1939 Coach Disch last year - Bibb Falk continues to build on the Disch Legacy. 


The team goes undefeated for the first time in 20 years .

Coach Bibb Falk -  1940- 1967

  • 20 conference titles

  • 478-176-10 record

  • 2- National Champions (1949 and 1950)

  • Falk played football at Texas in the 1920's and was All-Southwest Conference. 

  • In 1924 he finished 2nd to Babe Ruth for the hitting crown and he was a great outfielder making only 3 errors . 
  • He is a member of the American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame, and he is an  inductee into the Texas Hall of Honor. 


1940- 15-4 Coach Falk pending

SWC Champions

Bobby Moers was an All-American in basketball, All-SWC in baseball, and a football letterman. He received an award from the Texas student body as the outstanding Texas athlete in 1940.

1941- 14-3 Coach Falk pending

Longhorns were only one game up on the Aggies , but the team won the series at A & M and the SWC.


baseball 1941 (12).jpg

Front Row - Hatton, Moore, Hajovsky, Bostick, Smith, Stone 

Second row Falk, W. Deutsch, Koschak, M. Deutsch ,  Disch, Croucher,  Glenn, Layden, Rochs


1942- 13-6 Coach Falk pending

Teams lost heavily to the Armed forces teams, and the SWC was weak due to the war effort. The team was led by Captain Jack Stone . 

baseball 1942 (10).jpg

front- Randerson, Grell, Hatton, Stone, Hector, Reeves, Strelsy, Pierce

back- Rock, Falk, Harkins, Tankersley, O'Reagan, Houpt, Collins, Disch





The military draft was having a negative impact on recruiting for intercollegiate sports. 




1943- 10-7  Coach Blair Cherry

SWC Champion

Coach Falk joins the military service and Blair Cherry takes over as Coach on a temporary basis. 

Rooster Andrews was the only starter from the freshman team of 1942 available to play.

SMU, TCU, and Baylor decide to temporarily leave the SWC because of the war. 

Because of the lack of college athletes freshman were declared eligible. 

Since so many college teams had dropped sports for the war effort, Texas added military training centers such as Kelly and Rudolph air force base to their schedule.



1944- 8-10 Coach Blair Cherry

Interest in college sports is at its lowest point in 1944.

The Army and Air Force based teams beat the Horns 6 times.

Attendance plummets and Texas has its first losing season since 1910.

Bobby Layne makes his first appearance in college baseball.

1945- 12-6 Coach Blair Cherry

23rd  SWC Champion

Bobby Lane as a freshman was 5-0 

TCU and SMU return to the SWC

Political incorrect speech, George Raborn a reporter for the Texan described an Aggie pitcher as "looking like a typical sharecropper with hayseed in his hair."

1946- 19-2 Bibb Falk returns from the war

SWC Champion

Baylor returns to the SWC

Rooster Andrews is chosen as the student manager.

Bobby Layne throws two no-hitters.

1946 is the last time Longhorn baseball went undefeated in Conference play.


1947- 19-2 Coach Falk pending

27th  SWC Champion  out of  33 year history of the league. 

Texas represented the SWC in the NCAA. Team beat the Sooners but fell to the California Bears in the Western region.  Bobby Layne lost his first game of the year.  California won the NCAA championship. 

Team lost to Brooke Medical Center 5- 3. 

A record 7,000 fans attend the Baylor game. Bobby Layne holds Baylor to 4 hits and scores the only run of the game.    

Ransom Jackson led the team in hitting with a .400 mark.  Layne extended his win streak against SWC teams to 22 games. 


1948- 20-2

SWC Champion

Bobby Layne Sets A Record by defeating  28 SWC Teams As A Pitcher. Bobby Layne is the only player in UT history that was All SWC in both baseball and football for 4 years in a row.  

The catcher Allen Winter is told during the Ohio State game that his wife delivered their first child.  Coach Bibb was in double shock since he did not even know that Winters was married.

Texas beats Oklahoma's starting pitcher Darrell Royal

Team was extended an invitation to play in the NCAA tournament but declined the bidbecause the team members already had "summer plans".

This team chooses not to play in the National Championship tournament due to summer job commitments.

The 1946-1948 teams post a 41-2 record in SWC play.

1949- 22-4

National Champions

                                          1949 National Champions

                                         1949 National Champions

Tom Hamilton is an All American and holds the Texas season record for slugging percentage (.878) and batting average of .417.




Tom Hamilton is an All American and holds the Texas season record for slugging percentage (.878) and batting average of .417.








Murray Wall is an All American in 1949 and 1950.

Texas beat the Milwaukee Brewers 5-1




Texas record of no losses at Clark Field ends after three years.

Frank Womack participated in three championship seasons. He was All -SWC in baseball and the Captain of the basketball team in 1951

Bibb Falk predicts the 1950 will be back playing for the National Championship.


                                             1950 National Champions

                                            1950 National Champions

National Champions



Jim Ehrler pitches the first  no hitter ever in the NCAA tournament against Tufts.







left to right Bob Brock with National Championship trophy, Irv Waghalter, Kal Segrist, Falk, and Ben Tompkins.


First year to have CWS in Omaha Nebraska


1951- 15-4 Coach Falk pending


Top of the Charts





SWC Champion

Cliff Gustafson letters and is the 2nd baseman


1952- 19-9 Coach Falk pending

College World Series runner-up

It was the first year in Texas baseball history the Longhorns  only played college teams

1953- 24-7-1 Coach Falk pending

Texas participates in the College World Series appearance for the 3rd time in 4 years. 

In the first 7 years of the NCAA tournament Texas makes 5 appearances.  USC was second with 3 appearances.

1954- 15-7-2 Coach Falk pending

SWC Champion

Coach Falk breaks his leg and was on crutches the whole season

1955- 10-13 Coach Falk pending

After 11 years participating in the conference championship, the string was broken in 1955.

6000 fans attend the A & M game, and many  fist fights occur between the fans. Even Jack Pardee -the future All pro LA Ram- got in a fight with Buck Lansford  who played football for Texas .

1956- 5-15

Texas hits the cellar in the SWC

John Woodman leads the team in batting with a .310 average in 1956 and a .413 in 1958. He is All SWC in two years in a row.







1957- 19-5 pending Coach Falk pending


Top of the Charts







College World Series appearance

SWC Champion


1958- 18-7 Coach Falk pending

SWC Champion

Texas celebrated its 1000th victory in the 61st year of Longhorn baseball. 

Texas played Arizona for the 5th time in 9 years to determine the team participating in the NCAA tournament. Texas won the first 4 times but lost to Arizona in the playoffs in 1958.

1959- 13-7

This team won 12 in a row before falling a part and losing the final 4 conference games.   

1960- 19-3 The Championship that should have been

SWC Champion

David Burleson sets a Texas career record winning record of 18-0

This team had the best record since 1924 but the Houston Cougars beat Texas in a sudden death playoff game.


Wayne McDonald leads the team with a .365 batting average

1961- 20-5-2 The year Bibb stole the Conference title

College World Series appearance

Baylor is one game behind Texas after winning the first make up game. In the second game in the top of the 6th the game is called due to darkness with the score 9-9. 

Baylor thinks the remainder of the second game will be played the next day- the day that final exams start at Baylor. What Bibb Falk knew that the Baylor administration forgot is that the league had a rule that stated " games which cannot be played prior to the beginning of final exams shall not be made up and the conference championship shall be determined on the basis of games actually played." Since Texas had a one game lead over Baylor and the tie game was not recorded Texas won the conference. 

In desperation Baylor considers either delaying their entire exam schedule, moving the game to a lighted field one mile away, or playing the game after exams.  Coach Falk response to these suggestions is " I am going to take a shower and get me something to eat and then go home." Baylor had no recourse So Texas wins the conference and eventually qualifies for the NCAA tournament, and the Baylor Coach quits. 


1962- 22-7 the year of the comeback

Texas finishes 3rd in College World Series 

The winner of the Aggie/Texas game would win the SWC and qualify for the road to the NCAA tournament. Texas was down 9-3 in the 7 inning and managed to come back and beat the Aggies 11-10.

Pat Rigby is an All American and leads the team in batting average (.371)

1963- 27-7-1 the closest battle for SWC Championship in History

Texas wins 14 of 15 last games

4 teams could have won the SWC the last week of the SWC baseball season. 

It was Falk's 17th SWC championship in 21 years 

College World Series Appearance- tied for 3rd

Chuck Knutson  is an All American and leads the team with a .378 batting average

Bill Bethea and Butch Thompson are All-Americans.

Bill Bethea is a coaching staff member from 1969- 1989. During his tenure UT won 18 SWC championships, attended the NCAA College World series 14 times, and won two National Championships. 






1964- 16-7-1  Coach Falk pending

For three years in a row Texas won the SWC on the last week of the season. That string ends this year.

1965- 18-7 SWC rules make the conference less competitive in inter-conference play 



Topping the Charts in 1965



While other conferences allow fall training and more games, The SWC rules committee did not. While many non-SWC universities honed their skills by playing as many as 52 games, SWC teams are playing 24. 

Winning under these circumstance is difficult for any  SWC team in the NCAA tournament.   In fact 3 of the 5 years the SWC team  loses in two straight games in the tournament. 

College World Series Appearance- Texas loses the first two games and exits the tournament.  

1966- 21-9-2 the coin flip

SWC rules committee changes rules to allow SWC teams more games, but it is still not enough. Each team is given 15 more practice days and 6 more games are added to the schedule  

Texas string of scoring in a game ended at 199 games when a A & M pitcher shuts-out the Horns. 

4 teams tie for SWC championship. The Longhorns win the Coin flip. 

Texas and Houston play the first indoor game in college baseball history at the Astrodome and the Horns play on AstroTurf for the first time. 

Gary Moore was the only Longhorn on the All SWC team. 

College World Series Appearance- beat Arizona but lost to St. Johns and Oklahoma State.

1967- 17-11 Coach Falks last year

Falk makes a plea to the SWC rules committee for Fall baseball games. He is rejected.

Falk tells Jack Gallagher a sports writer in Houston that the lack of summer ball in Texas combined with SWC rules that did not allow Fall work-outs may result in the SWC never winning another national championship. The SWC was the only conference in the nation that restricted Fall work outs for the teams. 

January 1967 the professional baseball league agreed to not sign college athletes until "all or most of their eligibility had been completed."  

A record 4 consecutive home runs are hit against Baylor. 



Bob Snoddy wins the SWC battling title (.392) 



SWC Champion but they lose to Houston in the district playoff.



Coach Bibb Falk had a tough exterior but a great heart.

Wayne McDonald and Bethea said that Bibb Falk was a great batting coach. He taught players how to adjust hands, shoulders, and hips until everything was just right. 

Falk was always to the point with his players making comments to them like  

  • "That's alright son . As bad as you are, you may never get another hit, anyhow."
  • "You can't make chicken salad out of chicken bleep."
  • "You ain't gonna hit nuthin' that way..."

But under that tough veneer was a man who cared for all of his players and their success in baseball and life. 

Coach passed away on June 8th 1989 at the age of 90. Horns Up!!! 

Bibb Falk's contributions to Longhorn traditions represents  a portal to the past that reminds Longhorn fans that heritage shapes the present and empowers the future.