1967-1976 -Coach Leon Black is a basketball Pioneer

Longhorn sports pioneers either create a new way to win in an existing sport , record a first in Longhorn sports history , or convert a vision into a bridge that others can cross. Success is not a primary qualifier for a Longhorn pioneer. Sports pioneers are risk takers and as such should be judged by a different set of standards than others. Leon Black is one of these Longhorn Sports pioneers.

Many of the issues surrounding the mediocre state of UT basketball are not caused by poor coaching. Recruiting is the main problem with Texas basketball.  Great athletes who qualify academically to play for the Longhorns reject U.T.  because of a combination of past racial Longhorn history , the  outmoded basketball Facility, and the perception of Texas as a one dimensional sports school-   Fall and Spring football.

The next 10 years the UT Administration, coaches, and supporters focused On  correcting these recruiting weaknesses.   

To see the  more detailed story about Coach Black's accomplishments please search for Leon Black and look for the word  "pioneer".

Coach Leon Black

  • One Sweet 16 

  • Two NCAA Tournament Appearances 

  • Two SWC Championships.   

  • 106- 121 Won Loss Record   

Coach Black leads The Way  


                    Coach Black 


1967-   11-13 Record     Coach Leon Black

Sam Bradley was on the freshman track team and Leon Black asked him to join the basketball team. He Is the First African-American to play basketball at Texas. 

Coach Black leads The Way  

1968 9-15 record Coach Black

Visiting teams at Gregory Gym only receive $1300 Revenue. Great teams refuse to play The Longhorns in Austin for such a paltry sum. 

1969 -   11-13 Record   - Coach Black 

Sam Bradley Is First Black Athlete To Letter In Basketball At Texas.





Wayne Doyal Is A Three Year Starter And Second In Scoring As Of 1970.







1970-   12 - 12 Record      Coach Black


Jimmy Blacklock transfers to Texas.

Larry Robinson is the first Black athlete who signed a letter of intent to attend Texas. On The Freshman Team he Scores 55 Points And 28 Rebounds In A Win Over TCU.  



Harry Larrabee and Larry Robinson- 1971





While All Of Larry Robinson's Records Have Been Eclipsed , At One Time He Held Most Of The Scoring And Rebounding Records At Texas. Twice SWC Player Of The Year And He Scored Double Digits In 59 Of 64 Games.  



1971 - 19-9 Record   Coach Black - Sweet 16 Appearance




Jimmy Blacklock Becomes The First Black  UT Captain Of Any Sport At Texas And Later Becomes The Coach Of The Harlem Globetrotters.

Inducted into the HOH IN 2016





Texas Football Players Are Accused Of Attacking Some A & M Cadets at a basketball game. 

Larry Robinson Is SWC Player Of The Year

Texas Upsets The Houston Cougars In NCAA Tournament Play. One Of The Biggest Wins In Texas Basketball History. 


1972 - 12-15 Record   Coach Black




For The First Time In 25 Years Freshman Are Eligible For Varsity.





1973- 12- 15 Coach Black's Team Is Undisputed SWC Champion

Coach Black Is Coach Of The Year In The SWC


1974- 10-15 Record Coach Black 

1975- 9-17 Record Coach Black 


1976- 9-17 Record Coach Black 







Houston Cougars Join The SWC

This is the First Year For The Post Season SWC Tournament. George Breathalyze Of The Austin American Statesman Questions The Motives Behind The Tournament Stating "The Theory That Sports Turnstile-Keepers Learned Long Ago: Eternal Hopes Means  Extra Gate Receipts." There Was Always Hope by The Worse Team In The SWC during the Regular Season Could Win The SWC Tournament.

Coach Black Resigns And Takes An Inside Job At Texas.





The Number Of Conference Games On T.V. Doubles 





1977-1982- Coach Lemmons Had A 110-63 Record

About Abe Lemmons:

  • Coach Lemmons was Hired By Coach Darrell Royal As The 20th Head basketball Coach At Texas For $30,000 A Year.

  • He was the 20th head coach in the 72 year history of Longhorn men's basketball.

  • Participated in One NCAA Tournament 

  • 1977- The President Of National Association Of Basketball Coaches

  • 1978 -SWC Coach Of The Year

  • 1978 -NIT Champion

  • 1978-  National Coach Of The Year By The National Association Of Basketball Coaches. He Is The Only Head Coach At Texas To Ever Win This Honor.

  • Two SWC Championships

  • 1994 Coach Lemons  Was Inducted Into The Longhorn Hall Of Honor In 1994


The quote maker 


Coach Is A  Great Story Teller And Quote Maker.  Here Are A Few Of His Quotes.

Finish  Last In Your League And They Call You  Idiot. Finish Last In Medical School And They Call You Doctor

Coaches  Who Shoot Par In The Summer Are The Guys I Want On My Schedule In The Winter

Doctors Bury Their  Mistakes,  But Mine Are Still On Scholarship .  

We Don't Pray After A Game ... That's Too Late.  

The Link To Abe Lemmon's Quotes Is  


Abe lemmon is quck witted fan favorite. When asked if his first team was worthy of a top 20 ranking he said "you mean in the state"?


Coach Lemmons

Erwin Center opens 1977



Coach Lemmons Is Not A Disciplinarian And He Says  His Job Is To Get The Player To Motivate Themselves Instead Of Him Motivating them. He Said About Curfews "You Think They Can't Get Into Sin Before 10:00 P.M."?

1976- 13- 13 Record Under Coach Lemmons

The "Longhorn Rebounders", A Fund Raising Organization, Is  Formed. The Success Of This Organization Evolves Into The  "Burnt Orange Club" And Eventually The Longhorn Foundation. 

He Says That 1976 Is His Toughest Year As A Coach. He says"We're Still Looking For Someone Who Likes To Play Defense And Has That Rare Talent Of Running To The Other End And Throwing The Ball In The Basket."


1977 26-5 Record  Coach Lemmons  

Reach's #15 In The AP Polls. This Is The First Time for the Longhorns In The Top 20 Since 1949.

First 20 Game Winning Season Since 1963

Most Points Scored In Texas History (148) Against Northern Montana.  

Texas Plays Army And Coach Lemmons Says "If Anybody Could Spell His Name, The Army Guy Would Be Coach Of The Year."  Army Coach Krzyzewski Eventually Becomes The Head Coach at Duke. 

12 Games At Gregory in 1977 Net $55,000.  8 Games In The New Arena in 1978 Net $275,000.

Abe Lemmons is still the only Longhorns men's basketball coach to win National Coach of the Year honors. 


1978- 21-8 Record - Coach Lemmons

Texas average attendance of 15,886 Is a record that has not been surpassed as Of 2015. The fans love him and his coaching style.

There Is A Verbal Battle Between Coach Sutton Of Arkansas And Coach Lemmons. Lemmons Tells The Media if Sutton ever dares address his players again he will "Liquidate His Ass".  (John Moore Is The Player.)











1979- 18-10 Record Coach Lemmons




Ron Baxter ends his career as SWC player of the year and as the all-time school leader in scoring and rebounding. 

Johnny Moore 1979 All SWC started 113 games


John Krivac- In 1979 he sets the all time scoring for the Longhorns,  is CO- MVP in NIT tournament, and a academic All American



Team was invited to the NIT and lost in the second round.  This was Coach Lemmons last trip to the NIT or NCAA.  


1980- 15-15 Record    Coach Lemmons

Frank Erwin Passes Away And The City Mourns The Regent Who By Force Of Will Leads The Drive To Expand The Prominence of UT Sports.

Abe Lemmons refusal to discipline players and his habitual sarcasm and acid tongue remarks start to offend both fans and  many In the UT Administration.  This year marks the beginning of the end for the colorful Coach.

A Subpoena For Coach Lemmons And His Two Assistance To Discuss Gambling results Into A Media Feud Between Asst. Coach Moeller And Coach Lemmons.  Moeller Gets Fired And Goes On The Offensive By Stating Lemmons Criticism Of The Players Publicly And Privately Is Hurting Recruiting.       

1981 -  16-11 Record  Coach Lemmons



Team Starts 14-0 and for the first time in Longhorn basketball history the AP ranks Texas at #5.   But An Injury To Wacker Turns The Season Into A Horror Story that finally results in first year Athletic Director Deloss Dodds firing Abe Lemmons. 

The players are stunned and the fans  are upset with the announcement. 





The UT administrations and powerful boosters felt that Abe Lemmons demeanor did not reflect the future of the UT basketball program. Lemmons indiscriminate offensive cutting remarks, his inability to discipline the players,   and a graduation rate that totaled "ONE" UT graduate during his tenure were some of the reasons he was fired.

Coach Lemmons did not leave quietly.  He commented that he wanted a glass-bottom car so he could he could see Dodd's face as he ran him over, and adding, "I hope they notice the mistletoe tied to my coattails as I leave town which was a not to subtle way of saying to the UT administration they could kiss his a....    

According To Bill Little's Book TEXAS LONGHORNS MEN'S BASKETBALL Hoop Tales  Many Texas Players Thought Coach Lemmons Was Funny. One Of Lemmon's Player (Krivacs) Said He Had  "People Dying Laughing On The Sideline, ....Everybody We Played Against Was Bigger, Faster, Stronger, And Quicker,. But That's Not What Winning Is All About. We Had A Smarter Coach."

Ovie Dotson  Said "Coach Took The Losses And We Got The Wins. He Treated Us Like Men." His Big Deal Was "Can You Win In Life?"

Coach Lemmons made some mistakes that were costly to his career, but no one can dispute that  he  turned U.T. basketball around and showed the Longhorn administration the formula necessary  to reaching  the next level in college basketball. A Level Missed The Previous 30 Years. Unfortunately it took U.T. another 7 years to learn this formula. 



1983-1988  77-98 Record  Coach Weltlich 

Coach Weltlich corrects all the issues that led to Abe Lemmons firing. Academics and discipline return to the UT program and contact between boosters and players is eliminated.  Fans nickname him "Kaiser Bob" .

  • Coach Weltlich signs a 5 year contract for $95,000. Three times what Coach Lemmons made when Lemmons  was hired at $30,000.
  • He is from the Bob Knight disciplinarian school of teaching basketball fundamentals, and he believes in man to man defense.
  • His directive from UT as stated by Weltlich is "They'll be students first, players second.. We're going to do it with with character, not characters." 
  • One SWC Championship 

  • One NIT Appearance

In the book LONGHORN HOOPS THE HISTORY OF TEXAS BASKETBALL Richard Pennington states that Coach Weltlich communicates with the players by using profanity and insults and conducts brutal charging drills and loose ball drills to develop toughness and discipline. 


1982 6-22 Record  Coach Bob Weltlich 

This team sets a  Record With The Most Losses In A Season (22) In The History Of Longhorn Basketball.  

Coach Weltlich first year is plagued with man power issues due to voluntary and involuntary departures of team members.  He uses 8 Freshman walk-On's including a UT Cheerleader (Lance Watson)  during the season looking for a winning combination. The Media and fans have a field day with the Use of the  CheerLeader.  When Texas is struggling during a game the fans say "Put In The Cheerleader!!" 

Coach Calls Some Of The Texas Players "As Phony As The Day Is Long".

Morale Starts To Plummet And So Does Fan Support. 

Basketball Attendance Drops From The Highs Of 15,000 fans per game during Lemmons Tenure To Under 4,100 fans Per Game. Eddie Sutton Says About The 12,000 Empty Seats When Arkansas Played Texas ' This Is The Most Depressing Place To Play I've Ever Seen. It Looks Like The YMCA Gym On A Saturday Morning."

1983-  7-21 Record  Coach Weltlich  

Wendlandt- The Top Scorer In 1983 Quits The Team

Don Ellis And Mike Hess Quit The Team.  Hess States That Weltlich Used Him As A "Target"  In Charging Drills.  

Nine Scholarship Players Quit The Team under Weltlich's leadership.  

The Fans Missed The Good Old Days Of Coach Abe Lemmons. 

Attendance At The Basketball Games Is Anemic.

1984- 15-13 Record   Coach Weltlich

The Longhorn Classic is The First Ever Tournament Supported By 31 Local Sponsors. 

Wacker Returns And Is The Texas First All SWC Player Since 1982.

This is the last year that all 5 members of The All SWC Team are white.   


1985 - 19-12 Record   Coach Weltlich

45 Second Clock is Enacted

After Going 1- 14 Against Top 20 Teams fans changed the name for "SouthWest Conference" to  The "Southworst Conference, or The "Sad And Weak Conference" or the "So-What Conference"

Texas Is 12-2 In Conference Play And CBS Runs A Two Minute Spot On The Texas Basketball Success. 

Brownlee Is SWC Player Of The Year And Weltlich Is Coach Of The Year.




John Brownlee 1986 SWC Player Of The Year








1986- 14-17 Record   Coach Weltlich

Three Point Shot Is Officially Approved. 

Suzanne Halliburton Of The Austin American Statesman Says She Hopes Weltlich Succeeds Because "He Had Paid More Dues Than Any Other Texas Coach".

The Longhorn Women average per game attendance is 2000 More Than The Longhorn Men.

1987-16-13 Record Coach Weltlich's Last Year   

Academics, Injuries, Suspensions, And Players Quitting Make For A Tough Year For Texas Men's Basketball

Some Players Do  Not Like The Slow Pace Offense And The Drill Sergeant Style  Coaching of Weltlich .  Mays Considers Quitting.  It Is Apparent That While Weltlich Learned The Fundamentals Of Coaching From Bob Knight.  Weltlich Is No Knight. 

Fans Name Erwin Center As The "Hum Drum".

Horns Lose To A Ivy League School That Has No Scholarship Athletes.

Fans Compose A Book Titled "Six Years With WeltlichThat is Not Flattering 

Rumor Mill suggest That The Players Are Not Interested In Starting A "Let's-Win-For Bob" Rally.  In Fact, The Players Ask The AD For A New Coach.

NIT Champions Under Abe Lemmons Are Honored For Their Achievement, But Coach Lemmons Is A No Show.  He Said "Just Tell Them To Put My Picture On A Poster And Parade It Around The Gym."

The Weltlich years end , and the beginning  of Texas as a power house in basketball is on the horizon. 

1988-1998 -Tom Penders "Mr. March"

  • Coach Jody Conradt Was The Media Favorite For The Men's Basketball Coaching Job after Weltlich was released . when Asked By A Sport's Writer If She Was Interested in the men's basketball job She Said With A Sense Of Humor "I Don't Need A Demotion." 

  • Texas Record Under Coach Penders Is 208-110.

  • He Brings A Pro Style Running Game To The Longhorns And A Pressure Defense. The Era Of The "Runnin' Horns" Begins. This Offense Runs After Miss Shots, Turnovers, Time-Outs, And All Other Times. 

  • Penders Salary exceeds $300,000 Which Is 10 Times What Lemmons Made In 1976, Three Times What Weltlich Made And 6 Times What Penders Earned At Rhode Island. 

  • Penders Came To Texas With Confidence And Stated "If I Can't Sell This Program, I Should Get Out Of The Business."

  • Under Penders 8 Of The 10 Years Texas qualifies for The NCAA Tournament

  • One Elite 8 appearacne With ("BMW" -Lance Blank, Travis Mays, And Joey Wright) These three are considered as one of the best Scoring Machines in the history of Texas Longhorn basketball. 

  • Two Sweet 16 Appearances

  • Three SWC Championships And Two SWC Tournament Championships

  • 7 Seasons Of Winning 20 Or More Games

  • Two Time SWC Coach Of The Year (1994, 1995)

  • Coach Penders Players Own 3 Of The 4 Top Career Scoring Records At Texas




BMW- Joey Wright, Lance Blanks, and Travis Mays


Terrence Rencher-1991 two time All-SWC




Travis Mays 3 times All SWC







1988 - 25-9  Coach Penders

This team hold the Longhorn record for most points scored- 3205, and Most Personal Fouls - 783.

Attendance At Games Reached A 10 Year High rising from 4,028 in 1987 to 10,011 Per Game in 1988.

Mike Lacy, a graduate assistant coach, is hired to monitor the study hall for the players. The GPA increases from 1.9 to 2.4. 


1989- 24-9 Coach Penders  


Penders Texas teams are on On National T.V. 5 Times. 

Blanks Is 3rd Leading Scorer In The SWC But Does Not Make The First Or Second Team All-SWC.

Nolan Richards-The Coach Of Arkansas- Does Not Like A Referee's Decision In The Longhorn Game And Exits The Arena While The Game Is In Process. This Action is  Tagged As The "Strollin' Nolan". Coach Penders Ask The Referee's To Call A Technical On Nolan But To No Avail. Arkansas Wins The Game. 

Sweet 16 Appearance




Nolan Strollin' Is At "6:38" In The Video Below.




First time in Longhorn history the Horns make back to back NCAA tournament appearances.


1990- 23-9  Coach Penders- Team makes elite 8

Coach gets a one-game suspension for critical statements about the SWC refs. 

Albert Burditt sets a record for blocked shots. 

Arkansas last year in the SWC and Penders record against Arkansas is  0-7, but this year the 28-2 Razorbacks lose to Texas 


       1991 23-12  Coach Penders  (Trouble In The Ranks)

Dexter Cambridge states that while in Junior College he received $7,000 from a booster, and he is temporarily suspended from the team.

Assistant Coach Jamie Ciampaglio is accused by the Travis County District Attorney's office of holding player's meal money on road games and other financial indiscretions. Ciampaglio resigns at the end of the season.

Texas plays LSU and Shaq O'Neal before 42,200 fans in the Superdome.  Texas loses 84-83 in a very exciting game.

1992-  11-17 Record   Coach Penders  

It Was A Tough Year.

Finished 7th in the SWC.

In the Rice game Penders gets two technicals and is ejected from the game.

Burditt is  academically ineligible for the remainder of the year.

Rencher receives a 2 game suspension from Penders .

Tyler fails a drug test

1993-  26-8   Coach Penders Is Back On Top


Texas, Texas A & M, Baylor, and Texas Tech accept a deal to join the Big 12. The SWC dissolves two years later. 

After 19 years without winning the SWC tournament, Texas finally wins. 

B.J. Tyler was player of the year in the SWC.


1994-  23-7  Coach Penders

Texas  losing streak against top 25 opponents increases to 13 in a row.

Coach Penders son  plays an important role for the longhorns during this season. 

Terrence Rencher beats Travis Mays scoring record and finishes his career with 2,306 points making him both the school's and the SWC's All time career scorer as of 1994. 


1995-  21-10 Coach Penders

Last year of the SWC



Reggie Freeman was known as "Franchise"




Texas beats UNC and Penders says it is his greatest win at Texas.

Texas reaches #23 in the polls

Texas plays in front of 342,000 people this year. 


1996- 18-12  Coach Penders

Preseason rank is #17. 

Coach Penders name is bantered about for other coaching jobs.

Coach Penders is offered a raise and stays at Texas  


1997-  11-17  Coach Penders Last Season

A bad trend for college basketball begins. Players start leaving for the NBA after their first or second year at College.

Gambling is a concern for the NCAA

Penders has health problems and loses 20 pounds

Penders gets two technicals and is ejected from the Illinois game.

Injuries hit the team- Clack, Axtell, Vazquez, Mihms


Randy Riggs from the Austin American Statesman express's concern that the Texas team has no leadership and the players shot selection is undisciplined. 

Four players (Axtell, Mihm, Muoneke,and Smith) tell AD Dodds they are not happy with Coach Penders and might transfer.  

Rumors spread of late-night phone calls to players, violations of federal privacy laws, and non-compliance on some NCAA rules. Lawsuits are filed but none of these allegations are ever proven and Penders settles with Texas. 


Reflection on Tom Penders

In 1997 Coach Penders is given a raise for his coaching skills and in 1998 he is fired. How could this happen so quickly?  My guess is that Coach Penders health situation in 1998 is one of the main reasons for his quick demise. 

As of 1998 Tom Penders was either the  first or second best Texas basketball coach in Longhorn history.  He was a offensive genius with  three of his players -Rencher, Mays, and Freeman-  the top scores in the history of Texas basketball  as of 1998. 

Many of the detractors of Penders were ready for the "next level" of coaching that Penders never reached at Texas. As great as he was, during his years at Texas his record against ranked teams was an anemic 10-44, and Arkansas dominated the Longhorns in the SWC. Rick Barnes is hired at $700,000 a year to help Longhorn basketball reach the next level.  


Rick Barnes takes the Longhorns to the top level of college basketball

1998-2015  Coach Rick Barnes Many more highs then lows


  • Record At Texas 402-180

  • Barnes is the 23rd Longhorn basketball coach for the Longhorns

  • 17 Of 17 Years Texas Went To The NCAA Tournament

  • Three Times To The  Elite 8

  • Five Times To The Sweet 16 

  • Number 1 Seed In 2003  

  • 15 Seasons With 20 Or More Wins 

  • School Record  13 Consecutive 20 Game Winners

  • Most Wins Ever At Texas In One Season (31)

  • Five Top 10 Poll Finishes 

  • Four Times Big 12 Coach Of The Year (1999,2003,2008,2014)

  • Five Time District 9 Coach Of The Year

  • Four Time District 7 Coach Of The Year

  • 2009 John Wooden Legends Of Coaching Award Recipient.


Coach Barnes basketball philosophy is more flexible than Penders. Barnes ability to adapt to each game is his formula for success. He focus's his team on a strong defense then either Runs or slows down the  offense depending on the circumstance. 

1998- 19-13 record Rick Barnes

The program was in disarray after Penders.  Coach Barnes only had 7 scholarship players on the 1998 team but won the regular season Big 12 Conference and a 7th seed in the NCAA tournament. 

Chris Mihm's HOH

Chris Mihm 2000 All American center and two time first team Big 12.







1999- 24-9 record rick barnes


2000 - 25-9 record rick barnes 





Royal Ivey - Most Starts (126)






2001 - 22-12 record Rick Barnes

Team reaches the Sweet 16.

The Longhorns are ranked by ESPN and AP during the year as Number 2.  It is the highest ranking ever for Longhorn basketball and the first time the Longhorns received a Number seed. 

2002- 26-7 Record Under Coach Barnes

Reach's The Final 4 For The First Time In 56 Years,

Ties The School Record For Most Wins @ 26.  

T. J. Ford  Receives The Naismith College Player Of The Year; John R. Wooden Award; Sporting News Men's College Basketball Player Of The Year; CBS/Chevrolet National Player Of The Year; SI.Com National Player Of The Year; And Espn.Com Player Of The Year.

February 9, 2002 the Longhorns who started playing basketball in 1906 win their 1500 game.

The Longhorns are ranked by ESPN and AP during the year as Number 2.  It is the highest ranking ever for Longhorn basketball and the first time the Longhorns received a Number one seed. 




T.J. Ford National Player of the Year








2003- 25-8 Record Coach Barnes

The Seniors On This Team Win The Most Games In School History (98)

Team makes sweet 16




P.J. Tucker- 2006 Big 12 player of the year









Daniel Gibson 2005 Big 12 Freshman of the Year













2004- 20-11 Record Under Coach Barnes

This Team Sets The Texas Record For Most Rebounds (1498); 










2005-  30-7 Record Under Coach Barnes

           It is The 100th Year Of Basketball At Texas.

Team records first 30 game win season in the history of Longhorn basketball and makes the Elite 8.

Longhorns Have First 30 Game Win Season And The Seniors On This Team replace The 2004 Team As The Winningest Team In School History (101).


Lamarcus Aldridge Big 12 Freshman of the year

LaMarcus Aldridge HOH 2016






A.J. Abrahams - 2006









2006 25-10 Under Coach Barnes

Kevin Durant is the first freshman ever to win a National Player of the year award.  He wins all 10 of the awards presented in 2007. He receives the  Naismith College Player of the Year; John R. wooden Award; USBWA Oscar Robertson Trophy; Adolph Rupp Trophy; Associate Press College Basketball Player of the Year, NABC Play of the Year, Sporting News Men's College Basketball Player of the Year; CBS/Chevrolet National Player of the Year; SI.Com National Player of the Year; and Espn.com Player of the Year. He is also selected to the Olympic team in 2012.



Ed Reese (the Texas swimming coach)  gives Barnes some coaching advise that improves Barnes coaching style. 


2007-31-7 Record Under Coach Barnes

2008-31-7 Record Under Coach Barnes












D.J. Augustin  Wins The Bob Cousy Award For Point Guard Of The Year and First Team All American.












2008- 23-12 Record Under Coach Barnes

This Is The Only Season In The History Of Texas Basketball That Texas Is  Number 1 In A Weekly National Poll. 

2009 24-10 Record Under Coach Barnes



Damion James All American

Avery Bradley







2010  28-7 Record Under Coach Barnes



Cory Joseph - 2011 All American

Jordan Hamilton- 2nd team All American




Tristan Thompson - 2011






2011 20-14 Record Under Coach Barnes pending

2012  16-18 Record Under Coach Barnes pending

First Round



2013 24-11 Record Under Coach Barnes pending



2014 20-14 Record Under Coach Barnes pending

Texas wins against ranked Kansas State on a three pointer by Jonathan Holmes with no time left to start .  Texas wins the next three games against ranked appoints but disappoints in the NCAA tournament. 

Reflection still pending 

Coach Barnes was hired in 1998 to complete the tradition building years started by Abe Lemmons and Tom Penders. He succeeded. Coach Barnes took Texas to the highest and most elite level ever in the history of Texas Basketball.

The  research on the history of Longhorn Sports ends in 2014.  Information will be added at a future date.



Shaka Smart   2015 to present





Longhorn basketball is tradition rich


2015 - Shaka's Smart Start

Summary of UT Basketball program from Wikipedia

The University of Texas began varsity intercollegiate competition in men's basketball in 1906.[2] The Longhorns rank 17th in total victories among all NCAA Division I college basketball programs and 25th in all-time win percentage among programs with at least 50 years in Division I, with an all-time win-loss record of 1749–1051 (.625).[3] Among Big 12 Conference men's basketball programs, Texas is second only to Kansas in both all-time wins and all-time win percentage.[3]

The Longhorns have won 27 total conference championships in men's basketball and have made 33 total appearances in the NCAA Tournament (11th-most appearances all time, with a 35–36 overall record),[4] reaching the NCAA Final Four three times (1943, 1947, 2003) and the NCAA Regional Finals (Elite Eight) seven times.[5][6] As of April 2015, Texas ranks fourth among all Division I men's basketball programs for total NCAA Tournament games won without having won the national championship (35), trailing only Notre Dame (37), Illinois (40), and Oklahoma (41).[4][7]