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1947- 1956  Coach Blair Cherry And Coach Ed Price Lead The Postwar Era




Only loss in 1947 was to SMU.  Layne, Bumgardner, and Dick Harris are unanimous  All SWC.  This team won all of their games convincingly but Texas was never able to recover from two early strikes for touchdowns by SMU. 

In author and former Longhorn football player R.E. Peppy Blount book titled Mamas, don’t let your babies grow to play Football, Blount says that Cherry was a master tactician.

Coach Blair Cherry

Coach Blair Cherry

Prior to the Texas A & M game Coach Cherry has an emergency appendectomy surgery, and he does not attend the game.



most popular song 1947



Final ranking 5th nationally

This Team's Defense Holds The Longhorn Record For Fewest plays allowed by the opposing team (26).

1947 team is recognized as national champion by some national rating services but not recognized by Texas or the NCAA. 


1947 team is recognized as national champion by some national rating services but not recognized by Texas or the NCAA. 

Texas travels by air for the first time to play Oregon.

Layne becomes Texas first 4 time all SWC player.

Ed Kelly literally loses his pants in the Arkansas game.

Riddell football helmets were introduced to Texas.






Texas forced Alabama into  three critical errors -  a punt blocked, an interception, and a fumble near its end zone.  All three resulted in Texas touchdowns.

The combination of Texas’ alert defense and the swashbuckling Layne served Alabama its worst defeat in 10 bowl appearances.


The only loss is to to SMU on a misfired play between Tom Landry ( Cowboy Coach)  and Bobby Layne. On 4th and 1 on the SMU 35 Tom Landry slips and falls and cannot get up.  Tommy Landry said " I could not get up ... was such a helpless feeling.... there went the drive...there went the ball game ...", "and there went the undefeated season". 

Most of Bobby Layne's records have been broken, but he still is second in all time quarterback wins with 28.

Cherry uses a 5-3 defense and changes the offense to a wing-T formation so he can move move Bobby Layne from tailback to the under center quarter back.

This is the last year coke bottles are sold at a OU game. According to DKR after a  poor call against OU " half the field was covered with bottles". " Idiots were throwing them from up high. .. I went right straight out to the 50.  I was going to make 'em throw their best to get me."

Don Menasco was also an All American on the 1947 team but I have no image.  


1948-   7-3-1 RECORD -  COACH CHERRY


Football1948  (4).jpg

Coach Curtis, Jungmichel, Gray, Price, Cherry, Gilstrap


2nd year for Coach Cherry with and enlarged stadium .  Texas is projected to win the SWC but does  not .  SMU wins there 2nd SWC championship.  Oklahoma beats Texas for the first time in 8 years.  

The Lethal Forearm of Ed “shipwreck” Kelley heard around the world.

North Carolina embarrassed the Longhorns winning 34-7. The North Carolina player across from Ed Kelley (called fire plug) was taunting Kelley mercilessly. Kelley maintained his composure as the verbal abuse continued . That is until “fire plug” spit on Kelley at the line of scrimmage. After the play Fire Plug the Tarheel said “how do you like the taste of the shit we’re feeding you today”? R.E. Peppy Blount describes the moment that Kelley could take no more. Blount says Kelley “reaching to the depth of his psyche, gathering all the strength of his body and compressing it into his right shoulder and foreman , unleashed the most spectacular, devastating and lethal right forearm to the jaw of his antagonist …. Kelley caught him flush under the chin …..that raised him a good 6 inches” and knocked him cold. Everyone saw the incident . The hit emptied both benches and fans started pouring onto the field. Officials finally got the situation under control but “fire plug” remained unconscious during this whole ordeal. He was finally revived, but he did not play the remainder of the game, and Kelley was escorted from the field dodging soft drink bottles thrown at him by the fans. A very dangerous situation with serious consequence if he had been hit by a glass container.

Due the vision of Blount as an active Longhorn football player and a representative of the House of Representatives he knew the dire consequences of an athlete being hit by a glass container so he sponsored a bill that passed the legislature that said “no beverage can be sold in its original container at an athletic contest”.





Texas receives an Orange Bowl bid, but many single and married players do not want to accept the invitation. The players vote down the Orange Bowl three times before A.D. Bible resolves the problem by offering to fly all the wives to the Orange Bowl, include them in the the University party, and flying everyone to Cuba after the game.. The players accept the offer..

60,523 fans watched Texas destroy Georgia 41-28. Ed Kelley opened huge holes for the Longhorn backs.  Texas was the most successful bowl team in the nation in the 40's.  Many in the nation thought that Texas did not deserve an Orange Bowl invitation in 1948. The team was deemed "Third rate" by the media.









Tom Landry and Dick Harris are presented the Orange Bowl trophy by Governor Jester 

UT football stadium is re-dedicated to honor the men and women who died in WWII.




The Highlights Of The Texas And TCU Game Start A 4:10 On The Newsreel Below

Darrel K Royal's OU team beats Texas for the first time since 1939.

Memorial stadium is enlarged to 66,000




1949 -  6-4 record  Coach Cherry

Bud McFadin #61 and Don Menasco #53 were exactly opposites in life, but they were the best of friends. Both received recognition as All Americans.











1950 -  9-2 RECORD   -  COACH CHERRY



Final ranking 3rd nationally






football 1952  (5).jpg

Bob Dillon loses his left eye when he is 10 but that did not stop him from having a great college and professional career.

Bob Dillon holds the Texas season record for yards gained per punt return of 22.3 yards and career record of 17.7 yards per return.



According To Frank Medina's, Harley Sewell is The Toughest Man Who Ever Played For The Longhorns. 

Harley Sewell is All-Southwest Twice And All-America In 1952. He is Named Outstanding Lineman Of The 1953 Cotton Bowl As Texas holds  Tennessee To A Record 32 Yards of Total Offense With Minus 14 Yards Rushing.  He is Inducted Into The Texas Sports Hall Of Fame In 1984.

Lewis "Bud" McFadin is a two-way lineman at the University of Texas. He earns All-American and All-Southwest Conference honors in 1949 and 1950. Bud McFaddin receives the Most Valuable player award from the Chicago Tribune. 

Texas loses to Tennessee in the Cotton Bowl



Coach Cherry was a winner and even though he took the Horns to the Sugar and Orange Bowl fans started putting funeral wreaths on his door steps and hanging him in effigy . Cherry said worrisome letters he receives like the one from some Texas-ex's that states "Boy you're on the spot.  If you don't win you'd better not come home." Comments like this and calls all hours of the day convince him to quit.When the fans finally got to him he used the Saturday Evening Post to explain his resignation as the coach of the Longhorn football team. The article was “Why I Quit Football.” At a luncheon he told the audience that “every man thinks he can coach football” and that is a problem In his exit statement he says " While much is made of the fact that most coaches are paid more than college presidents, the financial rewards are an insufficient attraction when the hazards are all considered." "I'm going into the oil business which is simpler than football coaching. You dig a hole , and oil comes out or it doesn't.  Even the President of UT said "there are two jobs at the University which will kill a man- president and head football coach.


1951  - 7-3 RECORD  COACH PRICE pending


Ed Price Is Hired As Head Coach (1951- 1956).  Ed Was  Assistant Head Coach Under Three Texas Head Coaches From 1936-1950

Coach Ed Price as head coach.  In the early 30's Coach Price won 8 letters with the Longhorns and played on championship teams in football, basketball, and baseball .  The 50's were tough for head coaches and play calling. Coaches could not shuttle in plays or signal from the sideline. During the game only the quarterback called the plays and no one else. 





football 1952  (4).jpg

This Team's Defense Holds The Longhorn Record For Fewest passing Yards Allowed In A Game (-1).

Gib Dawson holds the Texas game record for highest average yard per rush (16).

Dan Page holds the Texas game record for highest gain per passing attempt (25).





Team went to a split "T".  It was moderately successful.  Gib Dawson and Don Barton had plenty of running room and the team had many long runs.   Passing was the primary weakness of the team. There were two games that no yards were gained thru the air.  In fact, by mid-season the Longhorn defense had more interceptions than the offense had completed.   The Defense composed of Cillon, Davis, Raley, Cunningham and Menasco  earned the name "anti-aircraft platoon" .  







Top of the charts








1952 9-2 Coach Price

T- Jones lead the way to a great season with only two setbacks to Notre Dame and Oklahoma.

4 pictures below compliments of Marcy Johnson (Bull Johnson’s daughter) .

football 1953  (13).jpg

Football Captains with the Cotton Bowl Trophy- Jack Barton , Tom Stolhandske, Dick Ochoa


Final ranking 10th nationally. SWC champions and set new offensive records at UT.

Texas plays Tennessee in the Cotton Bowl on January 1, 1953.  All of Texas points were made off of Tennessee errors.  Tennessee had the best defense in the nation going into the Texas game.  Dick Ochoa was the MVP of the Cotton Bowl.  Harley Sewell was declared best lineman.  Texas ran 90 plays to Tennessee's 41

This team's defense holds the Longhorn game record for fewest rushing yards allowed (-76).





A ticket sales solicitation from 1952 -  The document is as true in 2018 as it was in 1952. Some problems never change.

October 4, 1952  Pictures of Memorial Stadium during the N.D. and Texas game.   Nationally Notre Dame is number 19 and Texas is #5. Because of the heat in Texas stadium, Notre Dame request a bench on the West side of Memorial stadium with the Longhorns. Texas agrees. We lose the game 14-3. OU beats Texas the next week. Pictures of stadium compliments of Harris Argo. Because of the heat in Texas stadium, Notre Dame request a bench on the West side of Memorial stadium with the Longhorns. Texas agrees. We lose the game 14-3.




Top rated single in 1952














A record that will never be broken - All 4 backs made the  SWC team- Richard Ochoa, T Jones, Gib Dawson, and Billy Quinn.

T. Jones is the number 1 passer in the SWC and Tom Stolhandske is the leading receiver. The defense only allows 80 yards per game during the season.

Texas beats Tennessee in the Cotton Bowl by holding Tennessee to a net 32 yards.



J.T. King Plays Offensive Guard For Dana Bible And Later is Bible's Assistant Coach. He Also is  Assistant Under Ed Price In The 50'S , and Eventually Takes Over The Texas Tech Program In The 60'S. 

In 1981 King is inducted to the University of Texas Men's Athletics Hall of Honor. 




Because of the heat in Texas stadium, Notre Dame request a bench on the West side of Memorial stadium with the Longhorns. Texas agrees. We lose the game 14-3.

Texas beats Tennessee in the Cotton Bowl by holding Tennessee to a net 32 yards.

1953  7-3 -   COACH PRICE

Final ranking 11th nationally

"Smokey" arrives to celebrate all scores. 

Carlton Masser  receives the Most Valuable player award from the Chicago Tribune.

The substitution rule was repealed by the rules committee.  

The one-platoon system returns to college football. This decision hanged the dynamics of who started.  The best player at both positions made the starting squad. In the case of one player who is  on offense but lousy on defense may not start because another player is good on offense and good on defense, but not great at either.  

A fan complains to assistant coach J.T. King that the night before the Cotton Bowl game Harley Sewell was dipping snuff.   King said to the fan " If you'll find out what brand Harley is dipping, I'll recommend it to the whole damn team."





Gib Dawson receives the Most Valuable player award from the Chicago Tribune. 


This Team's Defense Holds The Longhorn season Record For Fewest touchdowns allowed by the pass (2).  

Plexiglass wrap around ace mask debut in college football. 

There were no limits on scholarships .  Some schools brought in as many as a 100 freshman a year to prepare for the injuries that were inevitable. 

NCAA implemented strict rules that required mouth pieces.  There was no option available.

From the book Junction Boys the author  Jim Dent says until the advent of T.V. "many in the general public considered football one step above pro wrestling. It was a time when coaches believed that games were won in the trenches with hard nose blocking, tackling , and a lot of bleeding."  Jim also states that the Longhorns had 120 varsity players and 150 players trying out for the freshman team.

1955-   5-5 RECORD   COACH PRICE

First night game: Texas Tech 20, Texas 14 (9/17/1955) Attendance: 47,000

Arlis Parkhurst


Because there is no "National Letter of Intent" ,  players could change their minds on a college  up to the day football practice began.

According to the book Junction Boys  the Aggies are put on probation due to testimony from Yoakum quarterback Bob Manning who signed with Texas and Tom Sestak who went to Baylor.  Both players signed affidavits stated they were offered money to play at A & M.  Aggies are put on probation and could not play in a Bowl game for two years .  


The Beginning Of Big Bertha And The "Hook'em Horns Sign"

Most popular song Tutti Frutti

Lights Were Added To The Stadium 


Texas Tech And Texas Play the First Night Game in the SWC At Memorial Stadium.





1956 - 1- 9 RECORD  - COACH PRICE

Worst record in Longhorn football history. 


This Team's Defense Holds The Longhorn Game Record For Fewest Pass Receptions Allowed (0).

For the first time , live T.V. captured the action of a SWC game and Bear Bryant's Aggies finally beat the Horns.  In the defeat Walter Fondren code name "TNT" by the Aggies because he "sputters" to  the line then explodes with a burst of speed to the open field. 


This year is the Worst Won Loss Record In UT football History.

Ed Price Resigns In Mid Season Effective January 1,  1957 

Texas Tech joins the SWC