete in basketball for the first time

Coach Gray pushs for more inter-sectional rivalry and accepts an invitation to play in Madison Square Garden ; the New York fans love the Texas fast break and are awed with the accuracy of the Texas "one" hand shots.

 In the era of the two hand shot Oran Spears one handed shot perfected by Jerry Gray was a novelty technique of shooting

In the era of the two hand shot Oran Spears one handed shot perfected by Jerry Gray was a novelty technique of shooting

The first smoking ban was implement AND enforced at Gregory Gym.

Coach Gray was one of the first Coaches to tally statistics and use the resultant numbers to his advantage. 

9000 fans, which was the largest crowd up to this date to see a basketball game, saw Rice beat Texas .  All American Moers had 19 points.  Texas lost 42- 41.

1940- 14-10 record under Coach Gray

9000 fans, which was the largest crowd up to this date to see a basketball game, saw Rice beat Texas .  All American Moers had 19 points.  Texas lost 42- 41.


Denton Cooley plays a major part in the season. His oral history is below

1941 Record 14-9 Coach Jack Gray

Lot of trouble for this team but the managed to beat Arkansas and ruin their chance of a out right SWC championship.


Coach Gray and his assistant Ed Price join the military service for WWII

1943-1945 Coach H.C. "Bully" Gilstrap

1942- 19-7 record Coach H.C. Gilstrap

SWC Co-Champions

The 1942 Longhorns advanced to the NCAA tournament and beat the Washington Huskies before losing to the ultimate winners of the National Championship - Wyoming Cowboys.  John Hargis scored  59 points in two games to set a record that was once  established at 43 points. 


1943- 14-11 Record Coach H.C. Gilstrap

1944- 10-10 Record Coach H.C. Gilstrap

One first 5 games and then fell apart as a team.  First game against the Aggies set a conference scoring record of 77 points and then another record of 81 points at the end of the season. .


1946- 1951 Coach Gray

         The sunrises on   Bevo Basketball under Coach Gray

       The sunrises on Bevo Basketball under Coach Gray


1945- 16-7 record Jack Gray returns from WWII

Finished a disappointing 5th in the SWC.

Attendance increases

1946- 26-2  record under Coach Gray

One of the best teams in Texas Basketball history . The Horns had the best record in the country going into tournament play.

Reached the Final 4  and finished 3rd at Nationals losing to Oklahoma but beating CCNY in Madison Square Garden.  

The mighty Mice - Al Madsen, Slater Martin, and Roy Cox all under 5'11" in height lead the team. 

John Hargis plays an important role in the 1942-1943 and 1946-1947 teams. 



Slater Nelson "Dugie" Martin Jr. sets a scoring record in 1949 with 49 points in a game against TCU. Martin is inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on May 3, 1982 . He is the only Longhorn to be so honored. His jersey number 15 is retired by the University of Texas on January 31, 2009, making him the second Longhorn basketball player to have his number retired. He is also the first Longhorn to play in the NBA.

                                              The 1947 UT basketball team in their Gregory Gym locker room after defeating Arkansas for the SWC championship. From the left, Tom Hamilton, John Hargis, Al Madsen (back), Slater Martin, coach Jack Gray (front), Roy Cox, Dan Wagner, and John Langdon.     


The 1947 UT basketball team in their Gregory Gym locker room after defeating Arkansas for the SWC championship. From the left, Tom Hamilton, John Hargis, Al Madsen (back), Slater Martin, coach Jack Gray (front), Roy Cox, Dan Wagner, and John Langdon.


1947-20-5 record Coach Gray

NIT Invitation but lost to NYU in the last second. Team led the nation in free throw shooting with a .730 average. (351 of 481 shots)



1948-  17-7 record Coach Gray

Recruiting athletes instead of selecting athletes after try outs has profound impact on college sports. This is one of the first years that there is a  competitive struggle between universities for the "services" of a high school athlete. 

Gray thinks recruiting is a disgusting degrading process, and it is one of the major reasons he quits in 1951.

Point shaving becomes a problem particularly in the North East. 


1949-  13-11 record   Coach Jack Gray

Texas and Baylor had their 100th meeting. it is the oldest college Basketball state rivalry.


1950 - Record 13-14  Record Coach Gray

From 1951-1959  The Longhorns won no tournaments and were never ranked.

1951- 1956  Coach Slue Hull

1951- 16-8 record Coach Slue Hull









1952- 12-9 record Coach Slue Hull

in 1952- 7 of the 8 "major" sports were only played by men. 

1953 16- 9 record Coach Slue Hull

1954 4-20 record Coach Slue Hull

It was the worse season in  UT Texas basketball history

1955- 12-12 record under Coach hull










Ellis Olmestead, at 6"10",  was the tallest man to date to play basketball  at UT. 

1956- 1958 Coach Marshall Hughes


1956-  11-13Coach Marshall Hughes

Bad fan behavior at Gregory Gym becomes a significant problem .  

Jack Gallager of the Houston Post states " Texas officials long ago gave up attempting to curb the tribal instincts of the student body."

Lou Maysel of the Austin Statesman said "The University of Texas has a full-fledged crisis on its hands in the form of the howling rabble that turns out for basketball games .......It's a Roman holiday for that element of the UT  enrollment that has not completely bridged the Darwinian evolution from the primitive ape to civilized man."

First televised home game

 Raymond Downs still holds the record of 26.4 points per game average for a season . He is the first Longhorn ever drafted by the NBA   

Raymond Downs still holds the record of 26.4 points per game average for a season . He is the first Longhorn ever drafted by the NBA


1957- Record 10-13 Coach Marshall Hughes pending

1958- record  4-20 Coach Marshall Hughes



1957- Record 10-13 Coach Marshall Hughes pending

1957- Record 10-13 Coach Marshall Hughes pending


Topping the Charts 1958





 Albert Almanza

Albert Almanza



























Coach Hughes resigns.  



From 1959-1976 the Longhorns only participated in 4 NCAA tournaments and won the SWC championship only 4 times in 17 years. 


1959-1967 Coach Harold Bradley

Harold Bradley was rebuffed by  African American basketball players. Twice Coach Bradley thought that he had crossed the race barrier but he failed. James Cash was his best chance to recruit a black athlete. To show his commitment to Cash he visited the Austin City Council and exhorted the  human rights commission to show that Texas was striving to improve race relations. Cash chose TCU over Texas.  Coach Bradley also was so convinced that Lew Alcindor was going to attend Texas he had a preliminary press released written.  With a sense of understanding Bill Little said of Coach Bradley's plight "there were legitimate concerns on how do you integrate when you've had nothing that is an example of it."  


1959- 18-8 record coach Harold Bradley

Coach Bradley is One of the first Texas Coaches that thinks  offering a scholarship is  good for both the school and athlete. 

Since SWC is a weak  college basketball conference Professional sports in Texas  jeopardized fan allegiance to the college game.  

Sweet 16 appearance 

1960 - 14-10 Record Coach Bradley

1961 Record 16-8 Coach Bradley 

1962-   20-7 record    Coach Bradley

First 20  game win season since 1948

Lou Maysel from the Austin American Statesman called Bradley " a cage magician...{who has} transformed a dozen bumpkins into impressive-looking chargers who look like they might run away with the SWC."

Bad sportsmanship  reaches its peak. After Texas beats A & M in Austin, Longhorn fans taunt the Aggies and  hand to hand combat ensues.   Doctors are called to treat the wounded.  The administration from  both universities  considers changing future games to a neutral site.

Larry Franks HOH


Lou Maysel  even suggest a new  arena is  needed to separate the fans from each other and  to eliminate the close proximity of fans to Players.  

Jimmy Gilbert and Mike Humphrey??


1963- 15-9 Record Coach Bradley 

Texas Board of Regents votes to desegregate all athletic activities at UT Austin.



1964-  16-9 record   Coach Bradley 

SWC imposes scholarship limitations 

Leon Black is hired as Asst. coach

Basketball starts to lose popularity in Texas because high school coaches focus more on football and high school gyms are locked at 4:00 p.m.  The high school pipeline that makes the SWC so great in football is not adequate  for basketball . The Gyms need to stay open later to attract pick-up games.

Bradley plans a press release to announce that Lew Alcindor will sign with Texas. Lew Alcindor attends UCLA.


1965-  12-12 record- Coach Bradley  has a 'vocal year" 

According to Richard Pennington's book Longhorn Hoops  Coach Bradley states that SWC teams should not play the Houston Cougars because Houston's academic standards are lower then SWC team and this results in a major recruiting advantage for Houston.  Fred Sanner from the Austin American Statesman starts calling Houston one of the "outlaw schools" 

Coach Bradley says "I  think Texas Tech has the worst crowd in the U.S."

1966- 14-10  record   Coach Bradley

This year the SWC compiles the worse record ever against non-conference competition. 

Coach Bradley literally throws in the towel against Baylor and the Longhorn fans also decide to throw in various objects. 

Coach Bradley resigns

                                                                              Black and Bradley

                                                                             Black and Bradley