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Visit and type in the search engine “TLSN” to learn more the Texas Legacy Support Network mission


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The inspiration for the TLSN (Texas Legacy Support Network) mission started informally in 2004 when some Legacy Longhorn student athletes assisted a few former letter winners who needed temporary financial support. The money donated was used to help one teammate rebuild his home destroyed by fire, another teammate recover from damages caused by a hurricane, and several teammates defray medical expenses not covered by insurance.  

Everyone involved with the UT Athletic department thru the last 120 plus years is instrumental in making the Longhorn brand the most recognized name in NCAA sports  history and no one involved should  be forgotten or left behind. All have an equity stake in our great university and all who are living should have a safety net available when necessary.  

Over a 3 year period Jim Kay, Benny Pace and Billy Dale received approval from the the NCAA and UT compliance departments to form a 501 (c) (3).

Will Allen Dromgoole states in his poem " The Bridge Builder" that bridges are needed to make the path easier for others to cross. TLSN is building two bridges. One bridge is built from the past to the present ,and the other bridge is built from the past to the future. Both bridges are reminders to all that Longhorn heritage shapes the present and empowers the future. No Longhorn bridge builders should be left behind.

For the first time in intercollegiate athletic history, a private charitable and tax-exempt bridge has been built with the specific mission of offering temporary financial assistance to qualifying former Longhorn athletes, coaches, student managers, trainers, and their immediate families.

As of 7-07-2019 TLSN has managed to raise $42,000 to offer grants to help three former Longhorn student athletes. (All approved thru UT compliance) One is a volleyball player from the 80's whose son had Leukemia. One is a football player from the 60's who had throat cancer. The other is Tyres Dickson a football player who in 1998 was in a horrific car accident. Tyres has been member of our group since inception and his story is already on this site and on the TLSN website so I want republish how Tyres Spirit and faith have overcome adversity. For Tyres TLSN has granted $1000 a month to defray his living expenses for 9 months while he and his mother continue to adjust to Tyres never ending health issues.


Longhorn Heritage shapes the present

The TLSN website chronicles the never ending saga of Longhorn sports derived from the amassed thought and experience of innumerable Longhorn minds. The site  converts UT history, UT traditions, UT legacies, UT culture, individual records, photos, insightful comments, and personal commentary from former athletes,  trainers, managers, coaches, and their families  into a form that all Longhorns can celebrate.  


Longhorn Heritage empowers the future

Ralph Waldo Emerson also said "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail".   TLSN has  left  the established  path and is building new trails (bridges) for the future.                                                              

Go To the 5:45 mark of the video below to listen to Coach Royal recite the Bridge Builder by Will Allen Dromgoole. 

TLSN is "exempt from federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501 (c) (3)".                     

 TLSN is an independent organization with no affiliations to UT Austin.