Gail Goestenkors - 2007-2012

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Goestenkors was the youngest head coach at a major Division I program  when she took the reigns at Duke University in 1992.  During her 15 year tenure at Duke she sets many milestones:

·      418-112 for a (.790 winning percentage);

·       Ranked  No. 4 among active Division I coaches in winning percentage ;

·       Was No. 5 among all-time Division I coaches in winning percentage;

·       Was the fourth-fastest Division I women's basketball coach to register 400 career wins;

·      Received a remarkable 12 National Coach of the Year awards at Duke;

·       Lead the Blue Devils to 13 consecutive NCAA Championship appearance;

·       Advanced to four NCAA Final Four berths;

·       Played in the national semifinals in 1999, 2002, 2003 and 2006  making two NCAA championship game appearances (1999, 2006);

·       Won 30 games in seven consecutive seasons;

·       Coached on three gold medal USA basketball teams






During her tenure at Texas she was not able to duplicate her tremendous success at Duke. 



Even though Texas was invited to the NCAA Tournament All 5 Years she was head coach, her 102-64 won loss record was unimpressive.


Coach Goestenkor's teams may have struggled on the basketball court, but they shined scholastically. 

Leaders in Academics



2007 -  22-13 Gail Goestenkors- Pending

2008 -  21-12 Gail Goestenkors- Pending


2009 -  22-11 Gail Goestenkors- Pending


Brittainey Raven drafted in the WBNA


2010 -  19-14 Gail Goestenkors- Pending



2011-  18-14 Gail Goestenkors- Pending





Make no mistake about it Coach Goestenkors had big shoes to fill. Replacing a legend is tough as each of the coaches listed below knows. 

  • Coach Price replaced Coach Bible, (football)

  • Coach Akers replaced Coach Royal, (football)

  • Coach Strong replaced Coach Brown, (football)

  • Coach Schubert replace Coach Quick (women's swimming)

  • Coach McCain replaced Coach Moore (women's tennis)

  • Coach Sategna replaced Coach Beverly Kearney (women's track)

  • Coach Lovvern replaced Coach Litttlefield (men's track), and

  • many others

Based on Coach Goestenkors performance as a Head Coach at Duke she was the right person for the Texas job. The Duke administration loved her and countered Texas financial offer, but she told Duke " it was not about the money". "it was about the challenge." It was about a new opportunity." "It was about an adventure."  

5 years later in 2012 the "adventure" was  over. She resigned because she was physically and mentally "tired". While she did not know it when she took the job at Texas, the 20 years prior to her Longhorn tenure coaching the USA international basketball teams, Duke, and the Olympic teams sapped her of her energy.   Being "tired" is not an indictment of Coach Goestenkors,  it is a reality of what happens  to all coaches who spend 12 months a year working 12 hour a day. It is called burn-out, and it happens more often than not to coaches.  

There were also secondary reasons she resigned.  

  • lack of accomplishing her goals at UT;

  • injuries to her players;

  • struggles recruiting the "right" players to put Texas over the "hump"; and

  • dealing with non-basketball related problems of her players 24/7 for 27 years.




Karen Aston 2012- Present


Coach Aston was an assistant coach for Jody Conradt from 1998-2006 

As the Longhorn head coach she has proven herself to be both a good head coach and a great recruiter. Since being hired at UT she has managed to recruit two top 6 national recruiting class's, and one top 5 recruiting class.

A proven winner in  rebuilding basketball programs at North Texas, and UNC of Charlotte. 






Asst. Coach Jaime Carey

Asst. Coach George Washington





Asst. Coach Tina Thompson



AUSTIN, Texas – University of Texas assistant women's basketball coach Tina Thompson, the all-time leading scorer in the history of the Women's National Basketball Association, on Tuesday was named to the WNBA Top 20@20, recognizing the 20 greatest and most influential players in the league's 20-year history.  


2012 - 12-18 Coach Karen Aston Pending


2013 - 22-12 Coach Karen Aston Pending


Makes the NCAA 2nd round

Imani Boyettte is two time Big 12 first team and the 2016 Big 12  defensive player of the year.  (no picture)

2014 - 24-11 Coach Karen Aston Pending




Makes the sweet 16


1000 wins





2015 -31-5 Coach Karen Aston Pending


Elite 8

Big Wins In 2015