Bill Little


Before joining Texas in 1968 Bill Little honed his writing skills working for the Winters Enterprise, San Antonio Standard Times, Abilene News, the Daily Texan, Austin American Statesman, and the AP.

From 1968-2014  Bill Little continued to develop as a professional adding depth, discernment, and perception in his articles. He became the master writer,consummate storyteller, and premier media relations personality.

Leadership at UT Such As  DKR, Fred Akers, David McWilliams, John Mackovic, Mike Perrin ,and Deloss Dodds and professional sports writers such as Kirk Bohls, Verne Lundquist, and Dan Jenkins praised Bill for his special abilities to humanize  special moments in UT sports history .



Mack Brown said Bill Little’s "love for the Longhorns and passion for his job is evident in the way he tells the stories of Texas Athletics."

Bill Little said  “I knew I loved journalism, and I knew I loved to tell the story.”  “What I found in sports was the human element. It’s the conquest of the human spirit. It makes you love the game — whatever it is — and you cry with it, whether you win or lose.” “I always found that, if you can write something that can make a difference to somebody, it can change a life,”

His ability to emote the human spirit of Longhorn players and to capture special moments in Longhorn sports history are emblematic  of Bill Little.  As a “word smith” he had the  ability to articulate the moment the heart of a Longhorn player  discovered thru sports their destiny in life. 

During his 50 plus years with the UT Athletic department Bill Little assisted five head football coaches,Five Basketball Coaches, and Four Athletic Directors.


During his tenure at Texas,  he  attended 37 Longhorn Bowl games and  25 College World Series.  He broadcast 1700 baseball games and many  men's and women's basketball games. If this was not enough, Bill was the public address announcer at the Texas football games and was the author or co-author of 9 books about UT athletics. 

Longhorn sports inspired Bill Little and Bill Little's  literary artistry influenced the sports world .

During his illustrious career  Bill Little received many honors




  • The Lester Jordan Award "for exemplary service...and the promotion of the ideals of being a studen-athlete."






  • The FWAA Lifetime Achievement award

  • The National Collegiate Baseball Writers Wilbur Snypp Award "for outstanding contributions to college baseball," 

  • The Arch Ward Award for "inspiring excellence in and bringing dignity to our profession."

  • Induction into the Hall of Honor, and

  • Induction  into the CoSIDA Hall of Fame. 

Bill Littles  contributions to Longhorn traditions represents  a portal to the past that reminds Longhorn fans that heritage shapes the present and empowers the future.