Tom Prikryl - 8/27/2019


 On the Saturday that you guys beat Arkansas in Fayetteville, I had to take my SAT test, and then played a Class AAAA Semifinal Game against Robert E. Lee of San Antonio (I played for the Seguin Matadors

 Funny story…all my life all I wanted to do was to play football at UT.  However, after that ‘69 season, Coach Royal was getting the pick of the litter in terms of recruits.  I had scholarship offers from all of the other SWC schools, but not one from UT.  I eventually went to the Coast Guard Academy and had a fun career playing there (until I tore two knee ligaments and a patella tendon).  Later, I worked on Coach Royal’s show at Channel 7 in Austin One day I was giving him a hard time about not offering me a scholarship.  And in typical Coach Royal fashion, he said, “Well Tom, we just weren’t recruiting any short, fat guards that year.”  From someone else, that might have been a real derogatory comment.  From Coach Royal, who said it with a twinkle in his eyes, it was just funny.

 At age 67 (almost 68) I’m still working, and getting older doesn’t seem to bother me too much.  However, what does bother me is the passing of people that I hero-worshipped when  I was growing up – Tommy Nobis, Greg Ploetz, Scott Appleton, Jim Achilles, etc.  (I remember when Greg Ploetz was moved from a linebacker spot to a defensive tackle…and played well even though he might have been outweighed by 30+ pound by every opponent.) 

 It’s probably time for me to move on from memory lane, and get back to work.  I will just close by saying that I really appreciate what you are doing. Thanks for remembering and sharing your special stories.  

Rey Moreno about the Longhorn women’s track history.

UT started women’s athletics in 1974. At that time it was Intercollegiate Athletics for Women . Susan Abernathy, Julie Campbell,Susan Davis,and Carol Sheffield would capture the TAIAW state 2 mile relay state championship. In 1981 , UT was host for T&F Champions,Division I. UCLA would dominate meet . UT women have captured 6 indoor and outdoor national championships. 19 Longhorns have competed in the Summer

Olympics and have won 18 total medals ( 9 gold

Billy Landers about Major Applewhite and Chris Simms

Billy Landers about Major Applewhite and Chris Simms- I was in Austin for meetings and stayed at the Omni. This was in 2000. The team was staying at the Omni on Friday night before the game with Houston. The week before they had lost to Stanford mainly because of special teams play. I visited with Simms, Applewhite, Williams and some others and we talked about the Stanford game. They were embarrassed at their play. The next morning I was checking out and moving to another hotel. They all saw me with my load of bags and equipment and they help me to my car and loaded it all up for me and guaranteed a win. Made me proud of the team.

Don Travis -In 1958, I attended an athletic scholarship banquet at Tarleton State College. Bobby Dillon was one of the 9 All-Americans present at the banquet. Each graciously autographed my card. Great evening meeting these stars from UT, Texas A&M, TCU and Baylor.


Edward Gideon is a  former U.T. student who represents the  giving nature of the Burnt Orange spirit.  

He attended U.T. from 1968 thru 1972  

  • Intramural Football Championship team member, Delta Tau Delta 1969.

  • Intramural Softball Championship team member, Delta Tau Delta 1969.

  • Fraternity house manager, Delta Tau Delta 9/68-5/69

  • Fraternity Treasurer, Delta Tau Delta 9/69-5/70

  • Outstanding Company Cadet, Fort Knox, KY, ROTC basic training, August 1970

  • Outstanding Company Cadet, Fort Riley, KS, ROTC summer training, August 1971

  • Distinguished Military Student UT May 1972

  • Commander of Army ROTC Corp of Cadets, University of Texas, Austin, 9/71—5/72

  • Distinguished Military Graduate UT May 1972

After graduating from Texas"

  • Ed served in the Army as a Vietnam-era Infantry Platoon Leader from 1972-1975 and an advisor and aide to General Officers in the Army.

  • Outstanding Cadet Award—Sons of the American Revolution

  • Army Commendation Medal, 1975

  • Airborne Qualification, August 1972

  • Expert Infantryman’s Badge, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Spring 1973

Edward's life journey is full of "giving back"  in many ways"

  • Member of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Greensboro, NC

  • Boy Scouts of America(Greensboro)—former member of Board of Directors, Executive Committee

  • Assistant Scout Master, Boy Scouts of America, 1987 & 1988. My two sons each achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

Here’s a pic from our 2016 hunt. Me with 4 of the 5 wounded soldiers on our hunt. There are 2 snipers in this photo, 2 amputees, 2 guys who were hurt pretty seriously by exploding ordinance. Look at those smiles. And I’m having more fun than any of them. Oh yeah, I’m the white headed guy!!

Here’s a pic from our 2016 hunt. Me with 4 of the 5 wounded soldiers on our hunt. There are 2 snipers in this photo, 2 amputees, 2 guys who were hurt pretty seriously by exploding ordinance. Look at those smiles. And I’m having more fun than any of them. Oh yeah, I’m the white headed guy!!

His passion in life is to offer  “meaningful assistance” to wounded warriors who served in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Recently he  recruited 4 former military to hunt with the wounded soldiers and “hang out” on a ranch in Texas.  

The rehabs from their wounds have been phenomenal. The thing that struck me was “if you didn’t know (they were wounded), you wouldn’t know.” Sure if you look for it you can see it, but you have to look for a while. They climb up and down hunting blinds, get up into trucks and down, and they don’t look for or ask for an easy way. They are all smiles, young guys having fun.                                                                                                   

 Ed has been asked many times why he helps sponsor the hunt.  He says  "Of course it’s for these soldiers. They deserve it. And it is hugely rewarding to be with them and talk to them.  

 Bennett Brooke

 Thanks Billy.     These were great articles but I’m so sorry to hear about Julius.  I remember him playing football just after I graduated from pharmacy school and was working at the UT Health Center Pharmacy.   We filled some of his prescriptions and supplied the athletic department with medicines.    Dr. Tricket was the team physician then.  All that was 40 years ago.  

 We are having our 50th pharmacy class reunion November 10th.   I think that’s the Tech game.   I did get to see the great OU game…one of the best that I’ve seen in my 70 years of watching Longhorn football…I was 3 when dad took me to my first Longhorn football game in Austin, I believe that was 1948.   Dad was finishing up pharmacy school.  I’ve forgot who we played, but dad would have remembered…guess that really doesn’t matter now.   Dad was captain of his high school football team and loved football.  He would probably have played college ball but WWII interrupted all that and we was a naval aviation during WWII.