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Cross Country and Distance

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Track is not a complicated sport. Track athletes don’t need to learn complicated plays, study films to determine team tendencies, or change offensive and defensive techniques every week to exploit the weakness of their next competitor. Track participants main goal is to convert innate talents, strong discipline, and hard work into maximum performance.

Track forces participants to confront personal character flaws, demons, personal weaknesses, and insecurities. Jesse Owens says about mental toughness "The Battles That Count Aren't the Ones For Gold Medals. The struggles within yourself - The Invisible, Inevitable battles Inside all of Us - That's Where It Is At." Patti Sue Plumer agrees saying “ Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about." Augie Garrido the Longhorn head baseball coach until 2016 says winning should never determine your self worth . Coach Weis the Longhorn women's Golf coach from 1969-1993 agrees. She says "As long as you feel you've given your best, that you've given 100 percent effort on every shot, no one can complain. There can only be one winner!"

My respect for track is rooted deeply in my past. I have experienced the invisible struggles that expose my flaws and insecurities.

My senior year in high school I set personal best time in the 100, but finished Last in my heat. As a 17 year old boy, I was surprised that I was happy finishing last, but this epiphany help me re-calibrate my definition of success for my life journey.

There will always be someone more successful , but that does not mean I am a failure. Track taught me to celebrate finishing last in some "life events" as long as it is my personal best.

Cross Country and Long Distance- Men and Women  1986 Coach Crawfords's Cross Country team is National Champions  Legacy Longhorn cross country runners represent a Portal To The Past That Reminds Longhorns That Heritage Shapes The Present And Empowers The Future.

Cross Country and Long Distance- Men and Women

1986 Coach Crawfords's Cross Country team is National Champions

Legacy Longhorn cross country runners represent a Portal To The Past That Reminds Longhorns That Heritage Shapes The Present And Empowers The Future.

Unlike Texas Basketball, Football, Track And Baseball There Are Very Few Books Or Research Material That Discuss Longhorn Cross Country.  I Hope With Time This Site Can Add Some Historical Insight And Tell The Full And Compelling Story Of The Texas Cross Country Tradition. 


  • Texas has been a top 10 finisher at the NCAA Cross Country Championship 7 times (1956, 1986, 1990, 1991, 2005, 2006, and 2012)

1900-1905 Coach F.H Curtis

1906-1909 Coach J.P. Howser 

1910 C.S. Snyder

1911 J. Burton Rix 1911




Women and cross country competition started in the early 1900's with women walking instead of running to victory.




1912-1914 Carl C. Taylor

1915-1916 Coach W.E. Metzenithin

1918- 1920 Coach W.J. Juneau



Conference Champion


Clyde Littlefield broke the world's record in the high hurdles. 








Jeff Neely - Conference Champion Cross Country







1923 -  1924 Coach McLean

Captain Jim Reese was declared ineligible, but team still won the Conference title.  This was the first year the team received national recognition by winning the medley relay in Kansas.


Conference Champion



Conference Champion

1925- 1926- 1927 Coach McLean


Jim Reese Is Texas First National Champion Winning The Outdoor Mile Run. 


Cross Country 1927.jpg

Sandi Esquivel

Sandi Esquivel is an All American and Conference Champion in Cross country in 1924 and 1925

track 1927 (3).jpg

Harry Miller Captain


1928 Coach Mclean

In 1927 Texas had no letterman on the team , Blanton was the shining star for the team this year. McLean also works with the football staff plotting the charts . His cross country teams won two Cross Country SWC championships



Finished  2nd in conference to the Aggies. 


1930 Conference Champions


1931 Conference Champions


Adolph Schiller  - Conference Champion Cross Country
















1932 Conference Champions-Pending More Info

Lane ??? - Conference Champion Cross Country

1933 Conference Champions-Pending More Info

George Wilson - Conference Champion Cross Country in 1933 and 1934

1934 Conference Champions-Pending More Info


1935 Conference Champions-Pending More Info


Earl Johnson - Conference Champion Cross Country

1936 Conference Champions-Pending More Info

???? Thomas - Conference Champion Cross Country

For the 5th consecutive year UT wins the SWC.  Earl Johnson, Remus Thomas, and Captain Buren Edwards took the first three places at the SWC meet.  The Cactus called Johnson the "midget sophomore".

1937 Conference Champions-SWC Champs

Team lost some great runners in 1936, but this team surprisingly beat the RIce Owls for the SWC .


1938 Pending More Info

After a 7 year run  Rice finally beat the Longhorns and won the SWC.  Injuries and ineligibilities hurt the team this year. 

1939 Conference Champions-SWC Champs

1939 meet was held at A & M .  A "T" winged letter was presented to 7 athletes who finished in the first 10 of the SWC meet.   They were Joe Garret, James Edminister, Bardwell Odum, Tommie Lostak, Forest Hill, Jesse Thompson, and Thomas McSpadden.

Harry Hafernick - Conference Champion Cross Country



1940 Conference Champions-Pending More Info



Mac Umstattd- Conference Champion Cross Country




1941 Conference Champions-Pending More Info


1942 Conference Champions-Pending More Info

track 1942 (6).jpg

Mac Umstattd


1943 Conference Champions-Pending More Info

Jerry Thompson finishes first and Bob Umstattd finishes 2nd in the SWC championship 

1944 Conference Champions-Pending More Info

Bob Umstattd - Conference Champion Cross Country

Team wins first 6 places in the SWC Cross Country championship




1945 Conference Champions-Pending More Info


Cross Country 1947(49).jpg

Mule Wilson is 6th in the two mile run

Don Fox - Conference Champion Cross Country


1946 Conference Champions-Pending More Info



1947 Conference Champions-Coach LovvornPending More Info


Cross Country  1945 (27).jpg


Team wins their 17th consecutive SWC championship.  This is one of the best Cross Country teams in Longhorn history.  Jerry Thompson his first year set a record for the 2.7 mile course.

Jerry finished 3rd at Nationals in the 4 mile course.

Jerry Thompson is National Champion in the two mile run. He is also Conference Champion in the Cross Country in 1942, 1943, 1946, 1947.


Don Sparks is 6th in the mile





1949 -Pending More Info

Team finished 3rd in SWC.  Longhorn Tom Rogers was only beaten for the SWC championship by  1/10 of a second.

1950 -Pending More Info

Team finished 3rd behind Texas A & M and Arkansas

1951 -Coach LovvornPending More Info

Track 1951  (2).jpg

Front- Lavvorn, Merola, Riess, Rundell, Garcia, Littlefield

Back Salling, Odell, Wiggins, Whitesides, McCurtain

Team finished 3rd in SWC. Longhorns only place one athlete in the top 10 finishes.

1952 -Pending More Info

3rd place finish again 

1953 -Coach LovvornPending More Info


Track 1953  (2).jpg

Front- Foerster, Rogers, Spence

Back- Neighbors, Hole, Lovvorn, Caruther, Cantu


Team finished in 2nd place in the SWC championship by two points.  Inocenio Cantu was second in the championship run. 





1954- Conference Champion --Pending More Info

Cross Country 1955 (8).jpg

Cantu, Foerster, D> Foerster, Hale, Neighbors, Hanson


Texas wins the Conference championship for the first time since 1947.  In six meets the Horn were first 4 times and second 2 times . Cantu sets two course records 



Inocenio Cantu is  Conference Champion in the Cross Country and is an All American.  






1955 Conference Champions- Coach Lovvorn Pending More Info

Cross Country (21).jpg

Lovvorn, Wallace, Holt, Hanson, Foerster, Crawford, McNew, Pitner, Hale

Walter McNew led the team . In eight scheduled events the Horns came out first only two times but one was the SWC championship.

1956 -Pending More Info



Texas highest finish (3rd) at the National Cross Country.  

In 1956 he is Conference Champion in the Cross Country.

1957 -Pending More Info

Ranked 11th nationally

Joe Villareal is 4th nationally in the mile in 1957 and 7th in the 5000 Meters nationally  in 1958. 

Walter McNew is an All American in 1956 and 1957. He is the only Longhorn to win a national championship in Cross Country. 

Walter McNew is An All American In The Cross Country In 1956 And 1957. He Is The Only Texas Cross Country Runner To Win A National Championship.











1958- Pending More Info


Cross Country 1961 (67).jpg

Front- Lovvorn, Yarbrough, Neel, Musser, Barham

Back- Hiller, Smith, Maxfield, Escj;e. O'Quinn

1959- Coach Lovvorn 


Cross Country 1960 (28).jpg

Coach Lovvorn, Adams, Maxfield, Mason, Dunlap, Eschle

Second at the SWC meet.  The Horns lost more than they won this year

1960- Conference Champion Coach Lovvorn

Ranked 12th nationally in Men's Cross Country

1961- -Coach Lovvorn

Cross Country 1961 (17).jpg

Henry, Rogers, Gunther, Taylor, Roark, Adame,Rhodes, Thorne, Strickland, Eschle

Henry, Rogers, Gunther, Taylor, Roark, Adame,Rhodes, Thorne, Strickland, Eschle shown above

Finished 3rd in the SWC.  Steve Strickland had a 9th place finish at the SWC championship.

1962- Coach Price 



1963- Coach Cleburn Price SWC Champs


Cross Country 1963 7.jpg

Preston Davis is Conference Champion in the Cross Country in 1963 and 1965


1964-Conference Champions Pending More Info


Cross Country 1965 .jpg


Ricardo Romo is Conference Champion in the Cross Country


Romo recovers from injuries and sets SWC meet records in the mile and three mile runs.  He is 7th nationally in The Mile In 1962 And 3rd In 1966.

HOH inductee in 1987 for CROSS COUNTRY (1963-65) and
TRACK (1964-66)

  • First UT runner to break 4:00 min mile (3:58.8)

  • Third in 1966 NCAA mile run

  • 1964 NCAA cross country title

  • 1966 All-American

  • SWC mile champ from 1964-66 won three-mile run in 1966

  • Member of 1966 U.S. national track team

  • Served as UT vice provost for undergraduate education and a member of Men's Athletics Council

  • Named president of the University of Texas at San Antonio in May 1999

At UT Austin, He Was The First Texan To Run The Mile In Less Than Four Minutes, A Record That Lasted 41 Years.

Ricardo Romo Is The Fifth President Of The University Of Texas At San Antonio, Which Was Named By The Texas Legislature As An Emerging Tier One Research University And A Leader In Providing Access To Excellence In Teaching, Research And Community Outreach.

Under His Leadership, Student Enrollment grew 68 Percent. The University  Added Numerous Programs And Facilities To Enhance Student Life And Expand Its Research Capacity. With Total Research Expenditures Of $56.8 Million And Total Expenditures Of $79.4 Million For Fiscal Year 2011, It Represents A Six-Fold Increase In Expenditures During Romo’s Tenure.


1965 Conference Champions-Pending More Info


1967 Conference Champions-SWC Champs

Brian Woolsey leads the team. 5 team members place in the top 20 at the SWC meet.




Brian Woolsey  is Conference Champion in the Cross Country in 1967 and 1968.











1968 - Pending 



1969 Conference Champions-Coach Patterson

Team finishes 2nd to SMU.  For the first time all SWC teams attend the Cross Country event. 

Fred Cooper is Conference Champion in the Cross Country.

1970-Pending Coach Patterson

Longhorns finish 2nd again in the SWC meet.  Tom Gardner wins  the SWC individual championship  but SMU is the SWC team champion.

Horns are ranked 30th nationally in Men's Cross Country


1971 Conference Champions-Pending More Info

Jack Daniels finishes 2nd at the NCAA district 6 meet. 

Ricky Yarbrough places 3rd in the SWC Championships

1972 Conference Champions Coach Price

In 1972 when traveling between Austin and College Station the cross country team the two drivers - Price and James Blackwood stop by the side of road. Paul Craige John Craig , and Lloyd Stephenson get out of the car and start walking in an old cotton field. They proceeded to pick cotton bulbs from remaining stems. John told me they had never seen cotton outside a blue box , so they asked Coach Price to stop . All us Texas boys have a big laugh over that .            Rey   Moreno                                                        

1973-Coach Price




1974- Coach Blackwood Pending More Info

1974- NCAA - Paul Craig 7th In The Mile

1974 Reed Fischer is the first Longhorn to run a sub-four minute mile. 


(Romo also ran a sub 4 mile but it was after he graduated from Texas.)

Tim Patton wins the 3 miles Conference title.


1975- Coach Blackwood Pending More Info

Finished 2nd to Arkansas in the SWC.  Coach Price said we finished 2nd but "When you run as well as you can you've got to be proud, and that is what we did. 


1974 Reed Fischer is the first Longhorn to run a sub-four minute mile. 

(Romo also ran a sub 4 mile but it was after he graduated from Texas.)

Tim Patton wins the 3 miles Conference title.

1976-Coach Price

Finished 2nd to Arkansas in the SWC.  Coach Price said we finished 2nd but the guys ran the best they could. "When you run as well as you can you've got to be proud, and that is what we did. 

1977- Pending more Info

Cross Country runners 



1978- Coach James Blackwood

Women's Cross country starts in a big way. First in 4 of seven meets. Horns win the TAIAW championship and the tower is orange.  Runners were 16th at the national meet. 

Men placed 4th at district 6 Cross Country Championship,  but 7th in the SWC championship

Men placed 4th at district 6 Cross Country Championship,  but 7th in the SWC championship


1979- Coach James Wood

Horn women returned 5 runners from the 1978 State Champions.  Horns won the stated and regionals but fell well short of their goal at the national meet.  Kelly Wells led the way in state and regional competition. 



1980-  Coach James Blackwood & Coach Delavan   

Finished 2nd in the SWC and only Sitonik placed at the National meet and received an All American status.

Ranked 26th nationally



1981-Coach Delavan women placed 13th at nationals

Women's team goes undefeated and qualifies for Nationals.











This is Delavan's 4th team that qualified for  the National meet .  Team finishes 13th at Nationals.




Men's team 1981 finishes 16th at Nationals and second in the SWC and the District 6th meet. Sitonic, Koech and Rivero lead the way. 








1982- Coach Delavan

women 1982

Cross Country Women finish # 12 . The highest team finish in Longhorn history thru 1982. 


Men 1982



Sam Sitonik is 7th nationally in the steeplechase in 1980 and 6th in 1982. This was the first time in the history of Texas track that a Longhorn placed in the steeplechase.

Sam Sitonik is Conference Champion in the Cross Country






1983- Coach Blackwood More Info to follow


Sitonik, Chelelgo, Sang, and Trickett won All conference honors.

Ranked 21st nationally

1984- Coach Blackwood Pending More Info

MEN 1984

Men finish 2nd in the SWC and 20th at the NCAA championships

Sam Ngatia is 8th nationally In The Steeplechase in 1984 and 2nd in 1985.

Patrick Sang wins the conference in the steeplechase in 1984, 1985, and 1986 and holds the Texas record in the 3,000 Steeplechase outdoors.

1985 cross country(63).jpg


 Women 1984

Women tied for SWC and finished 5th nationally .  Liz Natale and Annie Schweitzer led the team. 



1985-Coach Huntsman

Men's team ranked 14th nationally in Men's Cross Country NCAA Championship



Joseph Chelelgo is 6th nationally In The Steeplechase and is an All American.

Tara Arnold is 8th nationally in the 1500 meter and holds the school record for indoor.

1986 Coach Crawford- Women National Champions and Coach Huntsman

The women win the Cross Country Title and are undefeated for the season- 1986

Terry Crawford's teams wins the  Indoor Championship in 1986, 1988, and 1990, and Outdoor Championships in 1982 and 1986. Crawford's athletes also win the 1986 Women's Cross Country Championship.

Terry Crawford Is The Only Woman  Inducted Into The Hall Of Honor In The Cross Country Category.

Trina Leopold earned All American Honors at the national meet.

Karol Davidson wins the  National Championship in the 1000 M. She is recognized 8 times as an All American- HOH in 2014

Annie Schweitzer is the National Champion in the 5000M, a HOH inductee, and a 6 time All American.  Annie Schweitzer wins the 5000 meter at the NCAA outdoor championship in 1987, finishes 4th in 1986, and 7th in 1985. She finishes 2nd in the 3000 meters Indoor National championship.

Liz Natale is 8th in the 3000 meter at the NCAA outdoor championship in 1987 and 2nd in 1986.   She is 4th in the indoor championship.

Sandy Blakeslee is 2nd in the 10,000 meter at the NCAA outdoor championship in 1987 and 8th in 1986. She holds the school record in this event.


men 1986 Ranked 9th nationally in Men's Cross Country

Finished 2nd in the SWC but the Horns had 3 of 5 of the top finishers but tied for first at the regionals. 

Pablo Squella holds the Texas record in the 1000 meter.



1987-Coach Crawford and Coach Huntsman

 mEN Rank 18th nationally in 1987

Harry Scott Green Is The Only 3 Time All American Cross Country Runner In Texas History.  6th In The 10,000 in 1986, 87, and 88. He also wins the Conference Championship  in the Cross Country





Jeff Cannada holds the school record in the outdoor 5000 meters and is an All American

Women's Cross country 1987 4TH AT nATIONALS


Led by Trina Leopold   and Kelly Champagne Leopold the women runners win the SWC and finish 4th nationally. 



1988-Coach Crawford and Coach Huntsman

Women  2nd in the SWC and 16th Nationally 1988

Trina Leopold is 5th in the 5000 meters at the NCAA outdoor Championship and 2nd in the Indoor Championship in 1989 and 4th in 1988.

 mEN Ranked 12th nationally in 1988

Harry Green and Jeff Cannada  help the team to a 2nd place finish in the SWC and 12th place nationally.  Coach Huntsman returned to Longhorn coaching after spending September and October at the the Seoul Olympics. 


1989-Coach Crawford and Coach Huntsman

Women- win SWC 1989

Tina Hall leads the Horns to their 4th consecutive SWC.

Men 1989

Men finish 2nd at the NCAA District VI meet and for the 10th year qualify for the NCAA meet.


1990-Pending More Info Coach Stan Huntsman

Women 1990

Horns are plagued with injuries. Shola Lynch has a stress fracture and Tina Hall an All American in 1989 was forced to redshirt. The team did not have the required 5 runners to complete so they were ineligible to compete for the SWC championship or qualify for the NCAA meet.

mEN Rank 4th nationally

4th place finish at the NCAA meet is the best since 1956, but the Horns still lose to Arkansas for the 10th time in 11 years.

Noyes Livingston wins the conference title in the steeplechase in 1990, and 1991 and finishes 6th at the National meet in 1991.

1991- Men (Coach Huntsman) Women (Coach Crawford)

Men- SWC Champs

Finished 7 in the nation but this was their 3rd best record in the history of Longhorn Cross Country. The men ran 80 miles a week to maintain the great tradition started by their predecessors . Team was led by Steve Sisson , Alex Mendosa, Patterson, Vela, and Angell.

Women- Second in the SWC

Team was led by Davina Manship and Tina Hall. Both were invited to the National meet.

Tina Hall finishes 7th in the Indoor National championship.


1992-Pending More Info


5th place finish in the SWC. Team is led by Robin Bryson and Heather Case .

Men’s Finished 22nd at the NCAA meet

Season starts looking dismal with the loss of Mendoza for the year , but ends on a great note. Texas joines Wisconsin and Arkansas as the only teams to be invited to 10 consecutive NCAA Cross Country Championships. Eric Polonski after only two meets is named the “Runner of the week for District VI.

Eric Polonski is a Cross Country All American, wins the Conference title in the 5000 meters, and finishes 35 in the NCAA championships

1993-Pending Women coach greg sholars

Mardrea was the leader of the team. Hyman was a natural and loved running 6 to 7 miles a day. She qualified for the National meet but an unfortunate accident with another runner in the national meet resulted in her placing 158th out of 163.

Conference Champions

Ranked 22nd nationally in Men's Cross Country

Steve Sisson wins the Conference in the 5000 meters sets the conference record, and is an All American.

1994-Pending More Info Coach sholars

Women Cross Country 4th at the SWC meet.

Hyman and Robin Bryson have their top times in regionals and as a team finish 5th. Hyman is the only individual invited to the NCAA championships.

Men’s Cross Country

Team places 2nd in the SWC and 3rd out of 32 teams in the NCAA regionals, . Kamiel Masse leads the team all year long and finishes 4th at nationals .

1996-Pending More Info

Ranked 20th nationally in Men's Cross Country

1997-Pending More Info

1998-Pending More Info

1999-Pending More Info

2000-Pending More Info

Ranked 22nd nationally in Men's Cross Country

2001-Pending More Info

Ranked 28th nationally in  Cross Country

Erin Sims is 7th at the NCAA outdoor championship

2002-Pending More Info

Ranked 23rd nationally in Men's Cross Country

2003-Pending More Info


Kamiel Maase is All American In Cross Country. He finishes 7th In The 5000 in 1994, and 2nd in the 10,000 in 1995. He also is the conference champion in the cross country in 1994. 

Kevin Barra Is 6th nationally In Steeplechase and conference champion in the Steeplechase in 2004 and 2005.

Paul Morrison is a Cross Country All American

Ben Dawson holds the Texas record for the 5000 meters.

2004-Pending More Info

Ranked 12th nationally in Men's Cross Country

Andrew Middleton is a Cross Country All American

Mark Foreani is an All American.







2005 finished 7th at the NCAA meet

Ranked 7th nationally in Men's Cross Country

13. Joe Thorne, 29:59
45. Erik Stanley, 30:38
50. Leonel Manzano, 30:43
69. Jon Von Letscher, 30:56
95. Matt Munoz, 31:11
134. Jeff Cutrer, 31:19
196. Kyle Miller, 31:52

Joe Thorne Is An All American in The Cross Country In 2005 And 2006

2005 Academic All-Big 12 Cross Country - Texas Runners
First Team (name, major)

Liz Kennedy, Government Honors, Humanities
Cassi Pearson, Government
Amber Reber, Psychology
Landra Stewardson, Kinesiology she is also team MVP  (no picture)
Lige Stewardson, Kinesiology
Ashley Thompson, Advertising
Jon Von Letscher, Radio-Television-Film
Ryan Wilson, Accounting

Carlee Clark is Academic MVP (no Picture)

2006-Pending More Info

Ranked 7th nationally in Men's Cross Country


Landra Stewardson is team MVP and Co-Academic MVP with her twin sister Lige.



2007-Pending More Info

Ranked 17th nationally in Men's Cross Country

2008-Pending More Info



Leo Manzano 1st In 1500 Meters 2005, 2007, and 2008.



Ranked 28th nationally in Men's Cross Country

The University of Texas cross country squad has a great start this year by opening the season with two straight team titles. It's the first time the Longhorns have done so since 2002 and the two victories also mark the third year in a row that the team has won at least two meets.



Jake Morse is 4th nationally in Steeplechase, and he is an All American 2006, 2008, and 2009.







Senior Betzy Jimenez and sophomore Mia Behm will represented the Longhorns in the   2009 NCAA Cross Country Championship.



-Behm and Jimenez are the Longhorns' first two qualifiers for the national meet since 2003 when Texas won the regional championship.

-UT is coming off a very strong 2008 season that saw the Horns place fourth at the Big 12 Championships, their highest finish since 2003, en route to a fifth-place showing at the NCAA Regional Championship. Top returning harriers for the 2009 season are seniors Betzy Jimenez, Asia Myrland, Lauren Salisbury, and sophomore Mia Behm.


2010-Pending More Info

Ranked 26th nationally in Men's Cross Country

2011-Pending More Info



Ranked 11th nationally in Men's Cross Country

Mia Behm finishes 2nd in the Indoor National championship.




Jenna Cuellar- A winner in life even if she is not the champion in sports. Great story about family support and believing in yourself. 







Laleh Mojtabaeezamani

Ryan Dohner is 7th nationally In the 10,000 meters and is an All American in 2012 and 2013.



2013 to Present Coach Brad Herbster 


Brad Herbster Asst. Cross Country Coach responsible for training for the distance events while also guiding the men’s and women’s cross country teams

With two seasons at Texas under his belt, Herbster has coached his athletes to four individual Big 12 titles, eight Big 12 runner-up finishes, six USTFCCCA All-America performance with three first teamers and one NCAA champion.

2013 Coach Brad Herbster

Ranked 14th nationally in Men's Cross Country

It has been approximately 22 years since a Longhorn has won the the individual Cross Country title or won a team Conference title.


Craig Lutz is an All American in Cross Country in 2012 and 2013.







Joe Stilin holds the Texas record in the mile and 3,000 meters. 






Sara Sutherland finishes 8th in the Indoor National championship in 2013 and 5th in 2012.






2014  Assistant Coach Brad Herbster  

Cross Country ranked 14th nationally

Johannes Hock as a Longhorn was awarded the

  • Athur Ash Sports Scholar an award is presented to international students or students of color who participated in intercollegiate athletics and achieved a GPA above 3.2 in the academic year at Texas.

  • USATFCCA All-Academic Honor was presented to Johannes in 2014. To qualify for the USTFCCCA All-Academic Track and Field Team, the student-athlete must have compiled a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 and participate in the NCAA outdoor championships.


Johannes also excelled in  the decathlon.

  • He won the the 2013 NCAA Decathlon Championship, and was runner up in 2014. 

  • He was the first freshman since 1977 to win the decathlon as a true freshman.

  • lead the Longhorns to  a 6th place finish in the 2013 outdoor championships (best in the last 5 years), and

  • in 2014 was the highest scorer in the decathlon  in Longhorn sports history. 


Marielle Hall  broke the school record in the 5,000 meters . Hall also won the NCAA title outdoors in the event and won the  Big 12 Conference titles in the indoors in the mile and 3,000 meters while taking the 1,500 title outdoors. Hall also earned All-America status in cross country.


Brittany Marches holds the school record for the 3000 meter steeplechase.

Olivia Mickle is 17 at the NCAA Outdoor Championship




2015 Coach Brad Herbster

In 2015,  Sandie Raines to a Big 12 Conference title outdoors in the 5,000 meters. Raines also earned first team All-America honors indoors in the 5,000. 

The men’s team saw Craig Lutz take second in the 10,000 meters at the conference meet in 2015 and finish fourth at the NCAA Championships. 



Texas Cross Country closed the 2016 season in 30th place at NCAA Championships.