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Ed Price in the 30's won 8 letters with the Longhorns and played on championship teams in football, basketball, and baseball. He was head coach of the football team starting in 1951.

From The Early Years  Thru  1965  Rice,  Arkansas, SMU  And TCU Played The Spoiler for Many  Potentially Great Longhorn teams. 

A condensed bullet point history of Texas football from 1937-1956 follows. Please go to the "credit" section of this website to view books you can purchase from many fine book stores about Texas football history or please visit the official University of Texas Longhorn site   

1937-  2-6-1 -  COACH BIBLE

The Cotton Bowl is formed.

Not Only is The Country In A Depressions, but So is UT Football.

Before joining the Longhorns, Dana Bible had a successful coaching career with the The Aggies and the Cornhuskers. The U.T. Administration was so convinced that Bible could turn the Texas program around they offered him a 10 Year Contract at $15,000 A Year And UT Paid His Income Taxes. This was an outrageous salary at the time equating to $245,000 in 2013 dollars. During this period a Professor's Salary is Less Than $4000 And The UT President Makes $8000. 

However, With The Hiring Of Coach Bible Texas Football Enters One Of Its Finest Eras.  Coach Bible Executes "The Bible Plan" To Turn Texas Football Around. He Push's His Players To Succeed In Football, The Classroom, And Life.  Bible was hired for a “scandalous” 10 year contract at $15,000 a year. More than any coach in America, twice the salary of the UT President, and three times as much as a top professor.

Author R.E. Blount said that “Mr. Bible was a sentimentalist who remembered worthy feats and great plays of the past by other Longhorns that had won games or worked consistently for good yardage. “ Bibles pep talks usually contained elements of the teams responsibility to not embarrass family, Longhorn fans, or the state of Texas with poor play.

Coach Bible in 1951 was inducted into the National Football Foundation’s Hall of Fame. In 1960 he was enshrined into the Texas, Texas A & M , and Nebraska Hall of Honor.


Coach Bible

Coach Bible


                                                              Dana X. Bible 

The "Bible" Plan focuses on building a  relationship with the high school coaches. The state of Texas is divided into 15 districts, and alumni groups actively recruited in each district. By 1939 Bible has turned the football program around.    

While he is the Athletic Director his expertise was in football.  He is known for executing small details as building blocks to develop good football teams.   A day in Coach Bible's life during football season includes: 

  • A discussion with  the publicity director:

  • personal recruiting of a boy who visit the campus ;

  • Planning the blocking assignments  and formations for the next game;

  •  followed up with watching the game film from the previous week and implementing corrections necessary to get better;

  • and finally running the plays at practice and again correcting mistakes to  prepare for the next game. 

He Ends His Coaching Career At Texas With 63 Wins, 31 Losses, 3 Ties, and Three Conference Titles. He Continues As AD For 10 More Years And is Instrumental In Hiring Coach Royal. 

However, Bible is never able to deliver A National Championship To Texas.  

The Building Of The Tower is  Completed.

1938- 1-8

An Awful Year For "Ali Bible And The 40 Sieves" - Horns lose their first season opening game in the History of Longhorn Sports.  

But the freshman team is great and actually beats the varsity in a scrimmage. Bible with this great recruiting class sets the stage for the turn-around that starts in 1939.  



Poor Aggies- the Memorial stadium jinx’s continues. Texas only victory in 1938 was against Texas A & M in Austin.


1939-  5-4     WWII STARTS --  this year is a A positive turning point in UT football history.

Helmets were required starting in 1939.

When the Horns played Wisconsin in 1939 Coach Bible said to the team “Boys your old friends are listening on the radio. Boys don’t forget your mother’s, dad’s , your sweethearts , and family. Boys , this is a glorious day in Texas! Every man, woman and child in the State of Texas has planned their day - every business man has finished the job…., every profession man has closed his office- all household chores have been finished, all errands run. Boys , the Eyes of Texas are upon you this afternoon”. Texas won 17-7.

This Team holds the Longhorn Record For most safeties in a year (4);  fewest number of penalties on offense for a year (36);and  fewest returns allowed on kickoff for the season (19) . 

Jack Crain is the first Longhorn to make the top 10 Heisman list.

Jack Crain's unlikely touchdown against Arkansas in the final moments of the game changes Texas mindset from negative to positive. This game is still referred to as the "Renaissance Game" because this game provides positive momentum for the next 10 years. 

football 1939 (1).jpg

front row Flanagan, Basey, Crain, Daniel, Grubbs, Dawson, Jackson, Williams, Gill, 2nd row- Bibble, jung michael, Sanders Garrett, Cohenour, Mauldin, Martin, Goodwin- 3rd row M.W. Kelley trainer, Pool manager, R.L. Harkins , Doss, Scott, Hawthorne, Thayer, Kutner, Layden, Park, Gilstrap.

Texas 14, Arkansas 13
October 21, 1939
Memorial Stadium (Austin, Texas)

Texas is behind 13-7 with just 30 seconds remaining in the game, and many fans are exiting the game. Quarterback Johnny Gill sees a weakness in the Arkansas defense and ask Jack Crain to trade places with him so that Crain can drift out to the flat for a screen Pass. UT fullback R.B. Patrick throws a short pass to Jack Crain and Crain rambles 67 yards for a touchdown. The fans pour onto the field and after a few moments the field is cleared and Jack Crain kicks the extra point to cement the victory. This win helps invigorate the Texas program.

Jack Crain

The comment from Coach Bible In Long Live the Longhorns book by Maher and Bohls states "Things had been going pretty badly until that game (Arkansas) . The way was still long, but we had tasted the fruits of victory and we were on our way." Doss said "that play (Crain's run) and that victory changed our outlook-mine, the players'the student body's and the ex-students."


Hill Hall Was Built To House Athletes Of All Sports. Named After Dr. Homer Hill The Team Physician from 1893-1923. 


football 1939 (6).jpg

Freshman had to work-out with the varsity

1940- 8-2  COACH BIBLE new era

Texas 7, Texas A&M 0

The only score is on the 3rd play of the game when Noble Doss' makes an "impossible catch" to set up a Texas' touchdown. This win ends Texas A&M's 20-game winning streak and ruins A & M’s chance to repeat as National Champions and and a trip to the Rose Bowl. Texas finished the season 8-2, its best record since 1932.


Texas Is Back As A Powerhouse . The corner is turned. This is the best year since 1932. The team beat 5 state universities . Team finished 3rd in conference play but beat the SWC champs Texas A & M. The win against A & M only took 58 seconds, but defeating the Rose Bowl leading contender changed Longhorn football momentum for a decade.

Jack Crain, Mal Kutner, Chal Daniel, and Peter Layden did the heavy lifting this year, but history wil shows that Orban “Spec” Sander from Cameron Junior College a seldom used running back should have been used more.

Longhorn Spec Sanders - the Rest of the Story

Like Priest Holmes Spec Sanders played behind a Heisman nominee. Priest Holmes behind Ricky Williams and Spec Sanders behind Jack Crain . These two second stringers at Texas were All Pro’s in the big leagues. In 1941 second string back Sanders is drafted in the first round by the Washington Redskins based on a scouting report by Bear Bryant. Sanders was All-Pro in 1946 and 1947 while leading the New York Yankees to two American Conference Championships . In 1950 Sanders led the NFL with 13 receptions and was named to the All-Pro team. Unfortunately, his name is almost forgotten because after the NFL absorbed the AAFC all the former league records were expunged. AAFC records are not part of the NFL record books. Spec's career was shaved down significantly. Unofficially, he played four seasons, rushed for 2,900 yards and 33 touchdowns in 40 games as an offensive back, and threw for 2,771 yards and another 23 touchdowns. Spec was credited with 240 points. On defense, he intercepted 19 passes.

Only Layden makes the All-SWC team.

SWC affiliates with the Cotton Bowl.  

This Team's Defense Holds The Longhorn Record For most pass interceptions in a year (34).  

Jack Crain holds the Longhorn season record for most return yards after an interception (160).

Texas Beat A & M On "The Catch".  A Pass From Pete Layden To Noble Doss.  This Longhorn Victory Knocked A & M Out Of The Rose Bowl And Ended Their 20 Game Win Streak . Noble Doss  Has Three Interceptions In The Game

Coach Bible's inspirational speech before playing the "great" A & M team follows:

The title of the speech is "It Couldn't Be Done"

Bible's inspirational poem to his players before playing A & M

Bible's inspirational poem to his players before playing A & M

The Cotton Bowl authorities and the SWC committee members decided to get married. In all future Cotton Bowls the winner of the SWC championship would automatically receive a bid and an obligation to play in Dallas, Tx. in the Cotton Bowl.



Final ranking 4th nationally

Free substitution was allowed.

Texas is seconds away from beating both TCU and Baylor but the end result is one tie and one lost.  However, the NCAA still recognizes this team as a national champion. 

This is  One Of The Best Teams In The History Of Texas Football, And The Media Loves Them. There are 13 Players From This Team Who Play Professionally after graduating from Texas. 

In 1949 an Associated Press poll of sports writers declared that the Baylor team which lost to A & M 48—0 tying #1 Texas 7-7 was the biggest upset in the state of Texas during the first half of the 20th century.

This Team's Defense Holds The Longhorn Record For Fewest Yards Allowed In A Game (5 yards); most punt returns in a season (57);  most punt return yards for the season (799); and most punts blocked in a season (6).

The AP list Texas As A Preseason Number 1 And The  Players are on the cover of Life Magazine.  

Kuntner is the Longhorns first consensus All American.

Time Magazine 1941

Time Magazine 1941

 Texas beats SMU for the first time since 1933! , but Kutner, Layden and Doss suffered injuries.



Chal Daniel and Mike Sweeney are killed in WWII.   HORNS UP!!!  

A ten gallon hat starts the Golden Hat Trophy tradition that is awarded the winner of the Texas-OU game.  

The Red Candle tradition starts- Texas has not won in College Station since 1920 and this year the Aggies are 8-0 and ranked # 2 in the nation . Some UT fans implore Mrs. Augusta Hipple a fortune teller to help break the jinx’s.  She instructs the Longhorn fans to to burn red candles and the Longhorn would win. Texas wins 23-0 at Kyle field.  

Hub Bechtol is UT's first 3 time All-American. 

Longhorns devastate a good Oregon team 71-7. 

Even without a bowl appearance, the 1941 Longhorns are one of the most important teams in Longhorn football history.

They notched the programs’s first #1 ranking ever and two Horns made the consensus All-American team. The the Longhorns won the first ever Bronze Hat Trophy against OU. Texas coach Bible is offered the Rose Bowl if he will cancel the game Oregon game, but he refuses. That decision cost him possible invitations to three bowl games. The story is told by Stephen Ross in the article below.

The article below is from Texas Longhorn History: The Rose Bowl That Almost Was

By Stephen Ross Dec 7, 2016, 12:12pm CST

“Oregon State was the best representative for the Rose Bowl, and their AD was an old friend of Bible’s. He pushed hard for Texas to get an invitation. While waiting to hear from the Rose Bowl, Texas turned down invitations to both the Orange Bowl (they took TCU instead) and the Sugar Bowl. 
The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Oregon State edged Oregon 12-7, and that made the Rose Bowl committee nervous. Texas would finish the regular season December 6th by hosting the Ducks. The committee feared that an Oregon win would embarrass the Rose Bowl, so they chose #2 Duke instead of #4 Texas to play in the Rose Bowl. 
Texas was shut out of any bowl, and Oregon would pay for it – to the tune of a 71-7 beating at the hands of the Horns on December 6th. The team was so pissed at the snub that 8 different players scored. Bible said afterward that there was no stemming the tide of anger short of telling his players not to try. 
“Every single one of them was leaning forward, “ Bible said. “We put everybody in the game. You put a new boy out there, he’s been waiting for his opportunity, and when he gets in, he goes all out.”
Less than 24 hours later, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Fear of an expanding war towards the west coast led Rose Bowl officials to think about cancelling the game. After a few days they decided to move the contest to Durham, North Carolina, home of the Blue Devils. Oregon State edged Duke 20-16 in Durham on January 1st 1942.
Two plays. 30 seconds of action. That is what separated Texas from hosting the 1942 Rose Bowl. “


1942 -9-2 RECORD-  COACH BIBLE draft age drops from 21 to 18.

In author and former Longhorn football player R.E. Peppy Blount book titled Mamas, don’t let your babies grow to play Football he says that Wally Scott the captain of the 1942 team is one of the toughest players to ever wear the Orange & White.” Wally played the game with such reckless abandon and total disregard for his personal safety that he was knocked unconscious in almost every game. “

This was only the 2nd team in Longhorn football that posted 9 wins in a season and the first to play in a bowl game beating Georgia Tech 14-7.

Most popular song in 1942 by the Andrews Sisters

Final ranking 11th nationally

Team Wins First SWC Championship in 12 years And Texas Goes To Its First Bowl Game.

This Team Holds The Texas Record For Best Total Defense Allowing Opponents An Average 117.3 Yards A Game; Has The Lowest  Defensive Average Against The Rush (1.88 Yards); Lowest Average Rush Allowed Per Game (57.5 Yards); Lowest Average Season Completion Record By An Opponent (.316); And Most Punts Forced In A Year (96). 

WWII and Texas Football

Get equal billing


Congress Lowers The Draft Age To 18 So Many Young Men Do Not attend College until 1946. Because Of The War 350 Universities remove football from the sports curriculum.  




Malcolm Kutner letters three years in football, and basketball and one year in track. His senior year in track he was a member of the winning Texas relay team in the 440 and 880.







Texas beats O.U. 7 - 0  behind the Stan Mauldin and Jack Freeman led defense .  


1943-   7-1-1  COACH BIBLE SWC Champions

Team was forced to play a military team “Randolph Field” because of the war effort. The two teams tied.

football 1943 (46).jpg

Because the war effort was siphoning off so many athletes, the SWC waived the” freshman rule” so Universities could fill their rosters. The average age of the Aggie team in 1943 was 17.4 years of age.

The Texas-SMU game stats will never occur again in college football. Against Texas SMU had 0 first downs and 19 yards in total offense.

Baylor decided to quit the SWC until after the war was over.

Final ranking 14th nationally

This team's defense holds the game record for lowest average yards allowed in one game (.7 yards);fewest number of offensive plays allowed for the year (1,110); fewest plays allowed by the opposing teams for the  year (357)  most punt returns in a game (10);  most punt return yards in a game (143); most return yards in a game after an interception (182); most forced punts (15) in a game; fewest first downs allowed in a game(0); fewest first downs in a season allowed (50); fewest rushing net yards allowed  for a season (556); fewest number of pass completions by an opponent for a season (45); and most return yards after an interception for a season (580). 

In the Longhorns first Post Season Bowl Texas beats the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 14 - 7 in the Cotton Bowl Classic to claim the a trophy that will be eventually named the Field Scovell Trophy.  32,000 fans showed up even though the country was facing  gas and tire rationing because of the war effort. 

Jackie Field behind a great block from Jack Freeman returns the punt for a touchdown and Texas led 14-0.



During The War Years And With The Help Of LBJ political clout Texas receives  "Lend-Lease Players"  From The Navy, Marines, And Coast Guard.  Aggie Coach Ask Texas To Not Play With These Military Recruits But His Appeal is Unheeded.   Hub Bechtol is UT's First 3 Time All-American.  J.R. Calahan,  A "little All American from Texas Tech, was given permission to play for the Longhorns while he was attending Navy Flight Preparatory School. 

1944-  Coach Bible


Joe Parker is an All American. 

Rooster Andrews , the water boy, kicks the point after attempt in the TCU and Texas A & M game.

Because of the war it was the first and only time that a military team not part of the major military branch of the service played in the Cotton Bowl.  

Many players had to quit mid-season to help the war effort. 

Randolph Field and Texas tie in the Cotton Bowl.

Because of Bobby Layne’s deep respect for Coach Billy Disch and his desire to play for a great college baseball team, Layney signs with Texas.

Bobby Layne and Doak Walker join the Merchant Marine and missed part of the 1945 season.



This Team's Defense Holds The Longhorn Record For most interceptions in a game (7). 

Y.A. Tittle signs with Texas but LSU coaches convince him that he will never play at Texas because Bobby Layne is  better.  10 days later Tittle leaves Austin for Baton Rouge. 

1945 - 10-1   WWII ENDS  -  COACH BIBLE

First Longhorn team to win 10 games in a season

Final ranking 10th nationally

Recognized as National Champion by some national rating services but not recognized by Texa or the NCAA.



This Team's Defense Holds The Longhorn game Record For lowest pass completion  percentage allowed against an opponent (.10). 

Freshman are Eligible To Play Varsity Football.   

Frank Medina Is Hired And Rooster Andrews Develops From Waterboy To Kicker and baseball star.


Bobby Layne Has A Great Year. Doak Walker Plans To Attend Texas With Bobby Layne, But Doak's Parents Convince Him To Stop In Dallas On His Way To Austin To Discuss His Decision.  Doak Walker changes his mind and chooses SMU And Wins The Heisman Trophy. 

Joe Mitchell (No Picture) Is A Texas Lineman With Only One Hand Who is One Of The Strongest Man On The Team.

Texas plays Missouri in the Cotton Bowl and wins 40-27. Bobby Layne ran, kicked, and passed for all the Longhorn points. 



1946 -   8-2-   COACH BIBLE

After the war many of the players from the great 1941 team returned to Texas to fulfill their remaining eligibility, and Coach Bible welcomed them back with open arms. That upset the 37 lettermen who were already on the team and the other 98 looking for a spot on the team. Author and former Longhorn football player R.E. Peppy Blount said that adding all the servicemen to return and play college football “allowed all major institutions to field the nearest thing to professional football teams in the history of collegiate sport”.

Blount said Bible did not consider that a 5 year lay off from football for the great athletes from 1941 who still had eligibility to play on the 1946 could possibly lose so much skill, desire, sacrifice, and mental and physical toughness. That all became apparent after the first scrimmage between the ‘41 players and the the younger Horns. The 1941 members on the 1946 team were embarrassed in the scrimmage with the younger horns, and Coach Bible was shocked. This was Bible’s last year as head coach.

Team starts year with convincing wins and is ranked # 1 until running into Rice and TCU. A good record but no SWC championship. After 23 years A & M still had not beaten the Longhorns in Austin.

Final ranking 15th nationally

This Team's offense Holds The Longhorn game Record For highest average yards per play (11.);and the defense holds the record for Fewest rushing Yards Allowed In A Game (-76).

Bible coaches his 10th and last year at Texas but remains as Athletic Director.

DKR is a freshman at OU and 11 years later Bible plays a part in hiring DKR.

Tom Landry (Dallas Cowboy coach)  is a freshman

Layne leads the team in rushing, passing, and scoring.



Frank Guess is leading punt returner in the SWC and Jimmy Canady leads the conference in pass receptions. 

Dick Harris and Bobby Lane are the only Longhorns who were All SWC all 4 years.

Team starts year with convincing wins and is ranked # 1 until running into Rice and TCU. A good record but no SWC championship. After 23 years A & M still had not beaten the Longhorns in Austin in 1946.


# 1 song