Iin 1916, a group of Aggies escaped the prison farm known as College Station, using the stealth of night to descend upon the University of Texas campus known as the 40 acres. These criminals crept to the stables where our beloved longhorn mascot was corralled. In a narcissistic showing of meaningless pride after their 13-0 victory over Texas during the 1915 football game between these two schools, these criminals made off with our mascot. These cattle rustlers and felons took the longhorn to Waco where they branded him with the score - “13-0.”

The University of Texas, a school that instills values, compassion and respect for others turned the other cheek rather than retaliate. From this criminal act, when the Texas students finally found its steer, they modified the "13-0" to look like "Bevo." Bevo, our beloved mascot, reigns as a sense of pride to our storied football program, unmatched by any other school mascot in the nation. It was on this day that Bevo was born.

It should be noted that in 1916, Texas went on to annihilate A&M with a score of 21-7. Although it is unproven, I believe that Baylor University was complicit in the crime, as Bevo was located in Waco. Certainly, an Aggie is not smart enough to throw suspicion towards the Baylor Bears on their own by depositing our longhorn in Waco, which leads me to conclude that Baylor was a part of the heist.

Mark Walters