Playing is about “production”- Coach Strong

Coach Strong was a walk-on in college so he understood and respected the plight of a walk-on. Strong said "I don't look at guys like Haines or Templin as walk-ons," If they come out and put in the work and they're good enough, they're going to play”. Under Mack Brown non-scholarship players were not getting looked at carefully at practice. David Ash said the concept of a walk-on playing in the two-deep roster under Strong took some getting used to, because it just didn't happen under Mack Brown. Coach Strong offered Dylan and others a new start with fresh eyes that focused solely on PRODUCTION. Dylan Haines and Ty Templin proved themselves as producers. Safety Dylan Haines debuted in the 2014 Spring game and Wide receiver Ty Templin got serious reps at the slot position because he caught everything that David Ash threw at him.